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Is that why they haven't updated the mini to Haswell - instead phasing it out for a new budget iMac next year? Or will there be a completely redesigned  mini resembling a shrunken version of the new Mac Pro coming out on the 22nd? I suspect the former, we'll see in just over a week...
The only tangible advantage Android phones have over Apple, for many people, are those larger screens. If Apple came out with a larger screened phone to complement their 4 inch offerings they'd make a killing...maybe if those small screened Android devices had the same spec as their larger siblings and not a curtailed one, they'd sell more of them. I'm sure there are people who want compact, pocketable smartphones too, but are not idiots and want a good spec with it...but...
I love its sleek minimalist styling and that sleep monitoring function could be very useful for me too, together with its other functionality. I'm very interested in purchasing this.
Still not coming to the country I live in yet - very frustrating! I'll probably have to wait until December or the beginning of next year and beyond! Its always this way, the very last to get the new iPhones - I was hoping it would be different this time! Samsung released their Galaxy S4 almost straight away over here but not Apple, no wonder everybody over here seems to be or have already gone over to Android - but I'm not giving in, I'm sticking with Apple even if Apple...
Nice if not as elegant looking as the company's thermostats, but still much better designed than other smoke-detectors...as it should be given the steep price, for a product of this type.
Interesting if a bit Fisherprice/1950's portable radio looking, even though I'm sure being a Leica rangefinder, its built like a tank! The control dials on the top-plate look good too, if not very ergonomic or practical, again reminiscent of radio dials, as well as the textured material on the body which resembles a speaker grill...maybe the inspiration for this design were mid-20th century portable radios? I think I prefer the traditional styling of the standard Leica M,...
 No, I would say Fran Drescher! lolBeing a voice-over actor for things like this and cartoons/animations sounds like a good career - if your a success at it and not constantly unemployed or working as a waiter/waitress or something like that, to make ends meet of course.
It shows!
A 16GB iPad mini to complement the mini 2 with an upgraded SoC - A6 instead of A5 and available in the same anodized colours as the iPod touch, selling for below the $300 mark would be a big hit I think.
For the average consumer the Mac still works well as a home-hub for everything else you might be carrying around, and will remain so for at least the next few years. There's really no alternative to that 'hub' at the moment...maybe if Apple releases a full-fledged smart-TV with large amounts of on board storage, or much better (faster, reliable and secure) access to iCloud storage then things will change.
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