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That early? Could be 3-4 weeks
Windows 9 was tested to suck so windows 8 hey?
UGHD IMac on its way, I still expect them to do the same to it as MacBook Pro was and upgrade it to Thunderbolt 2 etc. while there is this 5k model, probably starting prices of old one will be $1000/$1500 and new ones $2000/$3000 for those UHD+ displays.
Please say that IOS 9 adds multitask of two iphone 6+ apps on IPad, two 6 apps on IPad mini, 2 5/5S apps on iPhone 6+ and maybe 2 iphone 4(S) apps on 6(I doubt last one)
I believe they have an intial stock, 2 million or so, but it will be added to backorders past that.
Is it bad to assume that this roll out doubles iPhone sales(combined with continual sales in exsisting countries) when it's 10 million goes to 20 million?
Looks like Samsung gets to take their ad off, with a happy debate of their brainwashed users spreading the news and apple getting on offensive time.
Not neccesarily, it can soften or expand making it easier to bend, but pretty sure we've seen, it would need to be above 200` to make a difference.name a thing Samsung won't go after, so iPhone 5 was purple flare, 5S was something else, IOS 6 was apples maps, IOS 7 was it ugly, 8 will be copy of them, but bugged.Wanting to make that phone pay for itself? How about dividing that by 100,000 and then the deal will be made.Your so out of date, Steve Jobs died day after iPhone...
I figure that too, just also to note, people don't necessarily need it first, why not wait till next week when the amount of countries triples and see from there, obviously Apple is trying to make the process smooth by making it where it's quick(4 months is goal) but delivered at constant rate so it's devices don't get sold out 3 months on launch day and it's really sold out 1 month and that is likely a constant across the whole launch set.
I thought that, apple keeps IPads once a year, they won't change it.pretty sure apples left those days, but could be wrong, still ram should not be a buying factor. If it comes with 1 gb or 2 or 3, don't see much of an impact due to the 1 GB based IOS.
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