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Since he has no close family that I've heard of, 'spouse' or bothers/sisters, cannot say this would come as a surprise.
Generally speaking, if each cell has the same re-write cycle, then because the SSD is larger (TB vs GB) then you increase the endurance of the drive because you have a larger number of cells to re-write too, spreading out the re-write cycles substantially.. thats why it's always better to buy -up- in SSD, because larger you can go, the better the life span of the SSD. 
I like the name. Descriptive and 'forceful'.. lol More importantly, it trademark-able. 
I just don't think many here get it. It doesn't need to beat PS4.. This catches a much larger market of consumers that don't get the Apple TV as a gaming console.. They get it for movies and TV's, then DiSCOVER the games available.    These games won't be the big Halo or the like at first.. the Smash hits will be Candy Crush on the big screen.. which outsells PS4 game sales and makes it look like a chump.. LOL   Plus, it will sell for much less than a PS4, at...
Agreed.. It's won't be fast at those tasks, but if you just doing touchups or even small editing of a video, the HD 6000 will handle it just fine.. Remember.. The CPU speed was not bumped, but the GPU has been reported to have seen a 40% speed bump in horse power.. something GeekBench does NOT measure. It's strictly a CPU / Memory and HDD test.. It barely touches GPU.  If we really want to test this new chipset, someone needs to pull out Cinebench.. Thats the best GPU test...
Cannot use a phone case with that dock.. Immediately disqualifies it.
DED, good article... but you need to correct that quote "When U.S. President Obama asked Steve Jobs in early 2012 how America could win back mass production manufacturing jobs from China" Steve died Oct, 2011 - I know that question you're referring to, I remember it, I think it was either early 2011 or late 2010.. not sure..
I like that style, but it's only on the 38mm, not on the 42.
Irony is.. this response is what the director is after. He's known for skewing things to get any response.. His own admitted view is to create 'provocative' films.. He's not after truth, not even a little.    To him; even a bad response is good for publicity. /shrug   Was Jobs an ass at times.. Yes.. but I can guarantee this director will take it far past that just to get people in the seats. He doesn't care as long as it makes him $$$..  This is probably a large...
Just wait until fall.. We'll see the gap between the Pro line and the Air line widen this fall. and continue to do so. You can bet the fall release will bring most, if not all, of the features of the new Macbook. You can also bet it will be much thinner, using the same technology they do now..  I suspect the Macbook Pro lines will keep Thunderbolt 3 as that comes with Skylake. The Macbook Air or Macbook will possibly loose TB altogether. So, for Prosumers with Macbook...
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