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Can't wait for Apple's thermonuclear war on Casio...
  You are clearly clueless about cars.  
  Actually, iPhone owners are more likely to be in debt than Android or Blackberry owners:   http://www.mobiletoday.co.uk/News/11294/iphone_owners_poorer_Blackberry.aspx   Nothing sadder than a wannabe fanboy having to use their overdraft to pay for the latest Apple shiny... 
  Household appliances are manufactured by a different Philips group. That group isn't affected by this announcement.
I think we have a winner!
  Utter bullshit. Android automatically switches to available WiFi networks just like iOS does.
  Android owners have jobs and can't spend all their time sitting in Starbucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tallest Skil  Carrier IQ, a company that provides diagnostic analysis of smartphones to carriers, came under fire last year after a security researcher discovered that the software was recording keystrokes, browsing history, and other user data. Carrier IQ was also installed on iPhones.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tallest Skil    The British retailers who didn't think they'd get caught?   'Get caught' doing what exactly? Recommending non-Apple phones is not a crime.
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