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Normally I'd be against this.. or was.. Until I realized that even local state Governments are making many medicare and social security services accessible via the internet only. Then, realize that just jobs are posted internet only now, so job hunting requires the internet now. It's becoming harder and harder to find things that don't, in some form, require the internet. My grandmother couldn't even get onto the new health system w/o internet. So, yeah, saw this...
So This could have read, "If you see a prompt for a password and are not installing something, then don't.." Which, umm.. is basically how it has always been. You literally have to give this exploit permission first before it can do anything. Way overblown as it's not able to 'userp' EXISTING keychain passwords. AS THE TITLE IMPLIED! Only if it's creating a NEW keychain, and only by installing something with bad / malice code, would this work.
I'm betting App Store does NOT come to AT2 or AT3 models.. they are running very, very old APU's and wouldn't game well and have even less ram than an iPhone 4s!   I'm betting new App Store is only for Next Generation Apple TV which is why they are so focused on making sure they release it, App Store, and TV services at same time.. TV services might still come to 3rd generation so they will feel like they got something.. I just don't see the App Store and current 64bit...
I disagree, mainly because Apple is also allowing Artists direct access to Apple Music. They can bypass labels if they want to.. As we see more Indy artists, I think this trend of big boy Label's will change. Apple Music can be a great opportunity for the market to shift  from Labels to Artists ... The question will be how many artists will be 'bullied' into staying with labels.  Next few years will be telling.
Incorrect. at $9.99 Tidal is the SAME .. you have to pay an EXTRA $10 to Title ($19.99) to get hi-res music...  I'm not sure how many people care for that.
Bonds, similar to stocks, often tax at or below 15% instead of the US Repatriation fee of 35%. It should be noted that most other countries are at or below 15% repatriation.. the US has THE highest fee in the world. Often an 'excuse' is that business tax is at around 35% in the US.. However, most businesses that have any brains pay less than 20%.  It's actually things like our repatriation fee of 35% that holds our larger US businesses back from re-investing the their own...
Macbook Pro 15" with 3-4 of these, I won't complain really.. maybe initially for a new Thunderbolt 3 Hub and other accessories but thats it... My issue with the Macbook wasn't the adoption of USB-C, just that it didn't have at least 2 ports.. That seemed silly to me.. If it'd had 2 ports, one each side... I'd of thought it was awesome..
WiGig is also supposed to bring us Wireless Displays up to 4K. I'm very interested in seeing how this technology plays out and if Apple implements the standard or its own version of it.. I could see WiGig and Rezence wireless charging being a MAJOR part of the new Retina Macbook strategy with only 1 USB C port.
Ok, AI - if you're going to talk about products.. actually have a clue.. The Macbook Pro 15" discrete GPU was fairly significant upgrade.. about 70% preference increase. Now, the fact they switch to AMD GPU can be a big issue for nVidia fans... but thats a different subject. You guys didn't even touch on the GPU continued move to AMD.. which .. ok.. just shows you didn't bother to actually find out.
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