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    If Quadra 610 stuck an Apple logo on them they'd probably sell well enough.    
  Nope, but Jobs would likely call this for what it is - a pile of sugary w@nk - and people would listen.    Diabetes?
  We shouldn't be too hard on poksi. My guess is that he is Eastern European and therefore probably wasted out of his skull on low grade vodka.    These mile wide brushes really are great, aren't they!
  Try interacting with some non-inflatable ones sometime.
  I personally own and use a Nexus 7. I also use an iPad 2, and an iPad 3 because somebody pays me to. So lets see your list, halfwit.
  No, it doesn't work like that chum. The people complaining about 'subpar' looking Android tablet apps obviously have experience with those apps. I'd like to know which specific apps they are talking about so I can take a look for myself.
  LOL. Get over yourself already.
  Please name some of these apps that state they are for tablets but are actually up-scaled phone apps.   Serious request.
  Name these "subpar" apps.
New Posts  All Forums: