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Well both google and Microsoft are completion, google is on apples list to get rid of, it's very possible.
Have not seen rumors, but a summer launch is not out of question with that, IOS 8 could be annoced at same time, do developer previews threw mid July and release then, sure its anocced a little over month ahead and developers previews would be weekly, but it's possible.I would never believe 7.2 on it, maybe 7.2 at WWDC then iPhone/ios 8 in September.One thing is on the right side used to be headphone, yet they moved that, maybe they will make a full change top on it.
Obviously a 5 inch is too big, 4 inch is much closer than right, if it's more than 4.7 I do see apple losing 10%-40% of current buyers, of course bringing 10% in, but would be loss.
I hate the phablet sizes too, but some would like 8 inch.Actually there in iPhone 5, it could see a little bit less room below home button and a little less above, below camera, of course this will only allow maybe a 4.2 inch screen in same form factor, but will make a 4.5 inch less significant.
Facebook being a pain now, there goes the once every 6 months I use the app, who needs two apps for 1 service, when will it be they destroy Instagram app?
Mac mini is apples least used Mac, for its only one under $1,000; meaning that it gets updates same as Apple TV, so late this year would be my guess.The goal of a 12 inch is to kill 11 and 13 inch sitting at a single price point, hopefully $1000, but since retina looking towards what 13 inch was at $1100-1300I don't see the current models simply getting 1 inch upgrades, as for apples for a long time, 5 years? Has had the most used market screen sizes with 11,13,15,17; with...
It seems to be its supposed to help stock, however it may not be best for sales, as for some don't but 10 things at end of year, but 1 every 2 months.I guess it's the yearly time line no matter how off, It seems like it is very ramdimized this time.Doubt of a cheap IMac, at most like MacBook Pro release new retina at $1500 minimum and drop old ones price to $1000I could very easily see the Apple TV update in WWDC with it running a full(a lot closer) IOS 8, have an App...
Just an apple hater troll likely.It really only needs to run latest software realistly, it's only wind 8 seeming worse that throws.
I agree, this 5.5 inch replacement seems extreme.We will likely see Samsung go for even more sizes, the reality is they could release a "watch" that is 8 inch, takes 2 straps to hook to arm, but it's still childish.Times don't change 33% in a year however, would apple go larger, likely, it would make since 4.2-4.7 inches, not the 5+, if they do it we will see likely see always a model with a 4ish screen size, the idea of a 6 large, 6 small, 6C, and 5C is insane to.
2 chips isn't really the best idea, a A8X would fit better.Arm right now can't meet intels chips, it is true. They do meet some levels and at this point run windows(May not be full form). No they could never take the Mac pros Xeon chips place, A device similar to MBA seperate to it may come (like retina Mac book pro) and slow into its spot threw time.Of course 64 bit allowed from the current 1 gb(2 on some android) to 4>, The current proccesor could make a Intel level at...
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