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  I know this is an old post but did your realize that at the time you wrote this post, 65.9% of Android users were using 4.X+?  Research.  It is your friend.
I don't think Apple knows what Open Source means so perhaps it is an education thing.
Well for one it mentioned Android and based on his defensive stance, I would say that he has some issues that need to be sorted out.  There are a few open minded people on here who say "Go to the store, try out the phones and buy one that suits you" but those users are far and few between on here.  People come to this site for 2 reasons:   1)  Laugh at the zealots 2)  Engage in 'debate' with people who all have the same opinion.  Product A is the best and always will be. ...
Considering it takes them 2 weeks to update a webpage when they are asked by the law, I would say that yes, 9 days is a pretty quick response for Apple.
So what you are saying is that you are against in-app purchases because that my friend, is a store within a store.
  I think your best bet is to accept defeat.  These type of people believe what they believe no matter how much contrary evidence is shown to them.   In fact, I'm thinking he's just trolling you or perhaps he's being irrational because of how often the word Samsung shows up on this site these days?
Btw, also want to point out that there are many Android 'experts' on here who profess to know a lot about the OS but based off their comments, it is painfully obvious they have not touched the OS in 2-3 years (or maybe they played with the phone for 20 seconds at the store).    Makes for funny reading for sure.  I won't name names but you know who you are.  Thanks for the chuckles.
Strangely enough, seem to be a lot of Samsung experts on this pro Apple forum but I'll throw in my 2 cents.   For those who say HTC and Sony should be ahead, HTC has nice phones but they have done a poor job at keeping Android up to date and their battery life sucks.  From the early reviews I've seen, The HTC One is not looking good in that department either so I'm ruling it out despite the fact that Zoe looks pretty cool.   As for Sony, they have the camera that will...
  I think the FUD and out-there comments are a result of a lot of users being disappointed by the slow pace of technology adoption that Apple has had in their phones over the past few iterations.  LTE, 4" and Maps are the big thing this year for them and those have been implemented in Android phones (the higher end ones) for over 2.5 years.  It does look like Apple is stepping up their release cycle and going with a June release which will keep them in the game.  The pace...
I'm confused, wasn't this the same forum that was praising Koh a few months ago for her due diligence and love of American style justice?    Now she is the scum of the earth and apparently on the payroll of Samsung.  The evidence you are presenting is overwhelming.  /s   Sarcasm aside, for those who think Samsung is going to fork Android, they will not.  They are branching out with a new OS called Tizen 2.0 - if they forked Android, they would doom themselves...
New Posts  All Forums: