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Sorry for double posting, but it worked. Got the latest version of iPod as well. All my apps, and app data is still there. Thanks everyone.
What I did was I synced my iPod, then I scrolled down to "Back up". After that I restored, then selected my backed up iPod instead of a completely new iPod from the selection page. My applications started downloading after that. I sure hope the data on those applications will remain as well though.
Restoring would delete all my application data, I've spent countless hours on there. How do you back up?
I'm really frustrated right now. I have an Ipod Touch 3g, and it's been having date and time glitches. It'd keep resetting to different times throughout the day. I tried fixing this, here's a list of what I tried to do.   -Re-sync my ipod (5 times) -Change date and time manually in settings (would simply reset back to the wrong time after I turned it off then on again) -Confirmed that I was in the correct time zones (which I was) -Tried to update my Ipod via...
New Posts  All Forums: