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 Left handed design: I can't imagine that there were no left handed people anywhere in the design team for this, and that they were ignored when they said "Hey, this thing is kinda awkward for me."  Even if Apple had uncharacteristically completely forgotten about or ignored left handed people, it's just software, they can change it. Likewise the counter-clockwise hand movement, metric clock, and every other alternative form of display.  It's software.  Want it?  Write it.
I said *I* don't need all of that functionality.  I didn't say it wasn't a good product.  I'm still on the fence about it.  Fortunately, I have at least three months to decide.  It seems likely that in that time, some of the apps I use on a regular basis will add some form of support for it.  It seems likely that I will eventually decide to get one.  Not yet.
Honestly, it does more than I need.  At the $349 price, I don't know if I'll get one.  I wish they'd come up with a health only one...
If there were a single thing that would turn me from the next iPhone (there isn't, but if there were), the continued association with an arrogant, sanctimonious, self-righteous waste of air such as Bono would be it.
Do people really have that much trouble remembering where they parked their car?
The kind of "kill switch" I want is similar to the one you get when you put in the wrong code ten times.  If I put in a specific wrong code, wipe and lock/kill (not brick) the phone immediately, making it impossible to reactivate without restoring a backup, or connecting it directly to my computer, or some other step that physically cannot be done while the police officer is trying to illegally search my phone.
 I can't watch that video here, but if it's the one I remember, I think the guy responsible for that stuff went to work for Microsoft working on the Kinect project.
 Analog face for a watchHeart rate monitorBlood glucose monitorStep/motion tracking (either by itself or as an accessory to something like the MapMyFitness and EndoMondo type productsReminder/appointment/text notifications (*only*; I have no desired to respond to anything on my wrist).If someone could combine all of those desired features into something that looks like a classic wristwatch, in a variety of styles to fit moods and occasion, I'd at least consider buying it,...
I wish Apple would do more to improve the quality of the phone in the iPhone. It's certainly not horrible, but it's mediocre, at best. And yes, I have in fact done comparisons, calling my home phone from my iPhone 4 and several different phones, including a Galaxy S3, an HTC model I don't recall, my daughter's "dumb" phone, a Nokia 521 and one of the new Lumias. The only one that was worse was the old Nokia 521. It's a great device, but the phone is not what it could...
Google Voice does this now. Or at least used to. I wonder if they're doing something different than this patent.
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