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Nice idea, but seems rather too complex to be practical. But you never know, technology advances at a rapid pace...
It would feel more natural I suppose. But writing a full length document that way would prove uncomfortable and take absolutely ages! The point of a keyboard, once you learn how to type, is that you can pump out words and documents much faster...thought that would be obvious!
Agreed, currently the best looking dock in the universe!
"Pebble-style smart bands" Pebble have smart-bands? That's news to me...I'll have to check out their website.
About photo quality between Apple and Samsung. While the average person might not be able to tell the difference. On the DxO benchmarks, the iPhone 6S camera only ranked about 10th while the Samsung S6 was in the top 5 with Sony's Z5 beating them both to first place with its high-density 21MP sensor! Apple's iPhone camera's technical performance is currently behind most of its latest competitors not ahead. But again most people wouldn't notice that in their photos unless...
I don't stream either and have a large CD collection, but I do download. Either 24bit high-res or from iTunes for tracks and albums I like that are not available as 24bit.
That's a classy elegant looking Dock! At least the illustrations of it at the online Store seem that way. Also seems to be considerably more expensive in Europe/UK than the States.
I don't currently have an Watch, but isn't $95 a bit pricey for such an accessory?
Oh, so they're closer than I thought...not quite as disappointed anymore!
I'm sorry but I'm really disappointed by this. I really believed the iPad Pro was easily going to have the best quality tablet display out there. It doesn't and to add insult to injury, that of the bloody Surface Pro 4 is better! At least the Mini 4's display is as good as MS's.
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