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Switched to T-Mobile a couple weeks ago, good decision.
What is the map of? Districts of signal?
Good point, there old limit was 3gb because that was the second their, maybe they are planning a temporary discounted 3gb plan for those not willing the small price bump to 6gb.
Better, but still seems small for making it 10,000 to 20,000 would be awesome.
Agreed, not to mention the fact that this model is $700 less then last years minimum. Honestly most people willing to get one of these iMacs will stay at the 21 inch or get the $2000-2500 model, so testing a $2500 model might be best.
Apple delayed the 2gb ram release, it should have been on the iPhone 6. The iPhone 4 doubled the 256 mb to 512, iPhone 5 doubled to 1gb ram, and I believe the iPhone 3G or 3GS had a small upgrade. So iPhone 7 is on schedule for 3gb.I can see Apple running different clock speeds on the A10 but different ram is to much a no, especially with 50% more. If they had it with 2.5gb ram it be realistic(other then I doubt them liking the number 2.5)
What I figure is they where waiting till Thunderbolt 3, now they can replace half the thunderbolt 2 ports with a USB c/ thunderbolt 3 port so they aren't replacing things, and two new sky lake architecture for it just came out so its forced till next year.
However there is some strange things about it, clearly labeling a warning and default off should happen for the feature, likely 90% of people don't know it.
Good news there, surprised me that the rest of the northeast accept Boston was supported, unfortunately the rest the U.S. Is still a lot of uncovered area.
Apparently the rumor of iPad Air/ iPad Air 2 getting updates switching each year is true, where the iPad Air 3 will gain pro 1 capability, and maybe a pro 2 update, with the air permanently trailing updating every other year(like the iPod to the iPhone), a terrible thought, but the yearly iPad normal size update is imeduateky dead ended.
New Posts  All Forums: