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      Rogifan,What your rep probably said is that once you pay it off, it is yours to keep.  What he left out is that the Next12 is not 12 payments, but 20 payments (There is a Next 18 that is 24 payments).  After 12 payments, you can trade your phone in and get a new one, with the rest of the payments forgiven, or you can continue to your 20th payment and own the phone outright.  I upgrade every other year, and my Wife does every third year, so these plans work for me,...
I don't believe you get that scary warning right away. By default keyboards have no access to resources including network. On the screen where you allow network access is where the big scary warning is. So default settings are secure, but if you want to turn the safeguards off, Apple gives you a scary warning. In my opinion the best of both worlds.
As an IOS developer, I do have to admit my reaction to most of the user changes was "about time". I do like the Developer changes and look forward to testing xCode 6. Because of the sheer number of Android devices, I have been looking into Android Development and found it to be a major headache. The lack of Core Data was known and expected, but the lack of drawing APIs was surprising (especially since vector drawing is the best way to handle multiple screen sizes and...
If it is not ready, I hope it is not something they add in Beta 2 or 3.  Last year was rough with the APIs for the IOS 7 Betas changing up through the first couple of Betas (Which by definition makes them really Alphas).    With as big of a change as IOS7 was, not having a stable API until August made life interesting for a September release. 
 But knowing how the media works, Apple will get slammed for not making it 55% efficient
No the thief to end all thieves is still Samsung. Google knew enough to change it enough to not be an outright copy. They even tried to warn Samsung not to copy so closely. Check out Vanity Fair's coverage of Samsung's Coping not just in Smartphone
I don't see them releasing a 4.7 iPhone and then a month later and saying here is the 5.5.  I know too many iPad 3 buyers who were pissed when the iPad 4 came out 6 months later.  I could however see Apple announcing both versions and releasing the 4.7 immediately to 2 weeks and the 5.5 at a later date.
I jumped onboard with version 4.0 and have not regretted the decision for a minute.  A feature that I love that does not get a lot of press is that if you use dropbox sync, you can open a web version of the vault to retrieve your passwords from any computer.  (Standard warnings about key loggers / sniffers apply for this).  I don't use it often, but when you are at work and forgot to charge your phone, it can be a lifesaver.
 Although not the full removal as Apple had asked for, this decision definitely reins in Bromwich.  "Thus, according to appellees, the monitor was empowered to demand only documents relevant to his authorized responsibility as so defined, and to interview Apple directors, officers, and employees only on subjects relevant to that responsibility." How else should I interpret the above statement.  If anything I would say this decision is a partial win for both DOJ (monitoring...
Blackberry was very innovative in their day.  Honestly even today, their server side tools have features that no one else has and their keyboard is one of the best physical phone keyboards I have used.  They just didn't realize that consumers will pay a little bit more for a good experience from your competition (unlike corporate bean-counters).
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