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Am I the only one that doesn't want the next Apple TV to be smaller? The thing is a hockey puck now.
Could this guy be a bigger putz? I'm sure these multi billion dollar companies always have the user in mind first.... what a crock of shit.
Microsoft to OEM: Its not us, its you! lol So, I guess we will see MS making their own computers soon as well. After the shift to making their own phones, tablets, and computers MS will rename themselves, Pear. When I picture Ballmer and Gates, I see this brash a hole getting what he wants and Gates doesn't have the balls to stand up to him. Sinofsky shouldn't have been fired, Ballmer should be. What good thing has he done since taking over?
Doc, it hurts when I do this. Well don't do that.
I've had about enough of this anti-american sentiment. Its not one dude, on Apples payroll, that just rubber stamps whatever Apple wants. These things go through groups of people, and if there is a violation, than it goes to a jury of peers. Calling the american company unjust when the other party is Korean, is a joke. How many times has Samsung gotten in trouble for bribing someone? How many knock off items are Korean? Give me a break.
Yeah but to be real, it is South Carolina.  Perhaps Apple was embarrassed you are part of the union and wanted to try and right the wrong?     And by the way, Columbia, SC pulls up your city.  Not sure how you have to put it in to get it to go to South America. 
Um, this doesn't make any sense to me. I thought 4" screens were crap, and anything less than 4.8" was worthless? Hmmmm.....
New sales slogan: We are cheap pieces of crap that are almost as good as an iPad. Gee, sign me up! Nice notch around the bezel. Is that so I can put a clock face on it and hang it around my neck... like the new generation Flavor Flav?
The biggest thing wrong with it is the tech press won't shut the fuck up about it. Does it have issues, yes. So does Google Maps, but we don't get 12 articles every 60 seconds about it. Good god, there are other options on the phone right now if you seriously can't get to your local coffee shot without it. I've had it since the since the beta and never had an issue. Should we write a story about that?
New Posts  All Forums: