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I think Force Touch was originally used by the Jedi 
I remember some of those suggestions being aired on AI
 how clueless can one be! No real world experience! Go back to the basement
 They can keep this bag in their car if so vain they have to keep adjusting the way they look.   SIGH! Not an actual 'brown' bag silly!!! BTW, this is a place of work, not a fashion show. People need to stop treating work space as their personal space.   Uniform.... you mean t-shirt! How hard is it to change in the mall restroom, if having your bags checked is SUCH an inconvenience?!  In a previous life, I spent many years managing retail stores. NEVER have I had ONE...
 Some here have been saying this for quite some time.
You really think you need to check your makeup at work? If so, then do it on your own time! How long does it take to check a brown bag with a sandwich? Uniforms???? Who packs their uniforms in a bag for work? C'mon!! 
UFC!! I hope we can rent fights!! 
Yes, but we must understand there will always be entry level jobs, and jobs that don't pay well, as there will always be high paying jobs. That's how it is suppose to work. 
 That is exactly what I didn't write!  People with entry level jobs don't deserve high pay. If security guard is your career path, you have bigger problems than minimum wage.  Aside from that, let's not be ignorant of economics. You can pay everyone $15, $20, $80 per hour and all it will do is raise the cost of providing the goods or services. Making $15/hr to watch a CCTV or sack groceries means nothing when milk cost $5 gallon!  Artificially increasing the wage for a job...
Stare at it while smoking dope! Or how about producing sapphire, or selling it to a third party? They already put $Millions into it, why walk away?  Apple may not want to own it (speculation), but Apple also did not want it's #1 forward looking sapphire supplier executing chapter 11 (fact). Apple manufactures (assembles) in the U.S. currently, and the wage argument is a non-starter as GTAT is already in-Country. If GTAT was going to make a profit and Apple was getting...
New Posts  All Forums: