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Apparently the rumor of iPad Air/ iPad Air 2 getting updates switching each year is true, where the iPad Air 3 will gain pro 1 capability, and maybe a pro 2 update, with the air permanently trailing updating every other year(like the iPod to the iPhone), a terrible thought, but the yearly iPad normal size update is imeduateky dead ended.
At least banned till 2017 and promise of never breaking terms again.My though too, I fixit review is what's on the inside, not outside, send it to the ones that do test software, and even external hardware.I thought it had an A8? Either way, they do like to keep hardware secret, and also don't want their review units torn up either.
I agree, Microsoft integrated it well, but that's (IMO) because their desktop OS is really just in need of porting to mobile, and that's what a good number of their customers love, the same feel. But if you ported Mac OS(or IOS) across, some apps would now be incompatible, and the interface would be much painful to use, it's the advanced vs simple, while windows is moderate across.
Use it a lot, get a good ideal of areas.It's plane reliant, Google equivalent service is just as slow from what I understand.Probably every few years, but yeah, Tom Tom maps, the rest is Apples though.
$300+350=$650, so you are still paying basic price, this is better for someone just wanting straight character at same price.
Honestly, I like the update, but iOS 9 hurts(understandably) performance on the iPhone 5 and 4S, so until that's fixed, a good percentage of people I know will still be on iOS 8, not that it's Appled fault, but allowing the 4S an extra year should be hurting this statistic.
The 6S+ being larger is sadder as cases may not fit, it's already defeating a huge 6+, and the battery is not supposed to grow, in fact it's supposed to shrink.
The only market for this is not gaming, but you are right that they have it setup where an individual app now can run old to be compatible with all, or it'd haft to have 3d touch, stylus, Apple TV support versions that just don't make to much sense.
Better wording would be the picture itself takes more battery to take, but in any case battery will be shortened but not by much.
The iPhone 6 does have good battery life, but not great, the 6S looks like a repeat of the S6 where battery is not the strong point. To note a number of 4.7 inch phones are 2200 mah batteries. I guess I will stick to the 6S+ unless battery shrinks on it.
New Posts  All Forums: