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I hate interstitials! From what I understand they're those bloody ads that pop up before almost every video I watch on my YouTube playlists and AdBlock doesn't seem to be able to stop them. They're way too distracting and are always much louder than the music video that follows. And you're forced to watch them for at least a few seconds before being able to 'Skip Ad'. It totally ruins the flow of a playlist, so I can't just sit back, relax and watch/listen to my YouTube...
Man I was a huge Soundgarden fan! Their music was more innovative and inventive than their other Grunge band peers of the era - even though I liked the others too, Nirvana and Pearl Jam in particular, but then so did everybody who was into that scene...ahhh to be in your 20s!
I much prefer Sony's new Z2 to this thing! If I were to go Android that is - which I'm not.
Maybe this is the GPU that's going to be in the next Apple TV? That would give something for Sony and Microsoft to worry about!
Haven't Samsung and Google agreed to share patents or something? I don't think there's going to be any major break-up between Sam and Goo anytime soon!
Exciting stuff! I hope it's worth the wait.
I know Kuo is usually right, but I hope he's wrong this time. The iPad Mini Retina display's colour gamut is way off the that of the iPad Air (I've checked them both out myself at my local Apple store, and you can see the difference!) and its competition from Google and Amazon. That needs to be addressed and Touch ID is a no-brainer too. I don't think its beyond Apple's capabilities this year to incorporate an A8 SoC, Touch ID and improved display in the Mini. As for the...
Thing is, its most likely that Apple has already got in development a smartwatch of their own that's much more sophisticated than the Pebble. None the less I wish Pebble well, they seem to be a nice little company.
I thought the iWork suite was a free for all now? Why the dollar charges for those that don't have it?
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