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Buzzfeed... BUZZFEED? omg.. you guys will spew anything.. I highly doubt that 'everyone' in the mid-managment was doing what they said.. They make so many absolute assertions that I cannot even imagine anyone taking what they say seriously.. Then.. again.. we are talking about blogs here.. their job is to just repeat things, regardless.. the mindless mime ..
They are going to have the same issues with Handoff, and Continuity - They have no real desktop platform, and their tablets barley make a dent in iPad world. They mainly just have their smartphones.. it's a lowly world with a single device type.. Not to mention the Metal and Swift.. and with iPhone 5s going 64bit.. which they still cannot do.. The list of what they cannot do or copy is growing.. Next few years will be very telling.. Tizen seems to be their next big bet.. I...
I suspect 2010 or later.. unless you add a Bluetooth 4.0 device that supports Bluetooth LE.. I think BT LE is the key to the feature... In theory you could add a BT 4.0 USB adaptor and this would still work on your 2008 iMac
Loved it.. seeing many poo poo'ing it on other sites.. but they either didn't watch it keynote or are very anti-apple at this point. Overall I think this was a great WWDC, awesome setup for the hardware coming this fall! Even more excited about getting an iPhone 6.. much less seeing what other hardware they might have in the pipeline!
Do you know why Google is my goto? has nothing to do with the search algorithm.. ITS THAT THE HOME PAGE IS FREE OF CCCRRAP! It's simple, no ads, right to the search homepage.. I'm willing to bet thats why MOST people use it.. Yahoo and Bing overLOAD you with junk on their respective home pages.. THAT was Googles genius.. a simple, no frills home page.. If someone did that.. I'd be there in a blink..
Amazon - Gov't Supported, Legalized, eBook Mafia
Well.. considering US has the highest repatriation fee in the WORLD at 30%... where EVERYONE else is 15% or lower.. Canada is 8%.. I cannot blame them.. Samsung pays nearly nothing to pull their money back into S. Korea... Until congress pulls it's preverbal and literal head out of it's @$$ and gets with it, I would fully expect this to continue.. This is a GLOBAL economy.. We COMPETE with the rest of the world.. keeping DOUBLE the rate of everyone else is ST TT TTT UUUU...
Catch 22.. Ok.. you need to intercept the credentials(username/pass) to unlock the device.. Problem.. if you've ALREADY stolen the device you're not going to have the credentials to enter to intercept them.. and if you HAVE the creds, why would you need to intercept them?? b b b because you don't need to? Duh?.. umm.. how the F is that useful or relevant to activation unlock? Bueller? Bueller? anyone? anyone else seeing the stupidity of this claim? You literally need...
Cat's out of the bag .. sadly.. This may impact some of what El'Goog does in the states.. but it's firmly used outside in the east in many countries by many 3rd parties that really don't care if Google continues.. They have the OS / java base code now.. Only positive out of this is future devices will be 64bit and thats not going to happen with current Android.. Which is one of the reasons Google is leaning more toward Chrome OS.. thats based on Linux, which can be 64bit...
Isn't willful abuse subject to triple damages? isn't that how Apple got to nearly a billion the first time? Didn't they have to have a damages trial to figure that part out?
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