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Great, I guess IPad losses account for Mac gains?(at least in MacBooks)
At the bottom hit the little I button on iti really like how dashboard was its only thing and that you could have more parts to it, I hate to see it go.
Seem like they should have made it invert colors like IOS.
This is sad, user accessibility is wanted, now you want the upgradability you pay 6 times the price, really?
They look at mini 3 and are to much into that for an full size IPad.Ipads should not have variance, and $100 for screen change like iphones and MacBook Air, now the IPad mini 3 is a joke update, but hey at least the old ipads are $300, $250-this price will be good comparison.I 100% agree, not even A8X, just A8 would be more practical.
I agree, I haft to wonder what was apple thinking, they seem to want IPad mini sales to be killed, the IPad mini was behind full iPad by a year, then tied, now they call it an upgrade but it's really just a year old tech add on, going to be honest it's overpriced, etc. If they simply put an A8(not even A8X) people would have been happy. Now we see this and they should have priced it $330 and called it iPad mini retina T(or with Touch ID) to make it seem useful, (like first...
And I thought IPad Air 2 was a stupid name, gosh, but these could be prototype devices/OS still.
Ireland running out its main source of taxes to comply with other countries, ok.
They pushed for iWorld to keep with the times, sad to hear, it's one of those things where it's a lost apple past.
This is saddening if it's 2 gb vs iphone 1 gb, they should have done 2 GB iPhone and 3 GB IPad.
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