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I was thinking about ordering the Incipio OVRMLD or Kicksnap iPhone 5 case. Anyone know how these cases compare to the Speck Candyshell in relation to weight/dimensions and quality? Since they come with a lifetime warranty, I'm assuming they are pretty good. I have the Candyshell at the moment but will either order the soft touch version of the Candyshell (don't like the normal one due to scratches) or I will order one one of the Incipio cases. Any feedback would be...
I'm in Houston and last check shows both of mine are at the local facility for delivery in the morning.
I think we should just give Apple a chance to improve things. It's not until we have a negative experience that we start throwing spears. I think with a company as big as Apple, they will make note of all the feedback that's surfacing and improve it with future versions; probably sooner than we expect. We are leap years ahead of where we used to be 10 years ago so I'm just happy to be able to experience all of the technology available today. What did we do before the...
Same here.  However, my second phone says by 3:00 PM (or end of the day for residential deliveries).  One of my phones came from China, the other from TN.  ???
I'm debating whether or not to add AppleCare to both of my iPhone 5's. Anyone have any experience with using it and think it's a good option? Thanks.
Apple has become very strict with their release dates. Even the case makers are following the same rules. It's extremely hard to get an iPhone 5 case from any of the major companies. I called a few today and most aren't shipping or making them available on their sites until 9/21. Some will let you pre order but they won't ship until 9/21. I would've loved to have a case for my phone ahead of time so I wouldn't have to worry about accidental damage. AT&T claims they will...
Louisville must be one of the major hubs where groups of orders will be split apart since the status has been stuck there for nearly 24 hours. Interesting to see the status for Wed. I'm in Houston so I'm probably right on schedule for a Fri delivery. I think they are timing/holding orders to make deliveries coincide with launch day. Would be nice to see someone celebrate early though. Good luck.
 This Psirix!  Was able to obtain my shipping status and the tracking number...Apple Store status still says preparing for shipment.  I also signed up for e-mail status updates.  
New Posts  All Forums: