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only when i use apple maps.  otherwise i am comfortably in 2015 tyvm.
They can't even do outdoor traffic yet. or find places using Siri on the map that Google Maps easily finds. or provide good directions.... they should get that right before they tackle indoor mapping....
Apple should push further into the living room by buying Sonos ... or coming up with a competitive product - more robust than Airplay ... 
5S also has a better chip, better camera, fancy metal construction ....  if apple wants to reverse disappointing sales of the 5c, adding the biometrics would do it.   not saying that they should or they will before the next full refresh .. just that it would immediately boost demand for that particular model  
Upgraded and generally love the 5S.  Went to the apple store yesterday and played around with a 5C.  Also a great phone.  The one feature I wish it had was touch ID.  Give it that in the next iteration and i believe it'll be a home run.     To me it's the only obvious differentiating feature that the average consumer would care about.  
spent about and hour playing w. ios6  maps yesterday.  loved it.  i live in nyc, and i used the 3d view to pan around manhattan and the outer boroughs.  didn't see some of the other issues that i've read about.  brooklyn bridge looked fine.  a search for nyc apple stores displayed the 5 stores no problem.  loved the vectoring and changing the viewing angle.  directions seemed to properly route me from origin to destination.   although i didn't experience them,...
New Posts  All Forums: