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  So, have you got lots of pictures of Jony Ive then? 
  Maybe not. If he's using maps on his iPhone he could still be trying to find his way off the campus...
  Yeah, 'cos fake stitched leather and other lame skeuomorphic effects are just what Android needs.
  They use ZigBee wireless mesh network technology developed by Philips.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZigBee
I may prefer a powdered donut because it is cheaper than a glazed donut.
  How does the iPhone compare to the Nexus in price?
Really? Maybe you are just cack-handed?
  The point I was making is the Nexus 4 is not limited to using just 'proprietary' wireless charging, but can also use the industry standard mico-USB. Cables for which are available for a lot less than $19. Apologies for any confusion caused.
  You can also charge the Nexus 4 using the micro-USB port.
Contempt of court. Slap Apple with a multi- £billion fine.   Should give the UK balance of payments a welcome boost...
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