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 Yeah, I can't believe people on here are complaining about the prices when the colours are terrible and will out of style within 6 months (well at least up until Easter).   Those Connect 4/5 cases are terrible as well.  As for the price, why did they even bother coming out with this when they simply could have slapped new colours on the 5 and sold it to kids for a reduced price?
 It is that narcissistic attitude that drives people away from Apple.  If you were open to debate and perhaps the idea that Apple is not right 100% of the time, you would surprised to see what's out there.
 You'll have to forgive him.  He only sees the world in 2 colours.  Apple lovers and Apple haters.   For us outside of the apple sphere of reality, those colours are black and white.
 I just want to point out that the whole lack of buttons and gestures is already being done and it is not new.  Samsung has some gestures currently in their Android implementation (It is called TouchWiz - not  fan of this one - I prefer HTC's "Sense" version) and the bezel disappearing is practically here and has been for some time in the Android market. Also note that Google's recommendation (for some time) is that there are no physical buttons and that they be replaced...
The reaction is negative because many of the big Apple supporters on this site said the following:   Apple will NEVER use plastic; and Apple will NEVER sully their brand by putting out a budget phone   These people are angry because they are wrong yet again and people with big egos do not like to be publicly humiliated when they think they are SMEs when in fact they are nowhere close to being that.
You appear to be in the minority here as a moderate.  Anyone espousing anything but Apple on this site is branded a troll and Apple hater.  Outside of this site, they would merely be informed individuals who are trying to educate others on how things are in their world but here it is different.   Pulling away the passion from most of the posts you can get to the point that most people are trying to make but sometime it is hard.   That being said, I'm actually surprised...
Methinks there shall be a lot of crow eating on this site for all the people who said that there is no way that Apple would ever do this.
Apple's personal vendetta against Google is impacting their customers.  While Bing is a decent search engine, it is not as good as Google and I thought Apple was all about providing the best experience for their users.  Last year's map debacle  is another example of Apple letting their emotions get in the way.  I have no problem with Apple moving away from one product to another but make sure it is at least as good as the other one before forcing it down everyone's...
Doesn't change the fact that the blinder wearing people on this site actually believe that Apple created all these 'new' features.  I think he was pointing out that these features have been in other phones already for a number of years and that he was looking for something new, not lifted and refined.   The AirDrop concept is nice but the rest of the world knows it as Wifi Direct and it's been around as well.  iOS 7 is about incorporating features to keep up with the...
I personally think they will be tweaking the look as well over the coming months because you are not alone in your assessment.  This is a new way of doing things for Apple because under Jobs, thing would not see the light of day until it was perfect.  This whole 'public beta - let's see how everyone reacts and adjust' style of doing things is very different for Apple but one that I think is good.
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