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They give there 50 reasons still, just it's more BS.
Aren't they just going to wait till IPad has it and put it into IOS 9 or 8.1?
Wasn't there something that the same proccesor on iPhone 1 (in a much larger then iPad device) was running OS X?The 1 gb ram is disappointing, the iPhone 6 and 6+ have same 1 gb, a 1.5 or 2 gb upgrade would have helped. Surely the new iPads need upgrade to.
Apple copied screen size, how dare they, next they might release a new curved screen iPhone, and then they copied them again.
They sell iPhones? Why, why would they deal with carriers, or espicially do buy backs?
Not really, probably by end of year with iPhone push it will be 20%, mid end is obviosly most popular on market, however I feel that there will be a constant 15% for small phones market that apple was targeting, now who?
It's IOS 8, but depending on it, it may be iPhone 5S and up.
Display be built in
No, there's proccesors intels pushing perfect for this.
How many times do dummy's have to realize that 6S will be same material as 6.
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