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Too little too late...still I hope they continue to evolve the service so that it doesn't end up like Ping!
Belkin's keyboards look nicer than Logitech's.
I really like the new iPad Air, TouchID or not and I'm getting one. But the only difference now between it and the mini with Retina display, is a larger screen with a lower PPI for 100 bucks more. How do they justify such a price discrepancy for basically the same product spec? I'd imagine the Retina display for the mini is actually more expensive to produce (with its higher PPI) than the larger one on the iPad Air.
I and many others I think, would like to see a major update of Aperture that could compete better with the latest Lightroom 5, that software has some very useful features that Aperture doesn't. Come on Apple you pioneered this kind of image processing software and now you've fallen behind, its been years now since version 3 came out, this latest 3.5 version is nowhere near enough of an upgrade.
Maybe the A7 in the iPad has a higher clock-speed than the iPhone 5S? A little disappointed there's no Touch ID though.
There was an article here a day or two ago talking about inventory levels of various Apple devices, and it showed there to be a great deal of Apple TV's in stock, so this article makes sense in that context. Still, I'm a little disappointed, it would of been nice to have something exciting like a re-designed Apple TV released tomorrow together with the new iPad's.
Much-ado about nothing IMO. Still, a new-gen Apple TV announcement would be a very nice pseudo-surprise on the 22nd. And now for one more thing... haven't heard that in a while!
These icons are much nicer than the previous ones IMO.
This seems like a very good hire on Apple's part.
I'm still hoping for a Mac mini redesign (A shrunken like version of the new Mac Pro in iPod Touch anodized colours) and Aperture X. But I suspect both are unlikely to happen.
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