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Only T-Mobile is doing iPhone 5s.. because there are no catches, no service to signup for, etc.. they just drop ship you a phone.. Apple is providing the iPhones for free to T-Moble then then return them if customer doesn't want them.. Sprint, not stuck to just an iPhone, but you have to go through a whole signup process. Really, it's no different than their 7 days, just no restocking fee.. 
Yes, CC will put a hold for up to 14 days for X amount.. and customer is on hook even if card is canceled since it happened prior.. So even though T-Mo isn't charging right away, they are 'reserving' the amount...  It's not as big of a risk as you'd think..
Want one for my 5.5" iPhone. ;D
They should just set the rate between 8-10% and reap the ongoing tax funds.. rather than leaving it at a world wide high of 35% (others, like Canada are under 10% for a standard rate) .. Keeping it at 35% just forces US based companies to leave funds across sea's and not move them until they 'temporarily' lower the rate anyway.
 Exactly. At issue is where does the money sit.. right now, it's country that has the lowest taxes .. I'm not understanding why that would be hard to understand..  Who wouldn't do that? Any CFO would be fired for not taking advantage of legal tax law and working to benefit the company financially.. hell, if it didn't he'd be considered incompetent..  If the USA made it more advantageous to sit in the states, you can be certain that US based international companies would do...
 Normal companies? If you're talking about local companies, local taxes are still paid.. sales tax, employee income taxes, health, etc. The issue is that ANY international company can pick what country they base funds out of.. and that country gets the taxes.. Issue is. who gets the money? Europe? Germany? huh? What people don't understand, products sold by Apple are already paying local taxes and all we're talking about is the 'profit' repatriation tax... it's not really...
If I could pair with my Mac as well, I'd get one.. I don't want to pay for controllers that only work with some of Apple's products..
And yet.. no leaked hardware to even hint at what it would look like.. I smell a flop with Analyst prediction of an iWatch this year.. or iBand, or such..
Buzzfeed... BUZZFEED? omg.. you guys will spew anything.. I highly doubt that 'everyone' in the mid-managment was doing what they said.. They make so many absolute assertions that I cannot even imagine anyone taking what they say seriously.. Then.. again.. we are talking about blogs here.. their job is to just repeat things, regardless.. the mindless mime ..
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