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Interestingly seems only difference between last years and this year is you automatically get 16 gb ram no matter the model. Maybe Mac book air will only have 8 and 16 gb ram options as well.
NFC is something apple has avoided, can't see it all of a sudden become.
One thing to note is remember when 4.7 inch was a phablet? I miss those days.
The new handoff features seem like they would be great, but if there Bluetooth, or wifi there still 50ft limit generally.Siri is better at it I heard, but fact is a rapid drop or raise in heart rate/body tempature never comes out as accidental.Yeah, very responsive wheather your nice or the opposite to Siri.
Most people think, hey beta, give me, give me, then go on a rampage when things don't work right, beta testing a unfinished OS can kill many things.
Then again, the Mac book air is far superior
Thinking colors are back in?
Hope so maybe rather then 4.7 and 5.5, 4.0 and 4.7?Rumor is S Pro is coming in August with "metal" back to outshine the iPhone 6.
Wasn't there a mention about text editing capabilities in notes app? Maybe that's what text edit became.
I hope that this 4.7 inch iPhone is true, and there is no other model this year as even 4.7 inch is a bit big for some users.
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