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I'm still having issues!!!
Apparently it was over a few minutes ago. Nevermind the website said it's over, turns out it isn't.
Worst timing for Me, trying to update from iOS 8.1.2 to 8.4 and this is the only day I can do it.
It's already expensive, why is it higher in other countries?
The ideal is apple has patents to shove everything behind the screen, So the portion of screen turns off when needed. As sensors/camera are that, microphone/ speaker will eventually not be needed, but they can be in the edge of bezel, so there are alternatives.Yeah, probably 5.2 inch, 6 inch in same size devices as now, or a 4.4 in about the iPhone 5 size.
Sure in theory it will happen, we will see a whole front side of the phone screen at some point, but until then, keep dreaming.
I'm unhappy with the fact that it's free for 3 months, then goes straight to a $10 monthly fee, possibly the free with ads, or $5 limited would be other options?
I haft to note the software side of isn't bad, 300 by 300 screen could be supported by 480p camera. Also the iPod nano at a time had a camera, so it could fit. Not that people will use it, as well a 5 minute limit might be needed.
This is what people don't get, IOS and Mac sharing features is good, sharing OS is bad.
He made it a vampire camera.
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