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  or are about to be bought out by the big rich companies.
If I switch my existing 4 line plan to the new Share plan at the level I use (the level I currently have is even worse). I pay an extra $50 per month with no added benefit. Thanks but no thanks ATT
      I agree, I recently replaced a broken DS.  I picked up a used DSi over a 3DS just because I did not want my kids having the 3D screen.  If the 2DS was available, I would have definitely purchased it.  I sincerely doubt I am the only parent who thinks this way.
I would like to see Apple buy RIM. Besides the patents RIM owns, their experience in the datacenter could help shore up the one area where Apple is sorely lacking IMHO.
Bug Reporter is back up too. I don't see any changes with it though Edit: Looks like Mikey saw that at the same time and updated the story.
Something I am surprised has not come up yet, is that Apple may not have brought down the site because of this guy alone. As a Network Admin, if I get a report of a breach by a White Hat, the first thing I do is check the logs to see if anyone else tried the same thing. If I find that, I would shut down the site too. If I do not, then it is a business decision of which is worst, the risk of a Black Hat while I fix it, or the cost of being down. Based on Apple's reaction I...
The lack of PCI slots is the biggest concern for me. I have a number of customers who use fiber channel in their Mac Pros for raw HD editing. With the new 4K video coming I see a need for more speed, not less. I will concede that high end video is a niche market, it is a niche that Apple has typically had a strong following in. While very few will need Fiber Channel expandability on the new Mac Pros, each Pro market probably has its own speciality cards that can no longer...
I don't know about that. I actually think some of the images are funny and appear to be meant in good humor. Just look at all of the Superbowl blackout images that were generated before the lights even came back on. I don't think any of those were truly criticisms either.
  Whether they raised or lowered the price depends on which suite you used.  Creative cloud is really the former Master suite which was $2600 with $1200 upgrades.  So even using the "I only upgrade every 3 years" example above, creative cloud is much cheaper.  However if you were on the other end of the spectrum of Design Standard $1200 with $250 upgrades the new creative cloud is much more expensive.     One other option that was not covered is that there is also a month...
I belive what you are talking about is actually newsstand.  iBooks has never asked me about sharing information, but I believe you are correct about newsstand asking you if you want to share.   Again though there is a difference between Apple actively asking you if you want to share on newpaper / magazine subscriptions, and Google's just sharing your information on everything.
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