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What the h...! A cash infusion of over half a billion from a successful tech firm less than a year ago and now filing for bankruptcy! Did Apple know what they were getting into when they invested in this company? Really...
Bradley Cooper would also be a good choice for the part. That's of course if this movie actually ever gets made!
It'll probably slot in above the current 27" iMac rather than replace it. Because it's going to be quite pricey I think.
Interesting reading, so it does seem the iPhone 6 bending issue isn't! On a day to day basis anyway. Still with the exception of the HTC, all the other phones tested here including the iPhone 5 are ultimately much stronger than the latest iPhones.
I've always liked the classy look and feel of the leather wrapped cases. I use one on my 5S, suits the classy look and feel of the iPhone itself, while providing added protection.
I hope there's some validity to this rumour. If so I'm hoping for a complete redesign with Apple going radical, on this niche member of the Mac family. Maybe something with the footprint of an Apple TV, but raised into a cube of Aluminium to be made available in a number of anodised colours, like the iPod Nano's of old. Now that would be exciting! Such a small footprint would be possible I think using USB 3.1 mini-connectors and Intel's upcoming low-power 14nm chips.
"Apple's new, larger iPhones have also caused a stir in the world of fashion. According to the New York Times, fashionable consumers are finding the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus a tight fit. Fashion designers and retailers have responded to the call of overstuffed pockets. Internet-based apparel company Bonobos said they would make adjustments. "If none of our pants fit the iPhones, that would be a real problem," Bonobos design chief Dwight Fenton said. "You ignore them at...
I agree with you for the most part, but the 6 plus structural weakness in the area below the volume control buttons is an oversight on the part of Apple. It should of been noticed when stress-testing in the engineering stage, especially considering how malleable aluminium can be and how large and thin the 6 plus is. And then structurally enforced in that area before being put into production. A phone shouldn't bend, even ever so slightly by just sitting in your pocket even...
Towards the end of last year, I switched from PC to Mac with the purchase of a rMBP. I'm a photo enthusiast and was using Elements on the PC with great success. So when I purchased Elements for OS-X I was expecting the same kind of performance. Boy was I disappointed! Apart from the UI being not as intuitive as the PC version, with out fail the app crashed about 5 to 15 minutes into using the editor. I searched without success on the Internet for solution to the problem....
"Some key differences alright, like Switzerland is actually a democracy while the US isn't" Settle down now...yes it is. Let's stick to commenting on the article and not go America bashing please.
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