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  Now, now, there is no need to bring the "perfect USA" into this.  I do think TS shouldn't be calling people on the board liers, but I also think this judge should be locked up in a padded room for ordering Apple to post ANYTHING at their expense.  Period.
As a moderator, you think this post is ok?
Are you kidding me?  What about the judge acting out by ordering the statement in the first place.  Fine Apple lost, do they need to walk around with a banner saying our stuff is cooler than Samsungs?  Hell no!
Where is the penis head shot?
When is someone going to shut monkey boy up?
I am American, I just live in Canada.  =)
I wonder if the issues with the black iPhone is pushing people to the white model.  Me, I ordered the black 64gb with cellular.  I fear that November is going to be a long month.
Well, let's be honest.  Resolution is only a small part of the equation.  Usable resolution is really what is important.  I think that was what the Microsoft guy was trying to say about the Surface.  It doesn't matter how high the resolution if the OS only allows a certain view on the screen.  Look at the 1080 resolution screens they are putting out for Android phones.  You can still only view so much on a < 5" screen.  The Nokia Lumia 820/920.  The screens may have...
Bluetooth keyboard and HDMI or VGA adapter?  Simple enough.  The data gets shared easy enough between devices, and I bet the VGA adapter would even work with an iphone 5.   Personally, my ipad has been acting as my desktop replacement at home, especially since Airprint.  Well, except for when I play Starcraft 2.  :)
It's been in a lot of stories about the presale.  I just pulled a google search with "ipad mini preorder" and it listed it.
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