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A little disappointed, home automation has the potential to be huge I think. Apple should really have purchased Nest when they had the chance.
Quite a nice looking device, an improvement on the original plastic version. For what it is, it looks quite discrete, especially in black.
A large screened iPad would be ideal for my needs. I hope it's a real near-future product and not just a rumor.
Very interesting tech. Seems to be the better of the various induction technologies currently available (if this proof of concept works as advertised of course).
I didn't know Apple allowed any sort of additional storage to be connected directly to its iOS devices.
I'm an audiophile and download a lot of HD 24bit music and it eats up capacity like there's no tomorrow. Even the Classic's 160GB capacity is woefully inadequate!
I reckon this might be the beginning of Google home-bots - the next big thing in consumer electronics circa 5 to 10 years from now! lol
The iPhone keyboard does need improvement. I've noticed that my typing accuracy is worse with iOS 7's flat virtual keyboard than it was with iOS 6's more 3D looking one, it does take more concentration to get it right.Yes - that's what I was thinking too.
Another nail in Thunderbolt's coffin.
I reckon the screen (if this happens of course) will be a 12.8 inch display with a screen res multiple of 9 (a 9 pixel grid for every one of the original iPad)  like the current iPad Retina display has a 4 pixel grid for every one of the original iPad, or 3072 x 2304 for a resolution of just over 7MP's. That's technologically possible for 2014 and would provide an exact 300 ppi screen density, or true Retina. The rumours elsewhere I've read also mention that the screen...
New Posts  All Forums: