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First.. a completely bezel-less design is a pipe dream and will not happen.. Some type of bezel is required to keep the screen from shattering from the smallest of drops.. Eliminate the bezel and you create a phone with on-going screen damage issues.. plain and simple.. this is why I think Kuo is completely full if it and has no clue.. plus Kuo's track record is that of a shotgun .. he spews a ton of things, then only 'touts' the guesses he just 'happened' to get right.....
Amazon sells the $700 model for $534... The $700 price tag and up is all 'MSRP' from Pioneer and does not reflect current market price.
@cnocbui - Crating new divides with a new screen size is not copying.. It's simply a response to their market.. Something Apple is slow to respond to, they like taking their time.. Shoot, it's been 7 years on the 3.5" and 4" sizes. They tend to dominate as best they can with whats working first then look into other markets.. They have the 4" dominated.. now they move into the larger screen space..
Wow.. long article..
The Elgato is a carbon copy of the CalDigit Thunderbolt Station, which has been out since December 2013. down to the shell, ports and price.. With and w/o cable.. check it out. http://www.caldigit.com/thunderboltstation/
How is this news? they have unmeetable expectations every year. Last year it was iWatch, iTV, Larger screens.. How has this changed? What, even a broken watch is right twice a day mentality?
 Agreed.. but we live in the age where it's not 'my fault' .. we see the opportunity to blame others, not take responsibility AND make some money.. you kidding? It's, open your vain and bleed for me time, kind of greed, self centered pride that we Americans just love to encourage.. 
hiring for sake of color or gender is a hard sell IMO.. that to me is just as racist.. High level execs don't come and go like other positions.. it's often a 10 year to a life time role.. What, they going to fire some people just for the sake of getting in someone who's darker skinned?? Many are not there because of anything but raw talent.. Jonny Ive is a clear example. So now, talent means nothing, color trumps all. I know, fire Jonny Ive! YEAH! His skin isn't dark...
Dropbox doesn't scan your data.. as others have said.. Just not in the 'trusting' mood these days..
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