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You only mentioned one monitor with thunderbolt technology. Should have pointed out, LGs 34UM94-P or 34UM95-P .. both with Dual Thunderbolt 2, 3 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, and Display ports.
If you're going to spend $300 on headphones, then go all the way and spend $500 and get the high fidelity bluetooth Bang & Olufsen - BeoPlay H8 - CES 2015 interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYbc-3FEryY   Specs here: http://www.beoplay.com/products/beoplayh8#techtalk   At least those work with any bluetooth enabled device AND have a high-end amp receiver / DAC for wired situations AND a replaceable battery and some AWESOME touch controls.. Quite possibly...
As much as I love this app, it causes OS X to be unstable.. It crashes often with the OS X software installed.
As much as I love this app, it causes OS X to be unstable.. It crashes often with the OS X software installed.
Yup, can confirm Consumers Credit Union.. very cool. was using it yesterday. The primary places I shop, Meijer (Gas and Grocery), Panera Bread, Walgreens, McDonalds, etc all support NFC and Apple Pay.. (Meijer un-official, but says they won't block it) I have a Walmart across from Meijer, but I can tell you I'm now much less likely to head there now.
Ming-Chi Kuo = Well Connected? hmmmm he had a 30% accuracy rate last year.. you do know that? Or do you just not care?
Could be useful in education I think.. like when a professor, with 100 plus students, needs everyone to see the content more closely than many projector systems might now allow. or in hospital env where a doctor wants a specialist to follow during surgery.
Yeah, analysts and survey companies are always right and NEVER have an agenda when releasing their 'findings' either.. no.. they are as pure as the driven snow! yup!  The yellow snow... :p
I agree Apple was likely not in the wrong here. however, it seems the courts don't understand the technology or limitations of it. I'm not so sure they will win this.  On the flip side, if they loose, I wonder if this would open up those like Amazon against suites for DRM'd movies and tv shows?
I'm so done with MCX articles.. get over it already.. it's DBA....
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