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iPods are not exactly an expanding market. He probably hit a brick wall when it came to career advancement. Thats why many Lower level exec's leave, the top rung is full, and they want to keep moving. As for iWatch.. they've hired some VERY heavy hitters in design recently.. The Nano watch thing was YEARS past and killed off in 2012, not news at all. Thats actually 2 years old news! ROFL! I always thought they killed the nano watch because they decided to go a different...
 CPU and RAM upgradable.. SSD and Video upgradable if/when 3rd parties release products for the custom form-factor and release solid drivers / support. I can TOTALLY see an nVidia 3rd party card being created, pushing their CUDA drivers. The GPU upgrades will likely cost a left nut.. but certainly and likely possible. This system seems a lot more upgradable than everyone was making it. No large storage bays,.. so what.. most professionals goto external storage anyway. As...
 Motorola IS Google.. They got to bypass much of the process. They seem to be treating the update process like a Nexus for the most part. Remember, Motorola has also been Verizon's pet for years, allowing Verizon to combat the iPhone with Android for all those years they didn't have an iPhone. Motorola has pushed DRIOD moniker on Verizon for some time and they likely know how to get through Verizon's BS approval process much quicker than other players..
DigiTimes.. Was wondering when the next media grab would come from them.. now we know. Past that.. anything said in the article is irrelevant. It's DigiTimes.. nuff said
@freediverx I disagree.. having used it.. It's a godsend not having to plug and unplug, loose cables falling behind a desk or night stand. For me, since I use my phone as my alarm, not having to fumble in morning or at night with cables is really very nice! It wasn't searching for a problem, it solved a problem for me. You get wear and tear and it allows you to setup base stations at home, work, etc w/o having to think twice if the cable is in or worried about breaking...
About time.. nice to hear it's likely moving forward.
Simple, Amazon had some people in their pocket. At least, thats the way it seems.. 
To all those saying no 109%.. thats not how the market usually looks at it. They generally assume each competitor with a % of market profits.. when you have dominating competitors, and losses form the others are considered taken by those with the profit. Think about it this way.. 4 competitors, all things being equal, would normally take 25% each. If one is in the negative, you can't ignore in the numbers, it has to be accounted for, and in the overall scheme that negative...
Italian Gov't has been crooked for years.. They've gotten a ton of flack from locals and focusing on high profile companies that are not local is much less of a political suicide. "The investigation includes two unnamed middle managers from the Cupertino, Calif.-based company. " Convenient, we'll see how this plays out.. If we see names, or not..
While not depend on an iPhone, I'm betting it will enhance the experience when connected.
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