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 Actually, adding this requirement could increase Apple's liability for something going wrong, since it could be argued that they took responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the information presented.Of course, there will always be lawyers who will sue no matter what Apple does, so it's arguably better to do the "right" thing and get screwed, than do the wrong thing and get screwed.
 OK, so let's put it this way:You won't mind if the post office opens all your mail, photocopies it and then files it away for later research, without a warrant, right?
 Hello Kettle? This is Pot. You're black.Odd how a "government liason" might be trained in the art of talking like a politician.
 If I get a text or call, I don't have to pull my phone out of my pocket to see who it is. If the brief glance at my watch reveals that it's important enough to stop or modify what I'm doing, e.g. running, driving or in a meeting, then I can pull my phone out.Yes, this is convenience, not necessity, and $150 is a bit much, but if it proves popular, the price will come down.
 According to the Mythbusters, yes. :) And the only good NFC, is disabled NFC.
 While I agree with regard to many Bluetooth headphones, I don't think that's a universally applicable statement. My Nokia 905 headset is really quite awesome when connected via BT. Much better than merely "proper". Too bad they don't make 'em anymore. I'd get another set, even at the price.
I happened to see this article this morning before reading AI. It addresses almost every point raised here by previous posters, and a couple more. http://kfury.com/what-an-apple-watch-is-good-for I'm not sure that I would go for one, but then, I'm an old fart who still wears a self-winding analog clock face wristwatch, even though I have iPhone and multiple other devices that tell time. A device such as the one described in the above article does sound useful though.
 No.The statement "I do not believe God exists" is not logically equivalent to "I believe God does not exist."If you can't honestly see the difference between those two statements, then further discussion is pointless.
 Mine too. Sounded halfway decent until that little revelation.For those who are otherwise interested, but don't want to give their phone number, will it work with a Google Voice number?
The author of this article and I appear to have wide divergent definitions of "nearly identical". If those are "nearly identical", then I am "nearly identical" to Brad Pitt.
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