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I believe Tidal streams using AAC like Apple only at the higher bitrate of 320k, then there's the even higher quality lossless CD quality tier. I still think it's a shame Tidal are having such problems, the're a good service with great sound quality.
Why is RF pass through a problem? I would of thought it an advantage, as you can potentially construct casings for devices like smartphones without leaving a 'window' for the internal radios to function, like you have to do today with casings constructed from metals like aluminium. And any potential harmful radiation emanating from a device you can take care of internally using metal foils or cages over the offending areas. Like you also do today with electronic products...
This continuing saga with Apple and Liquidmetal reminds me a bit of Graphene. Another exotic material with 'amazing' properties that you keep on sporadically reading about in the science/technology media over many years, but nothing actually comes of it...no products using the stuff ever come to market in a significant way. I do think Liquidmetal has actually got more production potential than Graphene, but its still taking too long.
  I bugged his offices lol. One of the main reasons Apple claimed to of purchased Beats was for the quality of its 'music industry' people, Jimmy being one of the most valuable of those people. If they valued his input that much and he had mentioned the backlash that would come from a free 3 month trial, maybe they wouldn't of taken the route that ended up biting them in the arse, and potentially weakening their negotiating position in the future. But do I know for sure if...
Exactly! Jimmy should of seen that artist backlash coming if he was as connected with the music industry as has been claimed, but he didn't. Also I was put off somewhat by him at the WWDC keynote...he just seemed uncouth and scruffy, and what was that thing with Drake pushing his arms out all the time as if he was having a seizure or something? They both seemed out of place, despite the audience's cheers.  
This is what Apple should of done from the beginning, if they had they would of been looked at as noble and a friend of musicians and content owners. That they did it after the fact just makes them look like they caved and will cave like pussy's in the future. Eddie Cue is more trouble for than he's worth...isn't he responsible for Apple's cloud services too...still the one major weakness in all of Apple's ecosystem.
The home button is a very iconic iPhone feature, without it an iPhone wouldn't look like an iPhone and just resemble a multitude of Android devices. If they do intend on ultimately getting rid of it, it should be in a way that makes the device still recognisable as an iPhone.
I've played around with an S6 Edge and it's nice enough. Feels a solid as an iPhone but the curved screen makes it feel very uncomfortable in the hand. The regular S6 is much better in that department. But both phones aren't glowingly great...Apple have no fear! Lol
Apple Watch 7000 series aluminium for the next iPhone...makes perfect sense. The yellow gold colour being more 'yellow gold' in hue is also a good idea...the current shade looks odd in certain kinds of light, especially under fluorescents. But I'm not so keen on the space gray becoming darker, the current hue looks great on an the iPhone and iPad range, much classier than the other available shades IMHO. Also I wonder if that slight increase in thickness on the next...
A bit of a hissy fit on the part of the British Indie labels. As if Apple Music alone is going to make them go belly up due to a 3 month free trial period - nonsense!
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