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Is this main point a flashlight? No. As flashlight use normal aklaline cells and this will most likely feature an lithium ion or newer battery.Good point, it may be how these upgrade packs rumored will work. You can add cellular, upgraded wifi, etc.(at limit of bandwith of what's on the apple watch) as well as faster processor, more storage, more ram(possibly). With battery only thing needing an true upgrade.with 2 your sorta correct. Most cases it is. But I have had one...
Didn't even take till wensday, curious if it simply wasn't just supply shortages when the 13 inch updated.
They've done it before(2 years ago), so why not?Why would they do that, the mb air could get retina potentially.Agreed, if the 13 inch air gets 12 hours, and the 13 inch pro gets 10, the 15 inch pro looks sad at 8 hours, an improved processor might get it around 10 as well.Taking random guess, next year?
The last update isn't that old(compared to the air) so it may be a little while, honestly won't them to go back to high end discreet gpu on all models rather then narrow it to mid end on high models. To note, the 5k iMac is a step forward toward and high end.
Some prefer the micro USB but it is true, why not put the darn thing in.I assume the reasoning is price and possible complaints.
Considering the 1gb ram it's not slowing you down but starting to.
I've heard it was the acid and it doesn't gain enough energy to dare charge a phone.So this might go killing plants, or genetically modified plants to produce more energy to charge your phone, guess it'd be a good thing when lost in the woods too.
When this happened with AT&T(U verse) they let people know, but it also happened to 1/4 the country and a couple days.
With bands it's closer to 15.
Thinks he mistaking a direct access to lighting.
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