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Apple's Latest iPhone Release Failed to Meet Market Demand Tens of thousands of people showed up today to witness Apple's disappointing iPhone release as they made one last attempt to copy the mighty Samsung. /Samsung
Two takeaways from the video: 1) The 6 Plus is not as bulky as I thought it would be 2) that dude has a lot of jackets lol
Yes I do, and no I don't care what other countries are doing.
NFC was such a huge success before Apple /s
Is this on the honor system?
LOL pipe dream
:sigh: no, that's not what I said, nor implied.
That's cute. You actually compare Apple iTunes volume to Black Friday. With that, there is nothing else one could say....
Pre-orders are the same as any other order with the exception of a) you don't get the product, and b) you don't pay. Aside from the, the process would be the same, so I don't get your point.I have no absolute answer, I did pose a QUESTION!!!!
Wow! take a deep breath and think this through. If Apple can't handle a, small by comparison, pre-order day, how would it think it could handle the increased volume of transactions a Black Friday day, or any major retail event, would produce? Although, this may be moot, as posted above, Apple servers would not be involved.
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