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Easy.. Google Wallet, when it came out, used to allow you to direct charge a default CC.. not 'load' your Google Wallet account THEN use that cash.. Google stopped that, forcing you to load your GW account first.. no direct CC charging.. People don't want to commit cash to an account they can only use sometimes.. The day they did that, I deleted Google Wallet.
Best Buy will be the first to fold.. they are having issues with their big box traffic with competition... They will not want to risk loosing possible sales by not accepting a suddenly large form of payment like Apple Pay.  Walmart has more clout though.. along with their Sams Club arm.. Sam's Club has traditionally bucked the normal payment scheme's.. They still don't accept VISA.. and only just recently started taking MC.  They are big Discover card fans.. and you'll...
Just a guess, but I think he meant "rose threefold on a weekly basis leading up to and past the sept 9th event."
They are on a lunch brake.. paid trolling is tiring work man..
OHHH.. That makes sense.. I was worried we'd lost the double click of the multitasking windows... so DONT press the button, just lightly tap it and touch ID senses it... sweet..
or they are all wrong. again... and NFC is not part of their strategy. again.. derrrr... It's not like they've been friendly toward the concept.
They are assuming that is must be just one approach.. They very well could offer Apple Credit and allow you to use existing cards.. Paypal does both.. no reason Apple couldn't...
iPad will not be presenting Sept 9th.. nope.. not gonna happen.. Kuo doesn't have a great track record in general.. a fairly spotty one actually. They won't want to take away from iPhone lime light.. They might introduce the iWatch.. but since it won't be sold almost immediately, and will want to build some buzz, it won't be counter productive to do so... iPads have, so far, come a month after the iPhone.. Their are other reasons too.. such as production for iPad has...
Visually it gets a second look .. but functionally.. I have to wonder at the use cases.. 1st) Left hand use? 2) loss of durability of the screen? 3) Are you basically loosing that part of the screen to slide widgets? Last) What will be visibility in dark and outdoor direct sun situations.. Samsung phones are not the best in direct sunlight to begin with.. Guess we'll see when people get their hands on it.. I usually take any 'releases' like this as attempts to mute...
Here we go, analysts setting Apple up for a 'fail'. They set the bar so high it's stupid really. Watch Apple stock drop; instead of going up after Sept 9th..
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