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"Some key differences alright, like Switzerland is actually a democracy while the US isn't" Settle down now...yes it is. Let's stick to commenting on the article and not go America bashing please.
That idea of interchangeable wristbands with different functionality is a good one!
Nice Story.
Finally! This has been a long time coming.
The only thing I regretted when purchasing my 13" rMBP last year was that it didn't come with 16GBytes of RAM at the price point I could afford. With a few apps open the 8GBytes it did come with gets almost completely used up! I didn't know Mac's were such memory hogs! Being a former Windows user that is (who's glad he switched anyway).
My experience with Siri is that it's still very flaky and for me anyway Google Now still works much better. I'm glad to read here that it's improving though. But it's going to have to get a lot better before I go back to it.
Now I'd like TC and Apple to go further and finally provide audiophile quality hi-res lossless music downloads too!
Patent 2 reminds me of the Contax T2 camera from the 90s which incorporated a synthetic sapphire shutter release button.
Sapphire flexes?
So why don't you buy a battery case. That'll give you the battery power you desire and protect your iPhone.
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