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Android phones have had home buttons since the G1. Check out youtube for videos of the thing in action.
I'd like to read it too. I'd be interested to see what TS's research method was, and how he managed to miss basic Android functionality such as the home button.
Perhaps only the engineers responsible for Apple Maps got hacked?
Great stuff. Hopefully this will get more kids interested in careers in engineering and design.
  AI SOP. Apparently:   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/153725/moderator-behaviors
  Nope. When my posts start disappearing around this time of day it usually means he/she/it is awake.
Good morning Tallest Skil. Sleep well?
  Unlikely, considering that Samsung already patched those issues.
  Let's just hope that none of these police iPhones get lost and fall into criminal hands, or that Apple plugs the iOS security hole before they get issued.
New Posts  All Forums: