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The thing is, the earning weren't flat.  If you did the math, 13 week vs 13 week or 14 week vs 14 week, the earning were up..  It's typical media BS that is saying earnings were flat.  And that, my friends, is a lie.  A group of people are manipulating the shares of Apple in order to make money.  That's all that is going on here..  Period.
Too bad this only covers US customers and none of the customers in the rest of the world.  Time for someone to see how cellular usuage affects the longer than expected battery life of the mini.
Just looked at the US store and they show two weeks for the LTE iPad mini.  Canada still shows Late November.  Ditto for the Brits and Aussies.  So much for the worldwide release of the product. Looks like the LTE mini was only released in the US according to the Apple store.  Thank you again Apple for not being upfront and transparent about this release.
I am done with a board that allows a moderator to treat their forms the way you treat this one. You are simply a bully. If this is your forum, you should close it, since only your opinion appears to be right. Only you are right. Everyone else who may have another view is stupid or an idiot. If it's not your board, you need to be fired. Good-bye. This board is worthless as long as TS is a moderator.
And yet another example of why you make a god awful moderator. I simply stated that if they want to treat other countries like this they should stagger the release.
I ordered two minutes into the presale, nothing has changed as far as the shipping date. It still says late November. I'm tired of customers in the US getting special treatment when the sales of the device started in multiple countries on the same day. If you can't sell equally to everyone, maybe they shouldn't sell in more than one country on release day.
  1.  New York City lives and breathes because of the tourists.  :P  I would move there in a second, after being a tourist, once my child graduates from high school.   2.  Forget the lawyers, kill all the scalpers.  I would have thought Sandy would have washed away all the rodents, including scalpers.   3.  Love the flagship store, very interesting design.  I plan to be there for the launch of the iphone 6 this spring (hehehe).
I swear, there is something in the air that makes the English (and people who move to England) feel superior and smarter than everyoine else in the world.  Anyone (non british) who reads about this judge telling Apple they did it wrong is going to see the judge as a idiotic bully.  Ok, anyone with a semblance of common sense.  I would bet even the lawyers at Samsung are scratching their heads wondering what is up this judge's bum.
  But atleast the kid has the satisfaction of knowing the dad won't ever ask for a sandwich from him again, right?
  Making Apple post on their home web site at their expense that Samsung didn't copy them (when we all know they did), was exactly the judgement.  And having to do it across the whole EU is flaming idiotic.  Apple didn't dig themselves in a hole, they just did as the judge did.  Acted like a school yard bully.  They don't put anything legal on the front page, they link to it.  That's what they did here.  Their not rebels, they did exactly what they do.  You can't give...
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