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That's only because the EFF doesn't know about the backdoor that Echelon has had since the first iPhone. /s
 I presume you're looking for bike trails and bike friendly roads?  I'd really be grateful for that as well.
 I doubt that.  There will still be thefts of opportunity, and those types of thefts may well be easier to detect, recover and prosecute.  They may even go down once in a while.  Meanwhile, the pro thieves will just chuck those they can't unlock and unload.  I would sort of assume that most of the pro thefts that happen in the U.S. go overseas anyway.
If anyone thinks this will actually curtail any government agency's activities, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.  Cheap.   All it will do is drive it even farther underground.
 I too think it's just a matter of time, but not because of consumer pressure, or some wish to destroy credit cards.  Those may be factors, but given the type of people I see shopping at Walmart, there's not going to be much in the way of "pressure" to convert.  Eventually, perhaps, when they can find a solution that works for them and can deploy it to 11,000 plus stores in a reasonable timeframe, things will change.
Well, that pretty much settles the question of me ever using Uber, as either a passenger or a driver.
 No need.  The U.S. government has already decided that it's OK to take from one group and give to another.  Been that way for well over a century now.
 Fixed that for you.
I also use a Harmony Hub and remote.  I used to use my phone, but the Harmony me control the reciever, TV and AppleTV all at the same time.  I can still use my phone as  a remote.
 Fixed that for you.
New Posts  All Forums: