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 Lighten up, I mean that new champagne gold finish on the iPhone 5S.
What's with Jony's gold fettish lately? That's a rhetorical question. As with 'tallest skill' looking forward to see his take on a Leica, being the photo enthusiast that I am...just hope it isn't gold too!
Now it makes sense why Apple has resisted integrating NFC until now. Maybe tomorrows iPhone 5S will incorporate NFC functionality in addition to the finger-print tech (finally!).
This might be my next phone, I just hope Apple haven't compromised on spec to bring the price down further. The repositioning of the accelerometer chip worries me a bit. Maybe in fact they've just moved it or integrated it onto the SoC, I just hope its still there and they haven't removed that function amongst other features, to keep the price down.
This potential functionality reminds me of Blackberry's nipple touch-pad on their keyboard smartphones. RIP 
 You seem to like the iPhone 5 a lot so why don't you dump the Nexus/Android and come over to the darkside! lol
I thought Apple was going to dump this tech due to screen freeze-up issues on the iPhone 5 and move to an alternative tech.
I'm a fanboy but this behaviour is rather OTT - maybe its an age thing?
My mistake, so the iPhone 5 16GB does continue in production, it seems.
 I think the packaging photo is legit. On the leaked shots of various coloured iPhone 5C's in their packaging, the yellow bodied version had a solid yellow background on the home screen (a sticker I know but representative of what the activated home screen would look like) the blue bodied one a solid blue background etc...this is the black/slate version of the 5S so the background's black.
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