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  Really?       Looks pretty final to me.
  I'm not sure if it works like that.
  Probably because Samsung have not yet exhausted their right to appeal the outcome of that trial?
  My point has already been proven by Apple ][ .   (Edit: Apple ]['s post subsequently deleted).  
  You tell me, Dr Skil. Personally I think the lawsuit is bullshit. But judging by the reaction on here to news items involving China, or South Korea, I wouldn't be surprised to see fireworks aimed at Brazil over this also.
Oh dear. I suspect Brazil is now added to the two minutes hate list of some AI forum members...
Not sure what you referring to when you say "that thing". Type R is the designation given to a range of high performance versions across the Honda model range. Type R's typically have upgraded or unique suspension set ups, highly tuned NA engines developing over 100bhp per litre, and lightened / stiffened chassis. They are road going track cars. Hardly 'boring', and definitely not just Honda's with added spoilers.
Android phones have had home buttons since the G1. Check out youtube for videos of the thing in action.
I'd like to read it too. I'd be interested to see what TS's research method was, and how he managed to miss basic Android functionality such as the home button.
Perhaps only the engineers responsible for Apple Maps got hacked?
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