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I find the ads too intrusive, I can't scroll past them, it's like some free utility app with permanent ads. It's worse than the old version.   Never mind I got mixed up, I was referring to the ai app rather than the m.site
I don't wear a watch or any body furniture at all, and I'd never have thought that any of the smart watches I've seen so far, including what I have not seen from Apple would ever catch on as a mainstream item because they are all so geeky and not well made as well as ugly stupid and cheap. However forgetting the actual face of this watch and how it works and just concentrating on the industrial design aspect, I think this is absolutely brilliant.   I would imagine that...
 I think they are setting up a satellite broadcasting facility in the Amazon rainforest so that tribes who have yet to be contacted by the outside world have a good first impression of humanity.
All three need new names.    iPhone Handheld iPhone Fatboy iPhone MoFo
Could someone please explain to me what the problem is about the magsafe 2, because in my experience it has never disconnected by itself and I can only see it doing that if it was used on one's lap or on some other sort of soft surface or awkward position and if that were the case the battery goes for at least 6 hours probably more and no one is going to say that they use their laptop on their lap in seven hour stretches at a time. Meaning why not just charge it first and...
I find it completely unconceivable that the front of the phone would look just like the previous model. Same layout of buttons, holes, particularly bezel width ratio. It's possible of course but I'd be prepared to bet against it. I wonder if the local bookies will give me odds?
There are no iWatch leaks because this is one of the greatest corporate hoax's of all time. Apple will just keep stringing it out while the bottom feeders battle for supremacy in mediocrity.
 Yeah, I also heard that story from my high school science teacher about 40 years ago and it was between England and Germany.
This is utter nonsense. The device increases the bend in the wrist which is the precise opposite of what you want. If you want good ergonomics for a laptop then you need the top of the screen at eye level and a wireless keyboard.  
 It's an Apple forum, it's what we do.
New Posts  All Forums: