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Forgot to mention the Thunderbolt Display.. thats WAAAAY overdue.. Also, Them releasing a Mac Pro and not at least announcing a 4k display would be.. odd.. being that it can handle three 4k displays as one of it's major features.. I want to see 27" Thunderbolt Display updated to TB2, USB 3.0 (6 ports) and drop Firewire. Maybe add another Thunderbolt port. Would also like to see The Retina Macbook Pro get Thunderbolt 2 standard as well. They could have released it when...
Example of how bad blog writers have gotten. "The new data also suggests that the iPhone 5c is not carving out a larger share of overall iPhone sales than the iPhone 4S managed last year, when it was the company's $100-on-contract handset. With the iPhone 5c taking 27 percent this year, it's just slightly ahead of the 23 percent share the iPhone 4S captured during the same period in 2012, just after the launch of the iPhone 5." Ok, in the first paragraph, you say the 5c...
@Rob In stock because they can. 5c is 2nd best selling phone at ATT / Sprint.. beating out the Galaxy S4 of all things. 3rd at Verizon and T-Mobile.. so ANY statements that it's not selling well are simply false.. They ramped up for stock for coming holiday, then ramp down unless demand calls for more.. standard manufacturing.. companies do this all the time.. All I'm hearing is same gloom and doom, in spite of awesome sales numbers from cell companies, that don't seem...
Ehhh? so sales are bad, but it's 2nd best selling phone in ATT/Sprint and 3rd best at Verizon and T-Mobile.. Beating out all but iPhone 5S and Galaxy S 4 at Verizon/Tmo.. and it's soft? For a phone doing poorly, it's selling awfully well.. heh.. I think we have another case of Analysts setting expectations for failure.. again..
ok, that happened.
Mixed feelings on the warranty subscription.. Per account, rather than per device. Hmmmmm.. 1) how much.. that will determine a lot for me. 2) If I had 1 year left on my iPhone, and sold it, that was a bonus for the buyer and let me get a little more out of it.. I wont be able to do that if this comes true.
It's good and bad.. The suite was massively expensive.. thousands of dollars in some cases depending on what tools you needed.. If you only need the tools for a few months.. guess what.. you only pay for a few months of service.. it's not like you're committed to a 2 year contract, as some licensing agreements are.    Now, individuals can get into the tools they want peace meal at a more affordable cost.. Granted, yes, it's endless payments.. but most will look at the...
They have no clue, so they just throw out 2 dates.. whichever turns out to be closer, they can declare victory!
Correction in article.. It says, "MetroPCS' CDMA network spectrum will be repurposed for T-Mobile's LTE network.. No.. MetroPCS's LTE spectrum (1700Mhz) is being repurposed to T-Mobiles LTE Advanced Network.. MetroPCS's CDMA (1900MHz) network is being repurposed to T-Mobiles GSM HSPA They are technically independent separate network technologies..
It's a propaganda war.. Samsung is not afraid to get dirty ... I've seen such drastic numbers from IDC .. some of them conflict each other.. It's like they just pull it out of the air to have something to say and stay in the limelight..
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