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I can see Android phones being stolen just for CC data on sim cards now.. ack
Excuse me? Loss? you counting eggs you don't have? Apple coming there ADDs to the consumer tax based and still adds to the Arizona state tax base..  Always confuses me when people count the 2 hens in the bush, what they don't have, as a loss, over what they do have..
 No kidding, completely agree. Some people, LOL!
One thing I've noticed Google does and continues to do is this. - If they come into a market, like Smartphones, they do NOT dominate, they goto the Open Source route initially. Once they own the market, they close it hard.. Android, TRUE Android, is no longer open.. has not been for a few years.. They have done this repeatedly now. It's like a rope-a-dope .. They get the open source community to do the dirty work, get them to support it and excited, then pull back and own...
I agree... just some of the crazy stuff, thought I'd pitch in.. lol Honestly, if 12" MBA exists, I seriously hope they wait for Skylake and fully integrate all of Skylake's reported wireless abilities. Wireless 4k Display, Wireless Device connectivity and Wireless charging.. combined with the new single port 'rumor' that would actually make an awesome system.. Only connect cables when you 'must'.. dream within a dream.. lol Don't care for touch screen or anything like that. 
fully expect the new Macbook Air to be a hybrid that has both iOS and OS X on it depending on if it's Docked. Yup.. if you're going to go crazy, go and be a true crazy one..
Umm, It's been debunked more than a few times that the overheating issue was rumor started with Samsung.. to put further pressure on Qualcomm... irony of ironies.. as Samsung has decided to sell their own processor to other OEMs and they wanted to scare off competitors from the Qualcomm version and sell their Exynos to the likes of LG, HTC, etc, instead.. Basically, their mobile phone devision isn't doing as well so now they are playing dirty trying to 'puff up' their SoC...
Nope.. Windows 8 ASP is $0, now that Windows 10 is free...
Every time I see something like this from T-Mobile; I'm amazed at how bad it could have gotten if ATT had been allowed to buy them out and appreciate the fact they are pushing both the 2 top carriers to actually complete.. Otherwise I think we'd be much worse off right now when it comes to pricing and service.
 Latency.. latency, latency. Satellite based internet will never be all that great, except for those who cannot get land line or even cell based internet.. Reason is latency.. they satellites are so far up that you end up with really laggy response times.. especially for any type of games or VoIP or Video teleconferencing.. useless basically.. If it were that easy, Dish and DirecTV would have something much more popular than they do now. 
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