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Just because they call it a diagnostic port doesn't mean anything.. at.. all They confirmed it's a lighting port being used for Diagnostics at 9to5 Apple uses lighting ports on iPads and iPhones for Diagnostics.. they STILL include those ports on those devices.. kind of disproves your theory right there.. I think the blogs are being stupid.. They should say, "Reports claim Apple Watch has a, what looks like, a Lighting port compatible interface being used for...
 Calculator? Calculator?Umm Calculator?? 30 seconds of google magic... stupidity disproved.. I rest my case.
I rest my case..
 Umm GPS is built into the Apple Watch.. It doesn't rely on the iPhone for that.. That was addressed months ago..  Lack of fact checking here.... Lack of understanding that many high-end watches that cost $10k + are not round. duuuurrrrrr Taking ARM and Qualcomm's advise on watch market, and what a watch collector wants, is like asking a 2 year old advice on what a collectable car is. He'd first just say, old cars, then he'd point to a plastic car his mom got him a year...
Rumor of the Rumor says...
Meh.. I would not be surprised if Apple makes 32Gb the standard, bumps middle to 128, and 256 the high end. MAINLY when they start pushing 4k Video and Photos that will happen.. Unlikely will happen with the 6s, likely the iPhone 7.. By then 4k, in ~2 years, should be fairly standard... 
I don't think it's optimistic.. I think the 1st and 2nd tiers are more economy. You'll only see $50-$100 bump.. I'd say $450 at the highest price point for steel at most.  The gold version, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised to see it $7k - $10k
No hardware stats are given.. is this more powerful? Have to be to support color.. then again, they don't say how MANY colors.. so far.. from the video, it could be just 256 color display..    Then again, they get an awesome 7 days out of it.. likely the tradeoff for that kind of battery life with an always on display. 
I can see Android phones being stolen just for CC data on sim cards now.. ack
Excuse me? Loss? you counting eggs you don't have? Apple coming there ADDs to the consumer tax based and still adds to the Arizona state tax base..  Always confuses me when people count the 2 hens in the bush, what they don't have, as a loss, over what they do have..
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