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Catch 22.. Ok.. you need to intercept the credentials(username/pass) to unlock the device.. Problem.. if you've ALREADY stolen the device you're not going to have the credentials to enter to intercept them.. and if you HAVE the creds, why would you need to intercept them?? b b b because you don't need to? Duh?.. umm.. how the F is that useful or relevant to activation unlock? Bueller? Bueller? anyone? anyone else seeing the stupidity of this claim? You literally need...
Cat's out of the bag .. sadly.. This may impact some of what El'Goog does in the states.. but it's firmly used outside in the east in many countries by many 3rd parties that really don't care if Google continues.. They have the OS / java base code now.. Only positive out of this is future devices will be 64bit and thats not going to happen with current Android.. Which is one of the reasons Google is leaning more toward Chrome OS.. thats based on Linux, which can be 64bit...
Isn't willful abuse subject to triple damages? isn't that how Apple got to nearly a billion the first time? Didn't they have to have a damages trial to figure that part out?
Looks like the 5c, only bigger.. Anyone else thing media is off and this is the 5c replacement?
It's a bad fit.. Why would DoJ and FCC want a debt laden company to gobble up one thats actually not only making a comeback but kicking competitions butt and taking names.. T-Mobile is forcing some good changes to the industry.. T-Mobile is also the golden reason they Declined the ATT acquisition. All the FCC and DoJ need to do when they tell Sprint no, is point out how right they were and how well T-Mobile is doing.. Why risk dragging 2 down (Sprint and T-Mobile) with...
Simple fact is the 30 % repatriation rate is stupid.. other countries have it at under 10%.. even Canada is under 10% now.. We COMPETE against these countries for this cash flow.. Yet, our politicians are basically telling our American companies that they should do international business and to keep the cash made away from the US market. Stupid.. both sides of the isle need to be kicked to the curb..
Maynard Um, "We believe Apple will eventually approach a fork in the road where it needs to choose between ASP/margin or units, as both, in our opinion, will be difficult to maintain," he wrote. Um.... lol, Apple is ASP/Margin for Years... whats to decide? they've always gone for quality/margin over 'units' sold.. this isn't new.. he's talking like they are on the fence about this..
First.. a completely bezel-less design is a pipe dream and will not happen.. Some type of bezel is required to keep the screen from shattering from the smallest of drops.. Eliminate the bezel and you create a phone with on-going screen damage issues.. plain and simple.. this is why I think Kuo is completely full if it and has no clue.. plus Kuo's track record is that of a shotgun .. he spews a ton of things, then only 'touts' the guesses he just 'happened' to get right.....
Amazon sells the $700 model for $534... The $700 price tag and up is all 'MSRP' from Pioneer and does not reflect current market price.
@cnocbui - Crating new divides with a new screen size is not copying.. It's simply a response to their market.. Something Apple is slow to respond to, they like taking their time.. Shoot, it's been 7 years on the 3.5" and 4" sizes. They tend to dominate as best they can with whats working first then look into other markets.. They have the 4" dominated.. now they move into the larger screen space..
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