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It gets this close, it's more a subjective rating.. meaning DisplayMate's subjective view is that it's not an A screen.
 It's not the resolution I notice really, it's just images pop more on a big screen... On a phone, I think T-Moibile is correct. 480p is good enough for 90% -Their will be those 'video' nuts that will decry it, but they can turn it off in  T-Mobile's account settings if they want..  Then their will just be haters, that hate..
I can tell you, as a Plex user, the new Plex App has already made this worth it. Plex supports DVBLink DVR client add-ons and 3rd party channels. So I'm not only watching my DVD's that I've ripped to digital format, but live TV, my DVR'd shows, and podcasts like TWIT.TV at will all in one place.. Very happy.. Their are some UI tweaks I'd like to see, but for the most part it's seamless. Soon Apple will open up the universal search to developers, per Tim Cook, so I'm...
Watching all those blue-rays one has copied to digital format and organized into a easily accessible and searchable library.  Plus, it supports channels.. I was able to add TWIT.TV and a few other podcast style shows with it. It also can support DVBLink DVR server with an Add-on, so I can watch live OTA HD TV through my Apple TV... Was surprised about that; works well. So, yeah.. a lot.
This is Google's fault mainly. If they didn't allow reviews by people who have not purchased/downloaded, MOST of those reviews wouldn't exist.. It should not be treated as an open message-board to anyone who has not actively downloaded and installed the app.. This is what you get when you do.
Plex is release an Plex Client for Apple TV's new App store.. Will be very nice! Their is one there now, but AVOID it, it's not from Plex.. It's some 3rd party guy asking $2.99 for his app.. Probably hoping people will buy his since Plex isn't out with the official client yet.
So, like .002% (256), apps out of 1.7 billion apps .. makes headlines.. a freaking amazing. And Apple already removed the apps.
Nope.. Wont see Thunderbolt 3 or DDR4 until next year.. which is what I'm waiting on. I'm also hoping they get over using AMD and go back to NVIDIA
A good example is how they focus on him being an ass when he was young concerning if he was the father of his girlfriends child. Which is not exactly a unique situation, we see it all the time.. He did turn around when it was proven via a paternity test. The line (you got to see she looks like you) is such a lead to make him look like a complete jerk. heh Then, the fact that he not only did reconcile, but became very close with his first daughter in later years is...
Interesting how both movies just release do a 'drama' of the one side of him denying the child was his, but never show how they reconciled and became close. Just one example of how these movies don't show the true arch of Steve and his life as he grew as a "person". So far we've seen only movies show him as an idol or villain(as these last 2 movies like to portray him).. /shrug.. Oh well, they will make money off his corpse...
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