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There was a video clip this morning online from CNBC in which the reporter from Beijing stated that the page originally said iphone 5s but was later changed to the generic "4G Smartphone Star" The image above says: 4G Smartphone Star Reserve Now Anticipation... It's worth the wait... On the actual reservation page, the only difference: You are only one more step away.
I think its a great addition. The flashlight is great there. I wish buttons like wifi also had a shortcut to the full settings page instead of just on/off.
Yep it's gone again. No stock in NYC stores
Sorry, not a troll.  
I beg to differ but I'm in Manhattan and searching for "318 e 15st" gives me something near state college PA.  "318 e 15 st" gives me "no results found".   For me searching apple maps in NYC does not work.   I'm not sure why my results differ with the authors so much, but unless I include a zip code when I'm searching for an address in NYC I'm generally told no results found or given a far away, completely inaccurate place.   Just to update... If I spell out...
From what I can tell, the phone still has all the same 3g compatibility that the 4s has, In addition to that it has select LTE capabilities, based on the model.   http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html     You can still travel with your phone, you just wont get LTE speeds everywhere.       actually... taking a closer look, it appears the CDMA is the only phone that has all the lower speed options in addition to their LTE bands. The GSM versions have no CDMA support...
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