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Didn't they say that preorders started at 12:01am pacific?
Isn't that the whole point of "documents in the cloud"?
Resolution doesn't mean anything if you're not using it.
Honestly, they just need to bite the bullet and drop the prices across the board on the mini by the $30. They over charged for the iPhone in the beginning and dropped that price, they need to do it here too. There is no justification for this price, the marketting team needs to be boiled in oil.
Personally, I think that the new iPad mini has 1gb of RAM, and the fact that the iPad 2 only has 512mb might be a limiting factor.  We'll have to wait on the benchmarks to see the truth of my guess.
Just think how high the adoption rate would be if they allowed 6.0 on the original iPad.
I remember hearing about the heat problem in the iPad (3) being about a second LED strip used in back lighting and that they were going to be doing something about that. That mixed with the new Lightning connector and the iPad being the last device (other than the classic and AppleTV) that use the 30 pin connector, seems like a good time for a mid-cycle upgrade.
I absolutely hate Metro, and considering all the chatter about how Microsoft's partners think Windows 8 is aweful, makes you wonder who's cooking the books at Microsoft to get those numbers.  Only IT sheep would bother buying Windows 8, and only to know the headaches they'll have to deal with in the future.
My one fear about the ipad mini is that unlike the iphone 5, there hasn't been a single leak of the logic board.  Slightly concerned about that, am I the only one?
  put an Apple on it, the fan boys will come a runnin...
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