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Nice! These games bring back fond memories of my childhood.
Just read the article...interesting. Its also from 2006! Before even the first-gen iPhone was released. So Apple has had this patent for a while now. Which could mean something viable for mass-production as a complete casing might of had enough time to be developed. The only potential problem here is that even though the material is extremely strong and almost scratch resistant, being a ceramic its still brittle, which could mean if you drop your new ceramic iPhone it...
Mine too, a little disappointed by that. I thought iOS 9 was more about efficiency of operation than features this time around...well that is what I was lead to believe anyway. And considering the 5S uses a 64 bit chip too, I expecting a slight increase in performance not a reduction.Going forward until I replace (no rush) my 5S, I'm going to wait on upgrading iOS versions (I usually upgrade straight away) until I see how much they effect performance, as I usually don't...
That's what I was wondering.
So many jokes, where to begin...
I can begrudgingly see it from Apple's point of view here. That $100 extra for 64GB instead of 16GB is quite probably a major part of the company's legendary profit margins on its iPhone business. Even though for me and a couple of others here - Rogifan and sandor in particular. Its more the principal of the thing than just the 'not enough for our day and age' capacity limitation of 16GB. It effects in a negative way the perception of the company...that its a blatant money...
I get it now...thanks.
If the iPhone 6 retained the still svelte thickness of the 5S you could be talking about a solid 2 or 3 day battery life instead of what it currently has. There are a lot of people out there I think that would prefer this to ever thinner iPhones.
I agree, the world doesn't need or want another proprietary connector. Anyway how much thinner do smartphones need to get? It ultimately just makes them uncomfortable to hold with poorer battery life. Only selfish designers obsessed with thinness want this, not most other people.
101 percent - isn't 100 percent the maximum of any quantity? Or is it that in display technology that extra 1 percent is supposed to represent something?
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