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I think it probably won't be long before Square produces an iPhone/iPad compatible NFC reader.  Unless the chip in the iPhone can be configured to read as well as transmit.   As for why they'd turn down a multi-billion dollar offer (assuming they even did)?  Because they think their company is worth more than that over their lifetime?
 Well, for me, they are in fact the lowest average pricer in the area for the things I buy on a weekly/monthly basis.  I will absolutely not go out of my way to save $0.50 on a few items when everything else in my cart is at or below the other stores.  My time is worth more than the few dollars I'd save. Now, for special and high cost purchases, I'll shop around, mostly because Walmart doesn't generally carry the options, brands or models that I want.  For example,...
I suspect Walmart's current lack of participation has more to do with the cost and timeframe for implementation than it does with anything else.  It's not like they're going to go belly-up if they don't get on board.  Best Buy might have to worry about that, but not Walmart.  People shop at Walmart for the low prices, not because they have a nifty checkout system.
 I can see there might be some rationale for such reasoning.  Bear in mind, I'm not saying there is such a rationale in the articles to which you allude, only that there might be in some hypothetical discussion. For me, it's not so much a criticism as a regret, as in "Darn, it does more than I need, so it's going to be more expensive than I want to pay for the things I do want."  I can see why Apple goes whole hog on these things, I just don't need the whole hog.  I just...
 Left handed design: I can't imagine that there were no left handed people anywhere in the design team for this, and that they were ignored when they said "Hey, this thing is kinda awkward for me."  Even if Apple had uncharacteristically completely forgotten about or ignored left handed people, it's just software, they can change it. Likewise the counter-clockwise hand movement, metric clock, and every other alternative form of display.  It's software.  Want it?  Write it.
I said *I* don't need all of that functionality.  I didn't say it wasn't a good product.  I'm still on the fence about it.  Fortunately, I have at least three months to decide.  It seems likely that in that time, some of the apps I use on a regular basis will add some form of support for it.  It seems likely that I will eventually decide to get one.  Not yet.
Honestly, it does more than I need.  At the $349 price, I don't know if I'll get one.  I wish they'd come up with a health only one...
If there were a single thing that would turn me from the next iPhone (there isn't, but if there were), the continued association with an arrogant, sanctimonious, self-righteous waste of air such as Bono would be it.
Do people really have that much trouble remembering where they parked their car?
The kind of "kill switch" I want is similar to the one you get when you put in the wrong code ten times.  If I put in a specific wrong code, wipe and lock/kill (not brick) the phone immediately, making it impossible to reactivate without restoring a backup, or connecting it directly to my computer, or some other step that physically cannot be done while the police officer is trying to illegally search my phone.
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