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Personally, since I got my ipad I have found I use my macbook less and less. When printing was added to ios, my notebook was basically mothballed. I want some decent specs for the mini, A6 with 1GB, 64gb storage and LTE. After that, the screen isn't such a big deal. And cost? Pfft. As long as it's slightly cheaper than the iPad, I'm in.
Ok, I have to wonder, if there is a LTE model as this post suggests, wouldn't that mean A6 processor? If it has the A6 and 1GB ram, I'll be in line..
Not a great argument when the Twitter app will load just fine.
The thing is that YouTube and Twitter open without any problems, why doesn't Facebook.  And yes, I do want the actual app to open instead of opening Safari.  Facebook is supposedly integrated in iOS 6, so why not let the app open it?
I recently read a report that most people supposedly skip the Facebook app and go directly for the web client.  I wondered if maybe iOS6 might change things considering that it integrated Facebook in the OS.  BUT.  Everytime I tap something in email it goes to Safari.  Why doesn't the Facebook app open?  I notice that YouTube will open it's app and not go to the web.  Twitter too.  Why doesn't the Facebook app open?
Personally, I think we might see a iPad 3.5 announced with the iPad Mini to bring all the devices to the new dock connector.  Possibly with a faster processor, since the iPad 3 is getting spanked by the iPhone 5.
New Posts  All Forums: