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 Fixed that for you.
I also use a Harmony Hub and remote.  I used to use my phone, but the Harmony me control the reciever, TV and AppleTV all at the same time.  I can still use my phone as  a remote.
 Fixed that for you.
 That's because it's not really capitalism anymore, and hasn't been for about a century.  The U.S. is far closer to fascism, economically, than capitalism anymore.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that thing is somewhat less than esthetically pleasing.
 No kidding.  Last time I got one of those, I suggested that they print out what was already on file, and I'd annotate changes. "Sorry, we can't do that." So I returned the sheets my name and SSN, with the one other item that changed, and marked "No changes" over the rest of it. The clerk just smiled.
Re: Is this guy brain dead?  By sog35. No, he's referrering to the average p I don't think that's as farfetched as you seem to think.  It's possible (mind, I have no data other than past experiences with other, unrelated products, on which to base such an idea, just guessing) that once the early adopters and uber-fans get theirs, the Sport numbers will start to creep up.  "Possible," not a sure thing.  Much too early for someone like me to say.
Re: Is this guy brain dead?  By sog35.   No, he's referrering to the average price of all units sold.  He suspects the sales numbers will skew even more towards the sport model.   He is not assuming the price of an individual unit will go down.
Well, I sync my phone with iTunes on my Windows PC at least once per week.  And I've not enabled iCloud backup at all. Of course, I'm paranoid.  I have a tendancy to wipe my phone on those occasions when certain authority figures might demand I turn it over to them.  It's only actually come to that once, but because of that one incident, I think I'm justified. :)
One would hope they take an "opt-in" approach, rather than requring a user to opt out.  Additionally, I would hope that, as appears to be the case with the current functionality, one could restrict it to certain people or groups, and times.
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