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He was being sarcastic. I hope.
  Personally, I didn't mind much about TS's remark. After-all, I was (playfully) yanking his chain.
  Instead of closing the book, I expect that Apple are about to have it thrown at them.
Very sad news indeed.
Google already have top men working on a fix. Top... Men.
So? They give 'free' iPads away here with everything from gas & electric contracts, to fitted kitchens and leather sofas.   http://www.gratisipad.org/
  Why should your choice of phone and computer hardware make you 'hate' Samsung?     You know that Samsung manufactures a lot of the components used in your devices, right? Doesn't that get confusing for you?
  You must do a lot of photo editing on your iPhone if color rendering accuracy is so important to you. Can't you afford an iMac or MacBook?
    If Quadra 610 stuck an Apple logo on them they'd probably sell well enough.    
New Posts  All Forums: