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They already do - it's called the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.. which dropped $100 respectively. The iPhone 5s actually dropped to $450
The article makes it sound like upgrading to 2GB ram had a significant power impact.. which is incorrect. a 1.35v memory chip bank thats 2gb takes same power as a 4 or 8 GB bank of memory.. Memory had NOTHING to do with power usage. Apple has not 'struggled' with power as much as made strategic decisions with power and how to manage it. My iPhone 6 right now out runs the majority of Android phones, and my iPhone 6s Plus will last a few days.
Yeah... this sounds good on the surface, but their deal really is just a repackaged trade in program. Basically for an iPhone 6s it's $20/mo lease, and they are giving you $15 credit every month for trading it in over 18 months.. so you get $270 for the iPhone 6 16GB model. Keep in mind if you want to buy out the phone after 18 months, it's another $150 - $228 (depending on model and taxes)  It's not a great deal honestly.. it's just repackaging the same trade-in offers...
PIN required for Debit.. Honestly. Apple Pay for me isn't about being much faster, it's about eliminating the wallet complete. I don't want a wallet anymore. I just want to carry a phone. States are starting to get on board with digital drivers licenses. I'd like to see the states do Social Security cards and birth certs that way too. One day.. the physical wallet will be obsolete. To me, thats what Apple watch will really bring. A complete replacement to the wallet....
Basic car startup assembly plant is $300-$600 million.. and thats w/o research into new tech.. Within 5 years? meh.. So we have a speculative vehicle with even more speculative delays that is not even in prototype yet? umm.. Guess it's a good piece of writing.. on a something thats speculative.
The FCC didn't out a new iPad keyboard.. just an updated Bluetooth Apple Keyboard, thats it.
Agreed.. The 6+ is rarely under 60% at the end of my day.. which starts at 5am and ends at 11pm. I'm actually very happy with battery life on my 6 Plus. 
It might get some of the streaming but I doubt that the ATV 3 will get the App store or Siri.. just not enough space, memory or horsepower - The CPU is a single core A5, w/256mb memory, which for todays games, frankly sucks.. 
Betting $149 is for either 8 or 16 GB.. to get more space for App's they will likely have at least one larger, 64 GB model, and possibly a 128 GB model later at $199 and $249 price points.
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