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The rumor mill has it that there's going to be both a 4.7 inch iPhone and a 5.5 inch Phablet announced later this year, but there have been no leaks at all, as far as I know of the 5.5 inch version just the 4.7 inch which is a given now. Makes me suspect that there is no iPhone Phablet after all. I'm also interested to see if Apple will use quantum dot displays in the iPhone 6 and iPad upgrades. If Amazon (or is it Google?) can incorporate such technology in their...
Is this the turning point? Will Graphene finally make it into a consumer product? I've been following this technology for many years. Every other month it seems there's some miracle claim for the stuff. But nothing ever makes it out of a lab! Maybe it'll be different this time...
I have a late 2013 model 13 inch MacBook Pro so I'm a little pissed that with this update I still have no extended 4K support via Thunderbolt or HDMI using OS-X. Despite it being available, I believe with Windows 8. Which I don't want to use! I wonder if Apple will ever provide this extended support for my model Mac in a future update? Probably not.
That's what I think the side mounted power button is for. You press it once with your thumb then the screen display (the display on the screen, not the screen itself of course!) shrinks around it to the 4 inches of the current 5S allowing for one handed/one thumb operation as usual. Once you've finished what you need to do, you press the power button again and the screen display jumps back to cover the entire 4.7/5.5 inches of the next-gen iPhones.
This seems to be a very good hire on Apple's part! The guy who helped create the best smartphone imaging tech in the business!
First the rumors of a 5.5 inch Phablet iPhone - something they said they'd never do and now this Beats thing! I've tried out Beats headphones, they're crap! Flashy with poor build quality and terrible overtly bass heavy sound. They lack the quality and excellent industrial design of most Apple products. I hope this doesn't happen, Beats are not worth the outlay!
Why? Because they have foreign accents? Wait until they release a working product before passing judgement. I whiff a little anti-Israelitis from you and the bloke you're quoting.
About the TrueTone flash. Maybe they're incorporating it into software instead, allowing the camera intelligent white balance capability that knows when a more pleasant warm light balance will enhance a low light photo, without the need for using anything more than a standard LED flash. I've also noticed on most of these leaked illustrations of the iPhone 6 lately, that the next-gen model seems to be dumping the chamfered edge. Which is a shame, if that's the case because...
F..k the Guardian! I have a lot of reasons to dislike that incredibly biased newspaper.
Don't care what some are saying here, that was a very good video and TC narration was very relaxing.
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