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sorry about that.. I was trying to say:  the current Google street view will 'go down'  to street level and show you with actual photos what the street looked like when the photos were taken with that ''8 lens''  rooftop camera ..   Will apple be able to use this same  technique?   as I'm sure that Apple is not going to send out a squadron of vehicles around the world  to retake the same street view photos ..   or will there be an ap that you can install on your...
you answered my question in #2 ...  but even you say you're not sure ....  
I know all about the on going fight between Apple and Google.,, also know that Apple will be offering new aps for youtube ( with ads), and a new type of  open source street maps.. but need to know what about the photos that go currently along with google streets??? .., it's all nice to see in artist form the streets but what about the surrounding views? anyone know???
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