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Mine's been fine with battery.. Usually between 23-50% at end of day.. and I start at 5am and end usually around 10-11pm at night.. 30 min of exercise in there, a few voice calls, avg 6-10 emails/texts notifications per hour throughout the day, etc. Have yet to run out by the time I call it at end of my day. So far, I love it.. I've permanently turned my 6 plus on mute now and filter it all notifications with my Apple Watch. Really liking it.
So far, I'm happy with it.. seeing a few hiccups with it, but seems to have smoothed out. Probably just a ton of people joining it at once. lol
@rogifan Apple Music includes iTunes Match service.. so yes.. or you can just subscribe to iTunes Match separately if you don't want Apple Music and use the free Apple Radio w/Ad's, if thats all you want. It's a mix and match now.. going to try Straight Apple Music for a while. I dropped Pandora..
Hardly. Samsung provides zero, zilch, nada, NAND to Apple right now.. they just leverage Samsung as a potential threat to the other three NAND suppliers to get better deals..  It's business, plain and simple.
Apple Music includes iTunes Match service, or you can have iTunes Match separate if you just want to use your own library at $25/year instead of the $10/mo Apple Music fee. Thats why it's complimentary. We'll know for sure, but thats the way the fine print is reading and since Eddy Cue tweeted about the same, I'm going to assume at this point you can just pay for Apple Music or iTunes Match depending on preference...
Thats mob mentality.. lash out at things like flags, people, etc to get instant 5 seconds of feeling better about ones self for having done something.. "RAR, WE POWER, WE LEGION! FB/TWITTER POWER!" - Then.. flip over to that hilarious youtube video for instant funny.. 'instant on/instant off'.. ugg..
 Completely agree.. and it's coming, Apple has been pushing out wireless charging patents like they are going out of style this past year. Add Skylake into the mix and the new Macbook, and Apple really wants to kill the cable.. In the end I would not be surprised if eventually, like the floppy, we start seeing ports on the iPhone and tablet disappear completely. Mark my words, the lifespan of USB / charging ports on smartphones is on it's way out. With Intel's Wireless...
 I enjoy Qi charging, especially in the car. It eliminates the problem of 2 handed plug and unplug in a vehicle and is much safer to just pull a phone out and place in a Qi compatible Smartphone car mount. iOttie makes a really nice one... So many just don't get it.. For me, I hate cables, so it's that I can setup and permanently hide all the ugly wires on my office desk, home office, and car.. I don't have to worry about digging around for a cable that fell off my desk or...
It's already being sold by crutchfield.com for $750.. expect that price to drop to mid $600's fairly quickly once Amazon starts carrying it. Also, after playing with one, Kenwood easily has the best Carplay and Android Auto head unit period.. 5 amp out, no software to play with to go from Carplay to Android Auto and back.. Can be a duel phone home w/o the pain.. Pioneer is buggy and a pain to switch between carplay and auto.
So news media is learning to push their 'rumors' out several years so they can get the click bait AND no one remembers what they said.. Nice! /s
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