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UFC!! I hope we can rent fights!! 
Yes, but we must understand there will always be entry level jobs, and jobs that don't pay well, as there will always be high paying jobs. That's how it is suppose to work. 
 That is exactly what I didn't write!  People with entry level jobs don't deserve high pay. If security guard is your career path, you have bigger problems than minimum wage.  Aside from that, let's not be ignorant of economics. You can pay everyone $15, $20, $80 per hour and all it will do is raise the cost of providing the goods or services. Making $15/hr to watch a CCTV or sack groceries means nothing when milk cost $5 gallon!  Artificially increasing the wage for a job...
Stare at it while smoking dope! Or how about producing sapphire, or selling it to a third party? They already put $Millions into it, why walk away?  Apple may not want to own it (speculation), but Apple also did not want it's #1 forward looking sapphire supplier executing chapter 11 (fact). Apple manufactures (assembles) in the U.S. currently, and the wage argument is a non-starter as GTAT is already in-Country. If GTAT was going to make a profit and Apple was getting...
Of course, who wouldn't. Now read what I wrote!!   Underpaying for higher performance value is not my point, but rather, simply paying more does not add more value. You might argue that this effort may bring the wage up to meet the current value, but to do so, you would have to show that value. To argue that someone who watches a tv, or walks/drives around monitoring activity, is anything but a starter job or retirement job, is expecting too much.  This obviously does not...
I don't think you put that level of output volume into the 'experimental' category. Apple was ramping up for something big, and something soon. That has now been pushed back as Apple probably could not replace orders at such a late date.  I am surprised that Apple has not purchased GTAT outright, but they probably will have that clause in all forward contracts :) 
Increasing the wage for a job does not increase the performance value of the work being done!    If you can't support a family on a security salary, get a better job! 
Doctors do compete for business. Health insurance companies do not in the same way as auto/home/life. Health insurance here is not allowed to be sold across State lines.  If you are stuck in California, with these insanely high taxes, then your health insurance is more as it cost more to operate in CA. I can buy my auto insurance from Maryland, my life insurance from Texas, and my home insurance from Idaho. But I MUST buy my health from CA! How absurd.  Also, doctors run...
 PM only makes $46/hr? They need to come down to San Diego.  $24 for a firefighter? Seriously? Talk about underpaid!! 
 This is where I stopped reading and realized this was nonsense!!! 
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