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It is obvious just how much of a threat is posed by other Smartphone operating systems when Apple is so relentlessly pursuing these companies in the patent courts. I foresee the demise of Apples smartphone dominance and not before time too ! Just how many patent violations has Apple made ? Perhaps we shall see !
Then I see that Apple has started to slide and the opposition will surely start to leave Apple in the shade. The IPhone 5 fails to have any groundbreaking upgrades and I shall certainly not be investing in it or any other IPhone for that matter. The Nokia Lumia 920 is certainly a better buy and not so restrained as the the IPhone and it's "control freak" operations.
I looked forward to this latest Apple IPad update only to find no Siri support and Apple's map application sorely falling behind that of Googles. I do believe the IPad to be the best tablet out there but I am not impressed with this latest "update". I have also found that after this update my IPad 2 seems to have slowed down loading from the Internet. Perhaps I am mistaken but overall I give this latest update a thumbs down !
New Posts  All Forums: