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This is no reason for a separate model(its internal upgrades). So it's rather possible.
Believe if they use the SSD in the MacBook Pro it would(all Pro devices have it?).I can see them adding an USB type C or 2. Honestly it seems what Apple asks for, thin enough, reversible, and well functioning. Only lack is self made(or controlled), like Thunderbolt, lighting, and MagSafe.
No, iphone 8 maybe, but 4k may be shot by camera, but it won't be better in other ways.You don'tI understand there profits by this, but maybe if flash drops enought there willing 32, 64, 128 again.Hmm, S6 at note 4 price?
Agreed, drop the battery to below size for a phone that size, and push the useless pixels, thus drop in battery.Don't take that to truth, think smoked would do worse to battery, not better, and again, for that screen 2550 is rather low, funny the iPhone 6 is 1810 mah and 4.7 inches, getting better. Then again this is a copy to bring the "thin as iPhone" advertisements.hmm, I wonder?Think complaints are waiting, but this will hit Samsung fanboys hard, the crap turned to a...
They do have non iPhone requiring features coming to it in later in betas, possibly just to keep it secret what it has, or perhaps there waiting for an iOS 9/Apple watch 2 release.So an event not scheduled for 2 years and now we know 1.Apple watch2.Ios 8.2/(possibly iOS 8.3)Possible to see1.Ios 92.Apple tv gen 43.Redesigned MacBook Air4.12 inch iPadUnlikely:other product annocements
Not going happen in our lifetimes, some claim different voltages and hertz are better, what would be best is a universal converter, or making it down to 2 or 3 and building all outlets with all 2-3, but then power grids, etc., etc. will kill it.
Good, Assumed this was there strategy, but with people complaining about normal bugs, that's 1. Thing, but I feel they will complain a whole lot more not knowing what a beta is. People on OS X seem to have more sence.
I have an early 2013 retina, don't get issues much but do have "graphical issue" once every couple of months, and do get misplacement of volume and brightness switches(actually got it 5 minutes ago turning computer on the computer), so probably will get it repaired. Edit:Do have a tiny crack in screen(like 1/2 cm), so do notice that might get a charge to replace as well.
Liked, Apples old way 1000 photos free, maybe 10,000 now? Then for rare occasion over have an option +$1(or so) to storage options with it like $1=1000 photos on top of a $2 20gb storage(or simular).
Like the ideal, really surprised that Apple didn't partner with Tesla on this instead. Hopefully this will work out.
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