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Horribly intrusive idea Apple! Are you now the technology police?    Unqualified drivers is the reason people get into accidents. This stupid check some boxes on a test and park between two cones is an ignorant way to issue licenses. People on a regular basis should have to pass a stringent virtual reality driving test that will measure reaction time, decision making, and law knowledge.    I've seen only one person while driving in San Diego that almost caused an...
 People here are so funny, or stupid, or just want to be political baiters.  EDUCATION!!! How about Jessy and his pals spend their efforts on making sure inner city kids can actually read when they get out of high-school. Maybe, THEN they will be qualified for these jobs!  FAMILY!!! How about getting black households to have both parents? This is a huge issue in the development of a child.  But no, let's look at things that DON"T play a factor in this at all. Redistribute?...
Probably will be as empty as every Microsoft store! 
 Flag is not Flag for follow up. Apparently, you have never used Outlook, which is fine, but dragging an email from one app to the next is not optimal, nor the same functionality. 
 But it does not have professional features such as flagging an email for followup. Something a project team can't live without. 
 Apple spent $400,000,000 on a sapphire plant, and you're still thinking plastic? 
I still want… 1) Caching map data for out of cell travel. User defined in MBs. Cache 50MB of map data within my route at X level (arial view down to street details). OS X Map should allow for regional caching. Cache the US or Canada, etc. 2) Recalculating look-ahead for city driving, so Maps will have a plan B if you miss your turn. By the time any map app recalculates I am already past that next street. (yes, I should slow down….) 3) POI pit-stops. After I hit start, I...
 Yes, to someone who has no one, I can see the value in having many. However, for Facebook, launching their own and gaining quick adoption would be easy, and far, far cheaper than this acquisition. 
 Thanks, I know what retiring mean, I just never heard they were as I always thought it was only buying them back. I will have to go back and read the releases again. 
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