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 So the free market has the ability to do this on their own.... again, were you not able to buy them off contract before? So why this law? Why does the government have to get involved? 
 That's the rub. We see the Left as obstructionist, you see the Right. When is someone going to bring both to the table and work out some ways forward. Sure, we'll never agree on a lot of social issues, but at least we can get done what we do agree on and that might build some trust to work on the sensitive issues. 
 Your argument should have been "the House by law has to first pass any legislation" as it does, which is why the Senate probably does not have as much on their end, although they are welcome to submit ideas to the House.  My point to you is, it is NOT a do nothing House, but a do nothing Congress. Neither side makes strides to do the will of the people, or their duty as given by the Constitution.   Not agreeing with the GOP, but it is the belief of this Conservative that...
  Really? When asked what House proposals are on Reid'd desk, what did you expect, my posting of Senate proposals?  Weather you agree with the solution or not, does not make them not a solution. And the idea of government is to propose, negotiate and pass. As with any negotiation, always one side starts with "I'll sell it to you for $50" then the other "No, I'll give you $35" and so on. That is the art of negotiations.  My point was, the House is not a lazy do nothing....
 Perhaps his hard drive crashed, with zero backups :P 
 Yeah, real hard, just Google...
 yeah, perhaps you should look at the Senate as there are plenty of bills sitting on Reid's desk from the House.  I'm pretty sure you already understood all that, but I thought I ought to clarify nonetheless. 
Didn't work for me. 
 You do realize the Senate is part of Congress, don't you?? The do nothing is as much the Senate, if not more. 
 Therefore, why do its job. I see that applies to the absent president also. Not worth my time, I'll go golfing LOL 
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