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This article is music to my ears (excuse the pun) and I really hope there's truth to it. I've been waiting for Apple to do something like this for years! It would be just so much more convenient to be able to download Studio Master quality tracks from iTunes using my Apple ID than what I have to do now. I'm also very glad to see that I'm not the only audiophile on these forums and that there are many others here that want this to happen too! PS. I have purchased a...
I think Kuo has lost the plot this time around!
One of Kuo's rare mistakes.
I usually believe what Kuo tells us, but not so much this time. As others have said here a 5.5 inch iPhone doesn't make much sense. If there is something to this then maybe that 5.5 inch display will be heading for a next-gen iPod Touch with the same resolution as the 4.7 inch iPhone. But that seems quite unlikely to happen too...we'll see?
Maybe sound quality could be a differentiator for iTunes. With iTunes Radio streaming at high-quality 320 kbps AAC using a Spotify like on-demand model while providing the option for payed downloads at full CD quality Apple-Lossless and Studio Master quality 24bit 96kHz - 24bit 192kHz Apple-Lossless for audiophiles, like HDtracks, Linn Records etc...
Last year I went to see the Manet exhibit in London, at the Royal Museum of Art I believe and the audio guides there seemed to be Android based with me having to manually indicate on the touchscreen next to which of his paintings I was standing via a number next to said paintings. iBeacons should be a great improvement on that sort of thing.
I don't know about this Cortana but I have both Siri and Google Now on my iPhone and the latter understands my questions correctly far more often than the former unfortunately, to the point now that I barely use Siri at all.
Thought this was a great product until I read about the subscription requirement. That just killed it for me.
The UI - in these photos anyway does look nicer than that of CarPlay. When I first saw the screen pics of CarPlay it struck me as too literally similar to that of the iPhone and reminded me a bit too much of the Apple TV's UI - those awful channel app icons! It's nowhere near as bad as that...but still Apple could of made it slicker looking, and they yet might in version 2.0 or 3.0 maybe.
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