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  Actually, "perfect" only gets said a couple of times, and only once by Mr Cook:  
Opinion. Opinion. Subjective. Opinion. Citation needed. Subjective. Opinion.
Specially coded apps to support retina display iPads? Sounds like fragmentation to me.
Do it. I double-dare you.
Tell that to the iPad 1 owners. Or the poor bastards who bought Nokia WP7 phones expecting an update to WP8.
Ah yes, avoiding the iPhone and iPod Touch there I see. How convenient.Tell me, how many of those iPad 1s are running the latest version of iOS?
iPhone 3G S 16GB - £440 Galaxy Y - £120 Xperia Tipo - £90   Budget phones not supported to the same standard as a premium phone that cost 4x as much SHOCKER!!!    Film at 11.
How many different screen resolutions, SoC's, GPU's, are there for iOS devices currently? How many iOS devices have front facing cameras? How many are GPS capable?
    B-b-b-but surely HTML5 can deliver all the functionality that would be needed? Steve Jobs said so. 
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