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Incorrect.. The problem is the wallet. It's leather, old and a pain in the @$$.... The idea behind coin, Plastic (my fav) is to take a wallet like mine thats a passport wallet and get it down to just ID and one card (reward cards, debit and CCs). Thats what I WANT, my wallet is overflowing, and this is a viable solution. Making blanket assumptions like yours "Their is no problem, these are not the cards your looking for" dumb... For me, and others who hate wallets in...
It's hilarious how analysts are calling an intro device, that sold more than twice as many as all competitors combined from 2014, in 1 month, a flop.. I swear, it's nothing but market manipulation at this point.. I've basically stopped taking anything they say seriously.. Just try it and buy it if you like it is what I'm telling people.
So many said it would flop because it was not a product anyone "needed". It was never about 'need'.. Anyone who says a product must be 'needed' is a moron. People buy as much, if not more, because they 'WANT'.. not need. If a person finds a use case and likes the idea and wants it, it sells. So far, happy with mine. I can do without, but I see this product category as eventually replacing the wallet / purse / clutch for CC's, identity verification and rewards cards. It...
Probably not.. In fact, Apple may have a case for prior 'art' and identity since Jobs made it somewhat well known. I honestly think if they pushed to leverage it in a lawsuit they'd loose hard. Trademarks are intended to relate to brand, and right now, in the minds of most, that phrase is going to relate to Apple, and just trademarking it doesn't automatically give them license - it could easily be invalidated if Apple pushes back.
Apple only did a CPU refresh.. That has nothing to do with Laptop updates (form-factor changes, etc). Apple has done CPU refresh's at beginning of the year and then full Macbook (GPU/Form factor changes, screen, etc) updates at end of the year multiple times now. So, the fact that Apple 'updated' CPU only really means nothing..
It was pulled.. if you didn't get it by now it's not showing up anymore .. Might have been because it was intended to release Dev Build first.. ??
DigiTimes.. ROFL! Nuff said.
They forget all the SECURITY cost SAVINGS to consumers in that estimate by avoiding all the malware thats allowed into a system because companies like Google doesn't vet it's ads. Basically, I don't feel sorry for them, not even a little. They create a bog of trouble and then whine about people avoiding all the crap created in it.
You need to look at who paid for this 'analysis' - basically Android players and PC makers. Companies like this always analyze toward their client.. so it can be used as a marketing piece to hit their competition over the head.
Here is hoping this fixes the Finder Sidebar width issue. Every single time I open finder now it's width resets to it's minimum and covers up the items listed in the sidebar. End up having to resize it every time.. ARR
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