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"Designed and assembled in China. Profits routed through Nevada / British Virgin Islands. Tax avoided in California."   Might be a struggle to fit all that onto the back of an iPhone. Perhaps that's the reason behind the 5" iPhone rumors?
  Casual racism, nice. Tell me, do you believe that to be appropriate behavior for a moderator?
    Except when it doesn't. Apparently.
It just works...
  I have read plenty about all of this and I am confident that I have a firm grasp of the facts. However, we appear to have come to very different conclusions. Maybe I didn't drink enough Kool-Aid first?
  Please do enlighten us then.
'iWeasels':   http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/11/05/apple_apology_take_2/
  Well, the judge thought otherwise. Forgive me for valuing the legal acumen of a high court judge over that of an internet forum moderator.
  Where did you get your law degree? Ebay?
Do Apple take a 30% cut of your donation? Also, "iTunes Store credit cannot be used to make a donation" - why?
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