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  Er, because you can't remove an iPhone battery? Who knew that was actually a security feature! 
  The RDFs here are all turned up to 11...
  Actually, "perfect" only gets said a couple of times, and only once by Mr Cook:  
Opinion. Opinion. Subjective. Opinion. Citation needed. Subjective. Opinion.
Specially coded apps to support retina display iPads? Sounds like fragmentation to me.
Do it. I double-dare you.
Tell that to the iPad 1 owners. Or the poor bastards who bought Nokia WP7 phones expecting an update to WP8.
Ah yes, avoiding the iPhone and iPod Touch there I see. How convenient.Tell me, how many of those iPad 1s are running the latest version of iOS?
iPhone 3G S 16GB - £440 Galaxy Y - £120 Xperia Tipo - £90   Budget phones not supported to the same standard as a premium phone that cost 4x as much SHOCKER!!!    Film at 11.
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