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 Fair enough.  It was the first thing that popped into my head. :)   I was really wondering if I could teach Siri to recognize something that was not "Hey Siri" as the key phrase, or whether it had to be substantially phonetically similar to "Hey Siri".  It would be kinda cool.
 That hasn't been my (or my daughter's) experience.  Pulling the SIM from one phone and putting it in the new one transfers the phone number in addition to the service.  No calls to the provider, no interruption in service, no additional charges on my bill.  My daughter did this with my wife's old phone just last week. If you're talking about something else, my apologies.
 Did I miss that?  I haven't seen that definitive a statement on the subject from Apple.  Do you have a link or cite? It's entirely possible that I missed it, of course, so if I did, mea culpa.
So does that mean you can train Siri to respond to respond to something that doesn't sound anything like "Hey Siri"?  Something like "Yo, Slave Girl" or even the Klingon word for "Attention." :)
It's possible.  Mind you, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Apple agreed to this to make it more palatable to carriers.  On the other hand, neither would it surprise me to learn that Apple is basically just saying "We're selling phones; it's up to you carriers to attract subscribers."  I can also see existing subscribers being irate at having to activate a new line when their existing line is out of contract, or no longer obligated in some other fashion.
FWIW, my daughter regularly switched her SIM with her friends' phones when she was younger.  AT&T has never batted an eye, even updating my account page to reflect the changed phone.  She did this when we had a contract subsidized phone, and she also recently did it because she broke her own and hasn't had he deductible to get it replaced.  We're currently on the NEXT thing with her phone.  We've never paid an activation fee when doing this. I think the "activation" fee is...
What would be funny is if the movie house piped "Hey Siri, turn my phone off" through the sound system.  I don't think that works to turn the phone off, though.
Not all value for which trades occur is directly monetary. "Promotional space", if that's what's actually on the table, can be very valuable, and the artists obviously feel their time and participation are being appropriately compensated, or they wouldn't be there. And it's not an ethics question.  It is never unethical for two parties to enter into an otherwise lawful agreement when both parties are free to refuse.  It's not unethical for Apple to ask for the artists to...
 If my iPhone 6 lasts as long as my 4 (not 4s) did, I expect to hold on to it for quite a while, short of some "must have" feature.  The two main reasons I upgraded from my 4 were AT&T's Next program, and the fact that my battery wasn't holding a charge.  Yes, I could have replaced the battery (and did, before I sold it), but the 6 had some other features I found interesting, if not in the "must have or die" category.
New Posts  All Forums: