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How about a case for the 5S with built in NFC.  With an iOS update it would do Apple Pay.
I find it interesting that all of the uses are medical or physical activities.  How about having the iWatch check your blood alcohol level and telling your car not to start. 
Can you see a monorail running up the  280 right of way between campus to the other?
This is why i LOVE Kaiser. Everything is on EHR! And I can access it from home.  They also provide my records on a USB thumb drive that's on my key chain.
I would love to use Passbook.  But I have a iPad and not a iPhone and so there are parts of IOS I can't use. Dumb!  Apple how about making all of IOS usable in the next update.
How about intergrateing the fingerprint reader with 1password. the reader would worl with login and iOS and 1password would work with the apps.  Time to buy 1password?
So why does it say Passbook  on iOS6.  I have iOS6 on my iPad with no Passbook.  Who would use Passbook on an iPad? I sure would like to!  To use or not to use should be my choice.  Passbook does not work on iOS6. It works on iPhones.
If you are looking for a great airplane headphones try audio-technica noise-cancelling headphones. These are very good, and about $40 at Amazon.
New Posts  All Forums: