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The only saving grace is that the placeholders make sense because they are making iOS versions of the same apps, so they needed something to start.. why not use existing while developing the app.. have graphics team whip up something as it gets closer to release.. You generally don't make the graphics first for new apps.. placeholders are common.. That said.. I don't care if it makes sense.. This seems photo shopped.. Apple doesn't do any dev work across sea's and they...
I don't buy that much from Amazon.. and I prefer my Netflix over Amazon prime Video.. at $50/year I would consider it.. I almost did at $79.. now, at $99, not going there.. I'll save me the $99/ year and just use Netflix for my video.. They have beefed up their selection lately.. very happy with Netflix..
More to it than I thought as well. Looks nice.. however, still not paying massive money just to have a car with it. If they come out with 3rd party car systems with it, fine.. I'll seriously look.. but I'm going with the car I want first, car system second.. I'm getting an Elio from Elio Motors (www.eliomotors.com) in Q1 2015.. maybe some 3rd party options will be available then.. Hard to turn down 84 MPG highway at a sticker price of $6800 new ... At that price, I can...
But! But! Someone told me thats where I can get beer!
Only the Mac Pro have they allowed such a lead time. They don't generally do that.. They like to announce and release a week or 2 later if they can... I can see the release in April and ramp up for developer access in November when they are finishing up iOS 8 and release them at same time. Getting the hardware out with initial release first, bug fix it as needed, then do a formal SDK release in latter half of year makes a lot more sense and is very like Apple. Plus,...
I can see 2 phones, but not 4.7 and 5.5.. What I can see is a 4" and 4.8", maintaining the same aspect ratio and allowing customer choice between a currently successful size and a larger version with higher resolution.. They MIGHT bump 4" to 4.3 or 4.5 if they can keep the same size.. but we won't know until it's in hand really. I can also see them dropping the numbering system.. it might go iPhone and iPhone Pro.. the numbering has been getting silly and I suspect soon...
Considering most don't see APPL as long term, he's determined to get at the cash as quickly as he can before ol El'Google squashes the apple with the droid horde wars. Not that I think that will happen, but Wall Street obviously does.
It's called warped reality. NYT states, and I quote, "at the opening of A store in Beijing", they don't specifically say the store Tim Cook was at had a poor showing. Just one of the stores did. Very slippery, twisted, ham-handed journalism.. Makes sense that other stores in the area would have a lower turnout, everyone headed to the store with Tim Cook in it. Duh.
"for informational remedies regarding In-App Charges by children or consumer redress and any attendant expenses for the administration of any redress fund." Yeah, right! Wanna bet not a single consumer see's the 'extra funds'?! Such bull.. It was a money and political grab.. Pure and simple..
I laugh at those asking how it plays games. BHAHAHA!
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