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My iWorks documents share just fine with their MS counterparts. Its a joy to be able to work with great productivity software at home and have no compatibility issues when I have to bring my docs back to work.
People only have a finite amount of money to spend on gadgets. I think releasing a new version of every gadget they have within a few months is stupid. For example, I want a new 5S and a new 5G iPad, but if they come out at the same time, or even within a month or two of each other, I won't have the cash for both. If they are more spread out, people will be more willing to buy multiple gadgets. I'm sure they didn't want to hold everything until the end of the year,...
First and foremost, I'd be suspicious of anything behind a $1000 a year paywall. They are obviously going to say anything that might get people to pay up. But I think we've all seen this coming for a while. They keep buying design shops, and they have hired an entire team from AMD, and they kept old Bobby around for a reason. I'm guessing something like this takes a lot of time to get up and running, so TSMC is probably just a short term solution, while building their...
So why would Nike want to limit the amount of money it can make by excluding millions of Android users? Simple. Apple came to see Nike and said "hey, we are about to release the iWatch, which is going to eat your fuel band alive. Why don't we partner up so you can continue to make money and we can benefit from your experience in the arena. The new Apple iWatch with Nike built in. Of course if you want to do this partnership, we will need you to make a public...
Next week these patents will be invalidated by another judge. Then the following week they will be reinstated by a third judge. The week after that.....
Apple should call it the iSuckitBrazil
Forget press releases. Take a page out of Googles playbook and whenever your competition releases a new product, pay a bunch of bloggers to make up shit about it. "Just got my new S IV but it totally sucks. If I take a picture of the sun with my S IV I keep getting glare." "The new S IV I just got blows, if I throw it against the wall it breaks."
Am I the only one that doesn't want the next Apple TV to be smaller? The thing is a hockey puck now.
Could this guy be a bigger putz? I'm sure these multi billion dollar companies always have the user in mind first.... what a crock of shit.
Microsoft to OEM: Its not us, its you! lol So, I guess we will see MS making their own computers soon as well. After the shift to making their own phones, tablets, and computers MS will rename themselves, Pear. When I picture Ballmer and Gates, I see this brash a hole getting what he wants and Gates doesn't have the balls to stand up to him. Sinofsky shouldn't have been fired, Ballmer should be. What good thing has he done since taking over?
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