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Been using Meijer gas pumps with Apple Pay for months..
Yup.. now they hope Apple will settle .. umm.. right.. like that will happen.
Basically, their scheme to get Apple to buy them off to not release an iWatch failed, so now they want to get any cash they can.. They likely never, ever, had any intent to build an Android watch.. it was just for show.
This was reported LAST year, and found to impact very few people. It didn't get traction then either.. news / blogs just ate it up because it was another 'gate' to harp on..
You can bet Stephen Elop walked away with a Gold, Dimond lined, parachute.
Many new-comer android handsets hitting them hard. They were making some serious headway in China, then Apple (6/6Plus) AND the low-mid contenders hit at same time, such as the Xiaomi Note Pro. Basically, unfortunately for Samsung, this is the 'Perfect Storm' worst case scenario of having to battle multiple competitors, getting hit from all sides. 
Mine's been fine with battery.. Usually between 23-50% at end of day.. and I start at 5am and end usually around 10-11pm at night.. 30 min of exercise in there, a few voice calls, avg 6-10 emails/texts notifications per hour throughout the day, etc. Have yet to run out by the time I call it at end of my day. So far, I love it.. I've permanently turned my 6 plus on mute now and filter it all notifications with my Apple Watch. Really liking it.
So far, I'm happy with it.. seeing a few hiccups with it, but seems to have smoothed out. Probably just a ton of people joining it at once. lol
@rogifan Apple Music includes iTunes Match service.. so yes.. or you can just subscribe to iTunes Match separately if you don't want Apple Music and use the free Apple Radio w/Ad's, if thats all you want. It's a mix and match now.. going to try Straight Apple Music for a while. I dropped Pandora..
Hardly. Samsung provides zero, zilch, nada, NAND to Apple right now.. they just leverage Samsung as a potential threat to the other three NAND suppliers to get better deals..  It's business, plain and simple.
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