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  You don't think that the current mess in the Euro-zone proves that the UK may have a point in being a bit sceptical?
I agree. A self-adhesive wrap would be the way to go, as long as you get one that also protects those 'delicate' sides / edges.
  Over time, even an iPhone 5 in a case will also start to show wear. With handling flexible cases will rub against the sharp anodised edges and 'polish' away the finish. Any dust that gets between the case and the phone will act as an abrasive make the problem worse. You can already see this effect on some iPhone 4's that have had bumpers fitted. Imagine what a black iPhone 5 will look like after 1 or 2 years in a case. 
  The anodised iPods have radiused edges. The iPhone 5 has sharp (45 degree) edges. Anodising doesn't like sharp edges, they are prone to chipping / wear.
  Nice to know that I had credibility to lose. So what happened to yours?
  Really?       Apart from the last sentence, which is opinion, cycomiko is just stating the facts as they stand. If telling the guy to "go play on an android forum" because you don't like those facts isn't 'shooting the messenger', then what is?
  ^ THIS is why Samsung have a reasonably good chance of actually getting a new trial.
  What does that even mean?
  Don't shoot the messenger.
I've just read the mechanical design spec for the USB 'A' receptacle and plug, and the depth of the 2 notches on the bottom-side of the plug is not shown or defined.   http://www.usb.org/developers/docs/ecn1.pdf   However, on page 99 of the spec there is a cross-section drawing showing the top-side of the plug in the mated position with the receptacle. Common sense suggests that the top and bottom detents on the receptacle (which appear identical) should locate into top...
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