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So the Note 5 is basically just a jumbo sized S6.
If the upgraded iPad's are introduced on Sept. 9 along with the new iPhones and Apple TV, its probably because iPad sales have shrunk so much over the last couple of years that its not worth having their own specific presentation date anymore. Maybe instead they'll use that same date to introduce new and upgraded Macs as well as a new 8K Cinema display - finally!
I hope this is a service Apple will commit too and improve and not just dump after a couple of years because it's not a great success and they lose interest. All these low overall adoption rates of recent Apple services like this and HomeKit worries me. Apple has to commit and make these experiences seamless and bug-free. Otherwise nobody will use them anymore, the competition will catch up and Apple will drop them Google style.
LED phosphor material called KSF - is that the same as the Quantum Dot layers being introduced on a lot of flat screen TV's this year?
Me too, Google Now is still much-much better!
This is funny in a way. I can just imagine my technology-phobic aunt trying to call me up and Siri answering her instead. It would probably give her quite a fright! 
The segment turned a profit, probably due to the Beats headphones not Apple Watch.
Impressive tech!
You shouldn't worry. I have a large photo collection that's dear to me too. Yet I took the plunge and it was seamless. All my separate albums and Events transferred just fine. Everything is not just stuffed into one universal album as you seem to think. Also unlike many people apparently believed from the forums I followed. Photos doesn't duplicate everything in your iPhoto file to the separate Photos file. But creates links to those photos that are in your iPhoto file...
The Moto X Style has a good spec for the price, the other two are rather middling by comparison though. If I was in that market I would consider it. From what I've read elsewhere the Style also has a nano-particle coated water repellent body like the Play too...that might be a feature worth having on future iPhone's I think, just wonder how durable such coatings are though?
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