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DigiTimes.. ROFL! Nuff said.
They forget all the SECURITY cost SAVINGS to consumers in that estimate by avoiding all the malware thats allowed into a system because companies like Google doesn't vet it's ads. Basically, I don't feel sorry for them, not even a little. They create a bog of trouble and then whine about people avoiding all the crap created in it.
You need to look at who paid for this 'analysis' - basically Android players and PC makers. Companies like this always analyze toward their client.. so it can be used as a marketing piece to hit their competition over the head.
Here is hoping this fixes the Finder Sidebar width issue. Every single time I open finder now it's width resets to it's minimum and covers up the items listed in the sidebar. End up having to resize it every time.. ARR
I read that as "avoid trolls".. heh
I canceled my Pandora.. guess I don't count. lol
Good, I'd rather it be secure.. We've had far to many on the mindset of 'good enough' mentality. Which, currently, NO security encryption is NOT good enough.. even though the smart home OEM's seem to think it is..
Good, about time.. This was needed many, many iOS versions ago! People have no place posting reviews for issues/crashes while running a beta!
"The companies are also prohibited by App Store rules from directing consumers to sign up through other avenues that would avoid the 30-percent haircut, a likely secondary point of contention for the FTC." Haircut? umm.. yeah.. and also, they are not prohibited from selling services outside of App Store.. Many have done this for years w/o issue.
Which is why Apple is smart to largely ignore the numbers game. Because it's a game with rules outside their control. 
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