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Mass volume -/= success Most of those sales were cheep feature phones.. This article makes it sound like most of those sales were S6 and Edge phones.. they were hardly a fraction of at 84 million.. most of it's sales were the Galaxy A series, that they practically give away.
CurrentC puts all liability onto the consumer. CurrentC gets breached again, any bank account data gets taken and pulled from accounts, thats on the consumer. Says so right on the website. The banks won't cover you because you bypassed their regular security measures by allowing a direct draft account... They'll just look at you funny and tell you it's not their fault you authorized CurrentC a blank check.
SkinGate! : YES! Ok, thats sarcasm.. but watch, someone will run with it. heh. Fact.. the skin tone isn't as much an issue is the INK thats imbedded in the skin.. Not natural pigment.. but real, physical barrier called INK..
If my math is correct.. thats no where near the 3 million sold that many are projecting.. umm.. who's correct?
Some of these are going to kill the battery.. from 18 hours down to 2 hours. lol Especially GAMES
Yeah, I don't think a Broadwell MBP would be worth it.. The real game changer is Skylake (Wireless charging, Wireless 4k Displays and devices, etc) .. So if it's Broadwell, I'm holding off on my upgrade. My 2013 rMBP is fine for now.. I honestly think Apple would have been better off holding off on the new Macbook and using Skylake in that.. It's single port would have made a whole LOT more sense with Skylake on-board.
Most public WiFi has device isolation security on.. so this is basically meaningless. Goto Starbucks or any free WiFi, you cannot communicate with any other system on the same wifi. This is the most useless 'bug' I've seen yet. lol
How is that fee suddenly gone from low to high? It was considered very low when it was made public months ago... Especially for Apple, who usually takes between 15-30%.
No, it's Apple's Website.. LOL If you use Safari, you cannot see them! Open Chrome or Firefox.. they show up.. wow.. opps.. rofl!
I wanted the black leather buckle, but it's only 38mm.. I'd do like the link band, but $450 for a band, costing more than the total sum of the sport itself, is nuts.. I'll wait for 3rd parties to release a more economically priced link band and stick with the sport band until then.
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