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This does sound good, but Willet has a point, they can't let everybody pay a for example 2 year pay for it then after 2 years to start losing money, they could choose an extravagant thing like charge 10 years at 1 point but then almost nobody won't it. So if like an extremely long time for moderately cheap subscription. For example 2-3 years for $12-18, maybe they could offer a 5 year for $25-30 and it would satisfy you Robin Huber? Or maybe your only thought is the $30 or...
Amazing, expected it to take a year or two to reach top 20, and 6 months.
As said many times, Touch ID will/can be a mini mouse, potentially in future mac trackpads.
We Know iPhone 6 will have A9 processor, better then A8X, so why is it even a mention?
Don't understand, if there processors are about atom speed, will be between i3 and atom in a couple of years, that's still not close enough to it. i5 and i7 and are in the MacBook lines and iMac(Mac mini may have i3 so it may gain it on lower models?) so what's the point to an downgrade in speeds with a claim of a cath up in another couple? Think they wait for it first, still expecting the processors to tie about 2020, could it be around then rather then 2016-17?
Stupid idea, this feels like it will run iOS and nothing else(perhaps it's the iPad/Mac hybrid that will likely never happen, don't get why it would lack lighting?). Sd card does not add that much. Why would they get rid of MagSafe and thunderbolt, both identifying a Mac for about 4 years and major pushes for Apple.
Do have to wonder, if Apple plans to go all lighting and eventually ditch the headphone jack(may or may not come, but at current rate all devices will have it). Is there possibly going to be 2 lighting ports for devices, 1 for audio(video) then 1 for power, or possible setups with separate audio/video, etc. it's not like headphones replace the need for it.
With all the stupid in the people who look at Apple and ignore the rest this is just one of them, looking at it there could be a revolution of separated drives for OS by first suing Apole then every other software company in the world or it will be ignored, of course ignored. Edit:this is by no means a new problem and never secret with some kind of a "actual storage is smaller due to software" label.
Pretty sure this is going to be like the iPad mini was to the full, exclusive(2 speakers) for a year then same on rest the next, might not even be a year this time, if this is debuted around March a regular/mini upgrade to tie with it could be October/November.
100% agree that there should be a 1.25 times fast forward.
New Posts  All Forums: