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Ahh? how so? I think your confused. Radio Shack was actioning off data they agreed not to sell as part of the contract with Apple and AT&T and others .. Thats a Duh? FTC's job is to protect consumers and agreements like this.. This is exactly what the FTC is supposed to do.. it's their job. Unusual? They quoted another instance where the FTC had to do the exact same thing to protect consumer and other interests in 2000.. Did you read the article or just read the title?
Meh... Of course their 'saying' Apple 'encouraged' them to do this.. The 'THEY' is Spotify, who is taking any chance they can to try to pull another iBooks.. they don't care if it's true, they just want to bully Apple like they've been bullying the Music Artists lately. Seriously.. Labels like Sony had already pushed this idea to Apple the very same thing, so that Sony is pushing this concept to Spotify is not surprising.. That said, the reason they are pushing Spotify...
"Loop offers unlimited online music storage, unlike alternatives such as iTunes Match." Ummm.. iTunes Match is unlimited music storage.. This goes on the "Dur" pile for blog posts.. iCloud is storage based for all other files.. iTunes Match has no limit.. it's $25/year flat; no limit.
"In the U.S., Apple charges merchants 0.15 percent of a 2 percent fee per payment, plus a half-cent per-transaction charge, much higher than Alipay's approximately 0.7 percent to 1.2 percent per transaction." You do realize what you said here makes no sense.. Alipay is getting much MORE than what Apple Pay gets based on what you posted. In-fact.. I think you meant to say "Alipay gets much less than the 2 percent fee per payment most BANKS / CC Processor gets (.7 - 1.2...
Except Apple PAID the EU it's taxes.. No one ever adds in the VAT taxes and local taxes to what Apple is paying in tax.. For some reason it gets conveniently left out. What is at question is what taxes Apple owes Ireland itself.. NOT the EU..  The EU is being presumptuous in assuming they can dictate Irish tax law.. The EU wants to 'encourage' Apple and other businesses to leave Ireland. Thats what this is REALLY about. Well, bully them really.  Now, Ireland had almost...
How do you figure, since they pay domestically 26%... per the IRS public tax statement .. Thats MORE than nearly every business in the US.. In-fact.. most large businesses pay well under 35%, average is UNDER 13%.. Guess who we DONT see on USA Todays list for 0% tax companies?  Apple...http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2013/10/23/big-companies-pay-no-taxes/2480281/ So please.. explain how they are 'under' paying domestically? Or is that just stupid you're...
No they would not.. they said EXACTLY what Sog just said.. If you ACTUALLY listen to the call, you'd hear Samsung whining they were not selling many S6's yet because of supply issues! IE, THEY HAVE NOT SOLD MANY!
Exactly.. this article got it completely backwards. lol Journalism is dead.. long live quick, unverified and non-proofread blogging! 
Mass volume -/= success Most of those sales were cheep feature phones.. This article makes it sound like most of those sales were S6 and Edge phones.. they were hardly a fraction of at 84 million.. most of it's sales were the Galaxy A series, that they practically give away.
CurrentC puts all liability onto the consumer. CurrentC gets breached again, any bank account data gets taken and pulled from accounts, thats on the consumer. Says so right on the website. The banks won't cover you because you bypassed their regular security measures by allowing a direct draft account... They'll just look at you funny and tell you it's not their fault you authorized CurrentC a blank check.
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