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 Oh yes - me too!!
I really like ifixit's perky presentation ladies! They certainly give the impression that they're interested in the tech (whether they really are or not I don't know) anyway these ladies are a tech-geek's wet dream! lol
 Yes, you've got a point there.
 Yes, great new features, but there's also no 802.11ac WiFi and LTE-A support in either of the new iPhones, important future-proofing features already available in the flagship models of Apple's competitors. A major oversight on Apple's part I think. And something that's put a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm for the 5S I'm afraid.
The 5S seemed to draw the massive crowds, not the 5C. Not so sure the latter model is doing very well.
They need the advertisements for the 5C me thinks because all the demand seems to be for the 5S. I'm not so sure the 5C is doing very well.
An incredibly successful day for Apple and the new iPhones (the 5S anyway) and stocks are down again...bloody analysts!
A7 manufactured by Samsung, but the company's CEO seemed to have no idea that Apple was going 64bit with its SoC this time. You have to give it to Samsung, they did preserve the security of their client's (in this case Apple) plans from leaking into other parts of the company it shouldn't of. And so they should, otherwise they'd be out of business!
I've just read over Anandtech's review of the 5S. With the A7's advanced CPU and GPU architectures and the Touch ID tech being the main stars of the show. But there were a couple of major deficiency's in the design of the 5S which could prove problematic over the long term if you intend to keep the phone for a long period of time. Namely the lack of 802.11ac and LTE-A support, basically the 5S has exactly the same wireless chipsets as the 5. I was really expecting Apple to...
A few years back I started to use Safari on my Windows laptop instead of IE and was initially pleased by the change, but then I noticed a rapid slowdown in performance that no matter what I did, didn't improve. So I moved over to Chrome which turned out to be a revelation speed wise on my setup, and have stuck with it ever since, its quite primitive looking yes, but its fast. Safari I still use when on YouTube because it plays full-screen videos much better than Chrome...
New Posts  All Forums: