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I think Apple ][ is having a stroke. I mean the medical condition, not masturbation. Though I guess he could actually be doing both.
He was being sarcastic. I hope.
  Personally, I didn't mind much about TS's remark. After-all, I was (playfully) yanking his chain.
  Instead of closing the book, I expect that Apple are about to have it thrown at them.
Very sad news indeed.
Google already have top men working on a fix. Top... Men.
So? They give 'free' iPads away here with everything from gas & electric contracts, to fitted kitchens and leather sofas.   http://www.gratisipad.org/
  Why should your choice of phone and computer hardware make you 'hate' Samsung?     You know that Samsung manufactures a lot of the components used in your devices, right? Doesn't that get confusing for you?
  You must do a lot of photo editing on your iPhone if color rendering accuracy is so important to you. Can't you afford an iMac or MacBook?
New Posts  All Forums: