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I read that as "avoid trolls".. heh
I canceled my Pandora.. guess I don't count. lol
Good, I'd rather it be secure.. We've had far to many on the mindset of 'good enough' mentality. Which, currently, NO security encryption is NOT good enough.. even though the smart home OEM's seem to think it is..
Good, about time.. This was needed many, many iOS versions ago! People have no place posting reviews for issues/crashes while running a beta!
"The companies are also prohibited by App Store rules from directing consumers to sign up through other avenues that would avoid the 30-percent haircut, a likely secondary point of contention for the FTC." Haircut? umm.. yeah.. and also, they are not prohibited from selling services outside of App Store.. Many have done this for years w/o issue.
Which is why Apple is smart to largely ignore the numbers game. Because it's a game with rules outside their control. 
Yup, yup and yup.. I've purchased referb from their online store many times, been totally happy. You can even qualify for full AppleCare if you get referbs directly from Apple. LOL Oh the irony. 
Says right in the AppleCare agreement that replacements might be new or refurbished. If you buy the service agreement, you sign it, you accepted the terms. Don't like the terms, don't pay the money. MANY companies do this, including Cell phone companies, Computer, etc.. Bet they are hoping Apple just rolls over and pays out.. smells fishy.
Honestly, anyone who thinks Apple has not started production at this point is a fool. They are NOT still 'ho-hum' deciding on who to use.. They made this desiccation back at end of may. Melrose Place of 'tech' this is not.. but Blogs and Media certainly want it to seem like it is.. But you watch.. up to a few weeks prior.. Digi-Times and others will STILL be claiming Apple is deciding or looking at changing.. Many are probably Samsung shills trying to pump stock price...
Hardly... Apple has pushed for this type of built in SIM for YEARS.. back with the 3G and 3GS Apple wanted to go universal. The Apple SIM was a shot over the bow to carriers that were not on board.. Will be interesting to see what Verizon does.. I think Sprint will be quick to hop on board, but Verizon has a history (and them reason it failed last time along with ATT giving pushback) of resisting this... I think T-Mobile is part of the reason they might consider it...
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