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I just ordered one of these bad boys and 8gb of ram     Model Processor Frequency Cores Platform User Score Macmini6,2 Intel Core i7-3615QM 2300 4 Mac OS X 32-bit   11067 Macmini6,2 Intel Core i7-3615QM 2300 4 Mac OS X...
...and in 2012 they increased the RAM from 2gb to 4gb which Apple used to charge an extra $100, so they actually reduced the price in 2012 sorta LOL
It appears that Apple has established various price points that helps to keep their different products from competing against each other.   My guess is that Apple has equipped the Mac Mini's with the optimum equipment at the $599; $799; and $999 price points.   The 2012 base iMac is the first Mac that I noticed to have changed it's price point from $1199 to 1299.     The Mini product line has actually been reduced in price when you factor in the extra ram or...
Primate labs has posted geekbench mark results for the iPhone 5 and the iPad3. The iphone 5 has Twice the performance as the new retina iPad 3!   2X the performance! Good for the iPhone but how come the retina machine doesn't have performance equal to the iPhone 5?    Just doesn't seem right even though though the iPhone was released 7 months after the iPad.
I have a second generation  iPod Touch (Model MB528LL) , and I'm still happy with it!   When this iPod Touch came out there was no iPad, Tablet category. Why doesn't Apple call the iPod Touch a tablet? The current version has cameras and almost everything that a small tablets currently offer. Actually the iPod Touch has a richer feature set than some of the other $199 tablets in the market today.   Recently, I purchased a 32 GB Class 10  SD memory card for my...
The new iPhone has an A6 chip. Is this new chip more powerful than the current A5X chip in the iPad?   Do you expect that the current retina display iPad will be upgraded to the A6 chip when the iPad mini is announced?
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