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The ideal is free updates for 10 years which Apple is pushing, there not quite there yet, but close.
Don't forget the mini 3 was never rumored as well for the same reason.If they add an iPad pro, it will either sync with the mini or pro updates, so if they update, it is to the pros size.That was a weak rumor, let's be honest that a rumor like that is just as likely to be true or not.Agree there, hopefully rather then next year being mini 5(or 4), air 4(or 5), and pro 2 it could be iPad 2015(or 5) in 7.9", 9.7", 12.2(or 12.9").Good point, treat the mini like the iPhone 4",...
get a cheap android with hotspot capability and then this comparison is worthwhile at least, but it puts a +$ on the iPod so ab iPhone might still be the better deal.
So basically cripple iPad mini sales last year and cripple iPad Air sales this year, That is the worst strategy for a product line that is already low on sale rates.
You make it seem that a back to the media(or what they prefer) event, with the Apple TV and IPod there focus, with updates to other low profile devices(mouse, keyboard, etc.) with 1 major introduction (apple watch, iPad pro?) to top it off.
Agreed, the A9 release is only a couple months away, but they plan to add a 2 year old processor to a device they don't plan to update for 3 years, no one wants to buy 3-4 year old hardware in the modern age, so why rip off its sales?I'd love to see the iPod touch offered in 64gb/ 128gb/ 256gb models to show its meant for a music library.The iPhone 6 mini is still possible, and alongside the 6S and 6S+ A9s, the A8 powered iPod would be right on the line. The thing is there...
Please be 8.4.1 with debug soon, going from 8.1.2 to 8.4 sucks in bugs, they both have terrible restart device needing bugs. The thing about 8.4 is that it's faster at least.
I'm still having issues!!!
Apparently it was over a few minutes ago. Nevermind the website said it's over, turns out it isn't.
Worst timing for Me, trying to update from iOS 8.1.2 to 8.4 and this is the only day I can do it.
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