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This Datsun would rape the living shit out of an Aston Martin.
Deep fried Mars bars and munchie boxes are where it's at in Scotland these days. Fannybaws.
I don't get it. Where's the Android angle?   Is Danny Diggler ill?
 He seems to be getting the 6 and 6 plus confused in that video. That is obviously a 6 being tested (camera lens gives it away).
I predict an upsurge in the popularity of cargo pants this fashion season.
Obviously not a design flaw, but a feature. Call it 'iBend'.   In the 6s plus Apple will update the feature to allow the phone to return to its original shape afterwards. Call it 'iFlex'.   Of course, as can be seen from the videos the Samsung Note already has this enhanced feature, but they probably call it 'sFlex' or something.
As a future means of easy identification it will certainly be more humane than an Apple-logo branding iron applied to the forehead.
Looks like DED has reached the bottom of the Android barrel. What's he going to do now?
New Posts  All Forums: