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 When signing up for a AI account, can the question 'are you a new Apple beta tester?' be asked, and if so, deny registration :) 
   Have you seen this?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndycU_dUHNQ&list=FLKofJkWfHkacPrJmMbcP6-w&index=3 
Matches perfectly with my post here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/181537/rbc-ups-apple-price-target-to-110-in-anticipation-of-busy-fall-for-iphone-iwatch 
  I tend to agree with the exception of the upper end could reach $150-$200.  Reason: iWatch This is the only product that Apple will make that people may want to own more than one (possibly the iPod being the exception). People who are into time pieces may own several. Casual, evening out, gifts, etc.  Apple has endless reason to release new watches outside the technology cycle. Having the iOS tech the same, Apple can create watches with many, many different faces and...
I know you get to right down your R&D, but I'm not sure it is fair that Apple deducts for them and Samsung also :) 
 Glad you at least mentioned Apple in this rant ;) 
I hope Apple does not rest on the fact they are slightly better than Google. Siri needs huge improvements on ability to assist, not just recognition. Siri still can't add/update contacts and is not even close to going past 1 level of thought. 
 You don't voluntarily work for someone? 
 I'll repeat: It is a tax imposed to ppl in or out of the State equally. Someone from Texas visiting California has no representation, but pays the same sales tax.  Neither in the case of sales tax, or city tax does an outsider paying that tax have any representation. 
  Sorry, not getting your point here. 
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