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I'm sorry but I'm really disappointed by this. I really believed the iPad Pro was easily going to have the best quality tablet display out there. It doesn't and to add insult to injury, that of the bloody Surface Pro 4 is better! At least the Mini 4's display is as good as MS's.
Sounds okay to me, the 5s has a classy classic look to it and still svelte. So just improve the innards a bit. With rumors here and there that the iPhone 7 might have a more chiseled look to it than the 6 series the 5s Mk II or what ever it'll be called might not look so out of place. A complete redesign would of been nice, but this'll do.
Yawn...an article that just states the obvious. I knew its forgone conclusion before reading it. Anyway happy days...
Almost anything is better than a bloody Core M! That the A9X beats it doesn't surprise me. It'll struggle against anything higher up the Intel range though. As for all this talk about the iPad Pro replacing laptops, that ain't going to happen. Not for the foreseeable future anyway. I'm considering one mainly as a magazine replacement. No more schlepping around heavy paper magazines everywhere! All the hobbyist mags I read have an iPad version. Haven't taken the plunge so...
I know its just been released, but as the iPad Pro is considered more of a professional device than other iPads, I think Apple will ultimately drop the 32GB version at some point in the near future for a more appropriate minimum capacity.
I hope this rumour is wrong, I was hoping to see TouchID integrated into to iPhone screen with the 7 next year...when the payments for my current iPhone are completed. I want to upgrade to the larger Plus version, which is currently too huge for a 5.5" phablet because of the physical home button and the need for design symmetry.
There was a mention in the article of the Irish High Court, are you sure they're not Irish, or is that Activision?
$30M...small change for Apple, and the association with Adele would be beneficial for them.
"While Samsung has seen its phone and tablet profits implode over the past year, Apple just reported quarterly profits of $11.1 billion, twice that of Samsung Mobile at peak-Galaxy and five times what it is now earning" Gloat won't you...👍
Me too - if it does actually happen?
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