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Well that was an unexpected turn of events, and mildly amusing too...Silicon Valley to Broadway - west coast to east coast, what a contrast.
No they don't.
Do 2013's rMBP's support NVMe?
Universal as in widely available almost everywhere in the developed world. And you don't actually need too high a speed internet connection to stream just audio, even if it is lossless or high-resolution (24bit/DSD). It takes up less bandwidth than HD video.
With the endless terabytes of storage available in the cloud and pretty much universal high-speed internet connections, is it not possible to make a profit on lossless audio streaming below $20 a month?
This tablet seems to be quite compelling, for the business market anyway (quite affordable and fully compatible with Windows and Office). The same market Apple is making major inroads into with the iPad. The upcoming iPad Pro should be even more compelling for this market.
Wow! These photos - if legit - give the impression that the Pro is a really chunky piece of kit. None the less I still want one!
The Fall iPhone range will probably consist of this the 6C (rebodied 5S, maybe with Apple Pay) last years iPhone 6 as the mid-range $99 with contract phone and the upgraded 6S/6S Plus.   As the 5S is the only iPhone to use this pill shaped flash, using it again after the introduction of an upgraded version of this flash in the 6/6 Plus and claiming it to be a new model (6C) would be a bit insulting to the intelligence of iPhone users I think...or these photos could just...
LCDs have still got a lot of life in them yet. I don't know about the handset market, but the TV market this year is going Quantum Dot in a big way, which should enhance image quality quite considerably.
  You're entitled to your opinions as I am to mine. To sog35 when I said leaves it in its wake, I didn't mean speed I meant in overall specification. As for holding the phones, I haven't yet, but a metal and glass construction executed well is not going to feel cheap. Samsung's plastic premium phones while ugly still feel very solid. The premium materials used on the S6/Edge will probably continue that tradition. But competition is good for everybody, it means Apple will...
New Posts  All Forums: