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Um, notifications seem to work right on my Mac. If I'm sitting at my computer and someone messages me it pops up on my Mac first. If I click on it, it doesn't buzz me any where else. If I don't click on it, like I'm not paying attention to my screen, it goes away on my Mac and buzzes my watch. Perfecto!
OMG, wow.  Just wow.  Poverty does not equate to stupidity.  People in third world countries are not "ignorant" nor do they lack "common sense".  You on the other hand seem to be cursed with both.  
Just like not all black people like watermelon, and not all Mexicans are lazy, not everyone that believes in a God is an idiot.  
Climate change and global warming are one in the same.  There is no bait and switch.  People stopped calling it global warming because stupid people kept saying, "Its not getting warmer out, its snowing outside".  Global warming does not mean every day from here on out will be increasingly hotter than the day before.  LOL  Stupid people.  Can't live with them, can't kill them all.  
You are against green products in general?  LOL I wish I could put your comment in a time capsule, so 100 years from now, people will know why we have to wear masks outside.  Are you under the impression that we can just keep increasing our population, and recklessly using our natural resources and expect no consequences?  If you keep reaching into that bag of Doritos your mom bought you, don't you eventually run out?  Do you think "pollution" is just a made up liberal...
With the addition of voice text, I'll be using the keyboard a lot less. But I was still considering a 3rd party keyboard, mainly because I can now. However, after reading this article and the warning you get when you add a keyboard, I can safely say I'll be sticking with the stock keyboard. I am not into giving out info to 3rd parties.
Man that phone is huge. I guess I'd better get used to it though, since it looks like Apple is going to make us upgrade to a giant screen.
I'm sure it will be nice, but I'm definitely into the defined edges the iPhone has had since 4. If some how the glass is curved to increase one handed use, then that will be cool though.
paz, I could not disagree more. Its a real live video game that reacts to you. It learns! The word innovative is tossed around today with reckless abandon, when few things truly are. Anki drive however, deserves the title of innovative.
I love my Pebble, but then again I didn't put a carbon fiber sticker on the front of it nor did I put the ugliest watch band of all time on it.
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