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One would hope they take an "opt-in" approach, rather than requring a user to opt out.  Additionally, I would hope that, as appears to be the case with the current functionality, one could restrict it to certain people or groups, and times.
 Honestly, It wouldn't at all surprise me to see Apple intervene and bid the price up if something like that ever actually happened. :)
 Because people whose needs differ from what Apple provides are somehow inferior. /s He said "for me", which presumes he was talking about himself, and no one else.  He wasn't saying that no one should buy it, only that he wouldn't.
 This.  Toyota makes some of the best cars on the planet.  I can add the things they don't include.
 And there's no reason even to limit it to hex.  Using 34 alpha numeric characters (eliminating I and O as too similar to one and zero), a 10 digit identifier would have over 2 quadrillion (2 x 1015) unique values.  That's roughly 300,000 for each person currently on the planet.  Add four more for the issuer and card typle, one or two for check digits, and you're back to the current 16 digits, even not counting the CVV code.
 Others have mentioned Calibre, as have you, but it is a great organizational tool, even if some of the conversions are less than perfect.  Even ifit did no conversions at all, it would be a great tool.  I use it in combination with the Stanza ePub reader (carefully preserved on multiple places on my hard drive, two external backup drives, two DVD backups and two separate online backups; damn you Amazon!) and I couldnt't ask for a better combination. BTW, does anyone know...
 As the "IMO" implies, that's really a personal preference issue.  I find that my iPhone 4 is perfectly usable for reading.  Even the slightly larger text size I use to accomodate my aging eyes doesn't detract from its usefulness.  Do I prefer the Mini for reading?  Yes, but really only because I turn the page less often.  As well, for me it's more of a "backpack" device, to be used when I'm going to be somewhere for an extended period of time.  My phone, on the other...
 No it isn't.  Since no findings have been released, what it's actually too early for is to say that anyone did anything they should not have.  That whole innocent until proven guilty thing.
 That's been true for me since the day I installed iOS7 on my iPhone 4.  Should never have done it. Of course, it is an iPhone 4 (not 4s), so I attributed it to that.  I should have taken more time to think about it, but if the same type of thing is happening with iOS 8 on newer hardware, maybe I was too quick to forgive. :)
 When it becomes not the current generation.  It is in fact the current generation, so while it might not suit you, an unannounced update isn't "overdue."
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