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Vice President of Research? Shouldn't that be Vice President of Duplication?
On a more serious note ... there supposedly used to be a gas station at that location. If so, given the fact that the vehicle was driven by an elderly person, the truth is probably closer to some sort of dementia happening, or perhaps a medical episode of some sort ... stroke, perhaps.
I would suspect one or more of the following things, in this order:   Loose cable connecting from keyboard to logic board ... and easiest to fix (just re-seat the cable into its connector), so hopefully it's this. Bad cable from keyboard to logic board (or failing cable).  I'm not sure if you can just get a replacement cable, though.  I think the cable might be part of the keyboard part, so you might have to get a whole new keyboard to get a new cable ... but...
This is exactly what's happening. To anyone that believes otherwise, all you have to do is go the KS project page and read the comments section. The majority of backers commenting on this situation are very upset at the project creator because they initially backed the project with the 30pin connector, and the project was funded and closed before the Lightning connector was announced.The creator then decided to change the scope of the project after it was funded, and after...
Not quite ...   Full story is here: http://www.bricklin.com/patenting.htm ... but here's a snippet:  
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