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Even this isn't enough to make me want to eat Domino's pizza.
 Key concepts there are "force" and "cooperation".  Asking a company to provide you with the tools you don't have, and forcing them to do it by holding a gun to their head, are two different things. I draw the line at coercion.
This is one of those pieces of disinformation promulgated by those who advocate the abolition of all torture.  They want you to believe that torture is ineffective, so you won't want to support it. Sure, if you torture one person for information about which you know nothing, and accept the results at face value, you're probably not going to get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  But torture 10 people about multiple things, some of which you know for...
 I agree.  I don't think it's possible in a controller format, but it is possible using a dedicated form factor.  Thrustmaster used to have a really good "gaming keyboard" that was pretty good.  It wasn't a full keyboard, but had multiple mapable keys as well as a mouse/joystick doohicky, and was suitable for one handed operation.  The other hand could use a mouse and all of its buttons.  I wish I'd picked one up when I had the chance. I've seen others as well, I think...
This might be a handy thing, if my 1080p TV wasn't already connected to my computer via a $15 HDMI cable. :)   Seriously though, if my PC and TV weren't already co-located, I could see this being useful.
 Fair enough.  It was the first thing that popped into my head. :)   I was really wondering if I could teach Siri to recognize something that was not "Hey Siri" as the key phrase, or whether it had to be substantially phonetically similar to "Hey Siri".  It would be kinda cool.
 That hasn't been my (or my daughter's) experience.  Pulling the SIM from one phone and putting it in the new one transfers the phone number in addition to the service.  No calls to the provider, no interruption in service, no additional charges on my bill.  My daughter did this with my wife's old phone just last week. If you're talking about something else, my apologies.
 Did I miss that?  I haven't seen that definitive a statement on the subject from Apple.  Do you have a link or cite? It's entirely possible that I missed it, of course, so if I did, mea culpa.
So does that mean you can train Siri to respond to respond to something that doesn't sound anything like "Hey Siri"?  Something like "Yo, Slave Girl" or even the Klingon word for "Attention." :)
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