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I thought his original RICO comment was worth quoting but your response to it was even better.  They should have a sub portion of this site devoted to the fanatic followers.  This guys need to be immortalized and turned into a character for the next Jay & Silent Bob installment.  Pure comedy gold.
  Bingo.  You nailed it.   When I moved from the 3GS over to the original Samsung Galaxy 3 years ago, I knew I could never go back to a 3.5" screen.  Now that I have a 4.65" screen (GN), I can't see going back to a 4".  I still play around with the 4S though as I have a number of friends who have it and the build quality is quite nice but it is a bit heavy for me.   As for the "pocketability", I have wear Lucky Jeans fairly often and I can easily fit my Nexus 7 in my...
I know, it's like watching people live in a bubble and they have no clue that there are like 8 billion other people in the world. 
  I kind of wish people like you were in charge at Apple because if you had your way, Apple would not be selling in Mexico, England, Italy or any other country where they pay fines for breaking the law.  And to me, that would be a good thing.   I personally think you should think with less emotion.  Do you really think Apple should forfeit all their future sales in Italy for a fine of 264K?  Would you ask them to pull out of a country because one of your favourite C level...
Just like how we can't fix hubris and arrogance.  
Put it right up there with FB posts and Instagram pics.. 99% of them are all equally useless...   
Kudos to you for trying to educate him about anything outside of the US but I think it's going to fall on deaf ears.  He's too focused on defending his technology choice and his favourite company to understand the issues that the other 95% of the world are facing.
Why is it that Americans seem to think that there are no other people in the world?  The US is the only place where iPhone has surged ahead in sale and all the iPhone fanatics are marching through the streets like Toronto won the Stanley Cup.   Do you not realize that the entire population of the US only represents 5% of the world (I'm rounding slightly here)?   Do they not teach geography in school anymore?
  I really don't know what is going on with that company but they are willfully creating their own PR nightmares.  These are words I think of when I think of Apple:   Design, white, consumer oriented and high quality   Ever since Jobs went off the deep end with Google and now that they mass produce their products in a rushed fashion (they do have to keep up with the competition) new words are creeping into my vocabulary when I think of Apple.   Vindictive, average...
  Can't upvote you enough for being rational about this.  What a refreshing thing to see in here.
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