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  Yeah, 'cos fake stitched leather and other lame skeuomorphic effects are just what Android needs.
  They use ZigBee wireless mesh network technology developed by Philips.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZigBee
I may prefer a powdered donut because it is cheaper than a glazed donut.
  How does the iPhone compare to the Nexus in price?
Really? Maybe you are just cack-handed?
  The point I was making is the Nexus 4 is not limited to using just 'proprietary' wireless charging, but can also use the industry standard mico-USB. Cables for which are available for a lot less than $19. Apologies for any confusion caused.
  You can also charge the Nexus 4 using the micro-USB port.
Contempt of court. Slap Apple with a multi- £billion fine.   Should give the UK balance of payments a welcome boost...
  Are you sitting behind a corporate firewall / filter? Expect a call from your HR department shortly to arrange a narcotics test... 
  Actually it's not legal, it's just decriminalised.    Besides, at least half of those that partake are 'tourists' (German, Belgian, French, UK, US) - not Dutch.
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