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 Except it's less secure and inconvenient.. You have to 'load' your Google account with funds.. which is the first killer.. Can't just charge to an existing card... Second, you don't have a way to do it security from lock screen.. With your Android Phone, you need to:Unlock phone Open Google Wallet Unlock Google Wallet Load Google Wallet if not enough funds 'loaded into Google Wallet Account. If you have money in Google Wallet you can use it and you cannot charge directly...
Gonna buy a pop at Walgreens just to try it. lol
For those having issues; Call Failed error.. If you're Mac is wired in, disable WiFi and it will work.. Stops working the second I re-enable WiFi.. doh! Also, I'm having an issue where I want to use a 3rd party Mic and it won't let me.. I have the correct Mic selected in FaceTime and in System Prefs/Sounds and still it seems hard coded to use the internal Mic of my Retina Macbook Pro..
Why? Coin's DOA because it lacks Chip and Pin.. This doesn't.. So.. explain why it's DOA? Apple Pay? Not so quick.. Apple Pay isn't a REQUIRED standard, so it won't be ubiquitous (everywhere).. CHIP and PIN will be in the US, and already is in other countries. Plus not many will support Apple Pay for loyalty cards and Gift Cards.. not for awhile anyway.
So for those who didn't bother to read... - Yes, it's CHIP and PIN - Yes it can do up to 20 cards on the card itself. - Yes it can hold loyalty cards and Gift cards - Yes the App can hold even more cards and you can load an unlimited number of cards. . and - yes, it's only 1 month, but rechargeable and could last in theory for years and years w/o replacement.. unlike other solutions.
This wasn't on Tuesday.. this was Monday... Forbes did a whole writeup on it and has a very different view on what you just reported. http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2014/09/29/the-european-commission-is-not-about-to-fine-apple-nor-even-to-accuse-the-company-of-anything/
Keep getting server error accessing iCloud
What you wanna bet the current outage of iCloud is Apple trying to fix this issue with iCloud Drive and restore some lost data? Anyone else unable to get into iCloud right now?
I have the 6 Plus, enjoying it now that I have a case on it. I wasn't worried about bending it, I was more worried about dropping it. It's very slippery.  A good case takes care of that though.. 
Nice article. At least it was't another meme #bendbashing article. Was funny at first, but got oooold real quick.. After using my 6 Plus for almost a week, I'm very happy with my purchase.. First few days I honestly thought I might return it. It's the most slippery iPhone I've ever held and really did not like that. I decided to try a case though, and glad I did.. Found a case at Best Buy that is slim enough that it's keeps my 6 Plus just as thin as the iPhone 5s WITHOUT...
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