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I have a feeling that greyscale might be used a lot for those who actually try to get there battery to last
IOS 7.1.2, iOS 6.1.6, IOS 5.1.1, and now IOS 8.4(May even become IOS 8.4.1/8.4.2) Is it me or is the numbering changed, does this have other affects?
Whoever told you that was wrong, Mac Pro can drive 3 4k displays, 5k is 1 2/3 a 4k So there pretty even on limit, but the Mac Pro probably rubs so much smoother.I agree 30" be too small but it would most likely be 32-35", I slight ppi increase wouldn't be bad.This would be most likely is the physical Apple TV drives 8k on a 100-150 inch screen, because why not make the Apple TV the top of the line TV that no one can afford.
It causes software advantage over hardware advantage. Which will make developers not care for the feature.Considering they seemed to do it with the MacBook Air vs new/ pro, it's possible but still unlikely.
Poor Samsung, coping apple isn't the best choice
Interesting.This is common ideal that Apples constant advancement, iphone 7 is earliest seen(September next year), we all know that Apple has began current part building for iPhones.
Take the plastic and metal to newer apple products, my guess.
I assume there will be a video out and then power cord plugin in the adapters(like with the hdmi lighting). So no worries, if your monitors being powered by the cord as well, then that's an issue.
I agree, I have no doubt that by May of next year that the new trackpad will have landed on all Mac computers, (possibly excluding MacBook airs). I also expect an force touch Magic Mouse. It's very likely there trying keyboard and mouse at same time upgrade wise.AgreedI've been thinking the same, but then there's Magic Mouse option, hopefully it will be plugged in trackpad, then electable.Sure, if that's what you think.
So if people want legacy support, +$80, hmm. I can't imagine them not adding USB 3.1 to USB C out of box, but I guess not everybody needs it.Love MagSafeWhat no one is noting is this will get its own adapters in time, No longer Apple only like lighting, of course there are questionable thoughts.
New Posts  All Forums: