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Visually it gets a second look .. but functionally.. I have to wonder at the use cases.. 1st) Left hand use? 2) loss of durability of the screen? 3) Are you basically loosing that part of the screen to slide widgets? Last) What will be visibility in dark and outdoor direct sun situations.. Samsung phones are not the best in direct sunlight to begin with.. Guess we'll see when people get their hands on it.. I usually take any 'releases' like this as attempts to mute...
Here we go, analysts setting Apple up for a 'fail'. They set the bar so high it's stupid really. Watch Apple stock drop; instead of going up after Sept 9th..
 iBeacon was released from Apple as an open standard.. which is why Android devices with BLE can CURRENTLY use it as well.  Apple would have made FaceTime open as well, but a patent troll slammed them and so far they've had no luck in getting it out the door and have to pay the troll just to use it.. I think their latest attempts to redesign FT to get around the patent are now being challenged.. Being 'open' and Apple isn't easy.. Apple isn't one of the most sued, Apple IS...
If we do get a 5.5", iOS 8 with extensibility, AND NFC.. omg.. My thoughts of a note are gone.. Could care less about the S Pen.. !! ROFL!
Well, Samsung asked and was answered.. lol Siri was a little chilled but otherwise untouched. http://youtu.be/0WK5i1mS73U
Ming-Chi Kuo is selling short.. trying to pull the stock down.. has been posting 'negative' stuff for weeks now... many of his 'rumors' have been countered by other analysts.. It's like they are battling over long and short.. and has nothing to do what reality.. lol
Thats horribly deceptive ... The $100 for 20GB data doesn't include the per/phone fee... While T-Mobiles $100 for 4 phones DOES.. T-mobiles plan is very up-front.. Sprints make's it look like it's only $100 but in reality it is much more.. For 20GB plus and 4 phones it's $100 $60 for $160/mo... Umm thats EQUIL to Verizon and ATT.. LOL If you want 10 phones, it's $100 for data and 10 phones x$15 for $250/mo total.. how is this better/cheeper? Granted, for a 'limited'...
 Likely, since Android is a Linux kernel running Java on-top of that as the base platform for everything.. Java isn't the most memory efficient beast in the world... It could be argued iOS is closer to hardware than Java.. Been a while, but I seem to remember Java was considered a 4th tier language, where C based languages were 3rd .. Assembly was considered even closer, 2nd if I remember.. thus more efficient in general.. but not nearly as easy or as quick to develop...
Umm.. if you zoom in on the second to last part before the battery, it says Toshiba on the chip.. umm.. huh?   I'm thinking this isn't a leak, it's a scam.. and someone was just played.. LOL
I would LOVE to see someone get their hands on both the fake 4.7 and 5.5 and do a teardown and compare parts.. I would bet good money this is from one of the FAKE iPhone 6's selling for around $200 in China..   This screen in no way matches what we saw on the scratch tests .. the bezel is to thick and the placement of the speaker, proximity sensor and camera are wrong..   But they are identical to the fake ANDROID iOS Skinned iPhone 6 thats been selling!
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