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Out of this company's two services - Tidal is rapidly becoming an audiophile favourite with its non-lossy CD quality streaming. They've also said that they're going to be working together with Meridian to launch an HD 24bit streaming option soon, which will be a first in that industry. I hope Jay-Z doesn't scupper these plans...whether he wants to compete with Dre or not!   I think 56 million was a steal compared to what Apple payed for Beats. Considering the main reason...
I suspect that too.
Forged Carbonfiber as pioneered by Audermars Piguet I think, would be a very interesting (but expensive) case material.And would suit the Apple Watch's high-tech luxury device aura.
Apple should of tried harder with the water resistance - on the Sport versions in particular. They could be losing a lot of potential customers because of this. Especially considering how pricey most of the Apple Watch variations are, and the market their competing in...a little disappointing and arrogant on Apple's part. 
18 hours is not all that bad for such a smartwatch, actually a little better than what I was expecting.
Price starting at 10 grand! J...s! That's crazy absurd! I thought they would start at half that.
The stainless-steel versions (my personal favourite) starting price is quite a lot higher than I was expecting, if I buy I'll have to go with the aluminium.
With the new decently priced 12" MacBook Retina out there now. Is anybody going to want a plain old MacBook Air anymore, even with improved specs?
The Apple Watch may be the main focus here, but I'm also hoping for some major announcements on the Mac front too: 21.5" 4K Retina iMac, MacBookAir Retina, major upgrades to the rMBP and MacPro lines (Thunderbolt 3 maybe using the reversible Lightning connector, to compete with USB 3.1) and just maybe a nice new 32" 8K Cinema display to top everything off...dream on aye! None the less I'm looking forward to this event. 
Apple is really going to have to offer something very special if streaming is going to work out for them. There are so many good services out there already, Spotify still overall, the best apparently, that I fear this exercise in music distribution is going to ultimately fail for them, with billions of Dollars down the drain as a result...maybe high-resolution audio streaming across all of Apple's global markets from day one would help, but very unlikely to happen. I still...
New Posts  All Forums: