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Ok.. soooo.. how do we know these were not just pulled off some shelf? umm.. yeaaaah..
All this in-fighting can only be good for Apple though.. As they walk around pissing on each other Apple just glibly build's it's Unified OS strategy between Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop and whistles to it's own tune.. It's A LOT easier for Apple to loosen the rains a bit to allow devs to do more than it is to tighten them; cutting off devs and OEMs... You make people HAPPY and thank you when you loosen.. You piss them off and make them walk when you tighten.. I'm...
Could simply be he got the part and assumed because it's so tough that it's sapphire.. meaning it's a legit part, but he's clueless about what it actually is made off.. Could be next gen Gorilla Glass. lol That said, it did hold up better than the iPhone 5s screen.. soooo it could be a sapphire laminate / composite.. That said, this also could add credence to the rumor that only the 5.5" will have Sapphire as a premium feature.. We won't know until September for sure...
Apple is the FTC's favorite beating boy.. They like to use them to beat on...
yawn.. ahh.. sorry, still waking up from yesterdays google keynote.
Maybe this is a sign that bump in space will no longer go up $100 for double space on the iPhone as well??? now $50? ($199, $249, $300) Once can hope....
umm iCloud pricing has changed.. it's $.99 /mo for 20GB or $3.99/mo for 200GB You quoted OLD pricing in article..
Love my standard Synology box.. have some custom packages in it as well.. The fact that it can run some standard linux is a big bonus for the more geeky types like me. Even run a TeamSpeak 3 server off mine.. runs great!
Yawn.... pffff
Really need a more functional interface.. to many icons to deal with.. needs a new format.
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