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If someone offered me a $76 million salary package, I'd sort of 'click' with them too. At the very least it would show that they understood me.
I can't wait for the S6 and S6 edge to be released, this is Samsung's last throw of the dice and if it fails to halt the decline, then it will send them into a high quality phone tailspin. While they have successfully copied a cursory appearance of the iPhone, potential customers will be aware of glass instead of metal and they other design ugliness like their logo staring at you all the time, to realise that this is just another expensive with crappy android software. I...
A faster iPod touch would be welcome after 3 years, an A7 chip at least.
 OK fair enough. I do understand the try it, flip it, then realise you had it right the first time scenario. I also agree that the design is annoying but no more annoying than firewire 400 and 800. But seeing as usb 2 was so ubiquitous, and if it really is so annoying, then it's just a super simple matter of getting some nail polish and putting a tiny red drop on the side of the connector that is 'up', or if the slot is at the back and vertical then the dot becomes 'right'...
  That's like saying it's rare to toss heads when you flip a coin.
I can't wait for this story to hit TheGuardian, the generic UK  Apple haters there will go apoplectic.
I am amazed that so many people don't get this, and have posted "why post this". It's probably a rumour started by competitors like Samsung or other people with vested interests and will no doubt hit the ''tech" sections of the popular press soon and Appleinsider is just giving readers a heads up. I mean ferchrissakes they state right up front it's highly dubious and they give their reasons for that.
This is an ultra light 'luxury' item for lightweight dabbling, hence a gold option. In a sense it's almost a new category. Probably will pan out to be a masterstroke.
Top article I feel like I've been there. Ironically I was in the Brisbane CBD Apple store today and while the outside of the building is very elegant the back where the tech area is, was reeking of bacon that seemed to be coming in the rear entrance. I hope they don't plan on selling the edition watch there. It was incongruously nauseating.
You cannot get away from the fact that the stock market is just another form of gambling.
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