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Most people think, hey beta, give me, give me, then go on a rampage when things don't work right, beta testing a unfinished OS can kill many things.
Then again, the Mac book air is far superior
Thinking colors are back in?
Hope so maybe rather then 4.7 and 5.5, 4.0 and 4.7?Rumor is S Pro is coming in August with "metal" back to outshine the iPhone 6.
Wasn't there a mention about text editing capabilities in notes app? Maybe that's what text edit became.
I hope that this 4.7 inch iPhone is true, and there is no other model this year as even 4.7 inch is a bit big for some users.
Point is Apple was top of market in 90s, in which they where the ones who created the market. In 2000s Microsoft was top of same but much bigger market, but 2010s google is top of a new market, which is already bigger then what the old one was(however created by Apple). So Microsoft is losing more and more too both Apple and Google each day(either Desktop OS or mobile OS).
Seriously doubt it.As pointed out this sand paper may have had small amount of materials that where stronger. Last I heard as well sand paper and diamonds aren't things people carry around, and neither are they a good ideal for a case. For the point of this it shows whatever this material was it isn't really stronger then the sand paper but quite a bit stronger then the gg was.
Would it matter, unless the new IOS line comes with PCI SSD USB 2 is still the fastest.
Wouldn't be the way they update and price would it(or the fact Xperia is preferred over 8).As android is can someone name 10 devices that even support kitkat, or 10% of users? I like the idea that with android L users haft to wait 1-3 year after announcement of android L(or lollipop of what users will already call it) and buy a new device to use it.
New Posts  All Forums: