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 "sic" does not automatically indicate a misspelling, though it's often used that way. It's used to denote something that appeared as shown in the original. For those unfamiliar with alternate spellings, it was probably intended to fend off endless comments about how the word was misspelled.
I ask this question out of simple ignorance. What exactly does a 62 versus 86 percent color gamut mean to me, the user? Does it mean colors aren't as bright? Or that each color has a smaller range of shades? Or something completely different? In what applications would the ostensibly "better" number show a significant difference to me?
  That was likely the real problem. All the bellboys, taxi drivers and other pimps were losing money...
 I believe that constitutes "illustrating the point"...
 I know. It just seemed to silly to do it for three bloody characters. :) But, it's done now.
 To be clear, "bs" was intended to be my signature. My bad for not adding the appropriate whitespace. /bs
 Yeah, I'm in agreement there. I'd certainly let others be guinea pigs on accessories until they've proven themselves over the long term. :)
 Well, I'm glad my RocketFish and Nokia headsets, nor my Jabra car speaker, nor my no-name desk speaker set have had any problems, then. I dodged a bullet there, eh?/bs
 That's a much better comparison than the first, but the angle is still a bit different, perhaps different enough to make a difference in the exposure. The window on the left edge shows more surface area in one picture than the other.It shouldn't be too hard to build a rig that clamps a 5 and a 4s together, left edge of one to the right edge of the other with the lens at the same vertical position, take it outside and point it in the right direction, i.e. with the sun off...
When I was taking photography classes in high school, some 35 years ago, lens flare such as that seen in this photo was called one of two things, a "special effect" or a "bad picture." Nobody ever mentioned "camera design flaw." /bs
New Posts  All Forums: