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I hope this isn't true. On a related subject, other tablet manufactures don't seem to have problems with yields of 'Retina' resolution displays of any size, why would Apple? Is it something to do with the production volumes involved (Apple has to make a lot more of them) or what?
A decent upgrade, but no discrete graphics on the base version or Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.1 on any of the new range, and what about the Mini?
What are they going to do with it?
I thought it already was! Really surprised it isn't yet...but it seems like its going to be, so good!
$449 should of been the official price when it was introduced not $549.Yep - go figure?
The 5S not the 5C has amassed record-breaking sales, I've read there are indications that around 3.5 out of the 9 million iPhone sales over the weekend were 5C channel fill. People don't seem to be going for the mid-tier model. The 5S on the other hand is a huge hit, as we all know. If this turns out to be correct, it seems that if Apple had stuck to its usual routine of upgraded flagship model and last year's flagship at a lower price, the current sales success...
 Yeah, mistake is the wrong word. I was just initially taken aback by how quickly a bypass was found, and the rather traditional old-world way that bypass was carried out. The only thing new  being the higher-resolution scans and printouts used.
 Just go somewhere and relax, you rude zealot! I'm not going anywhere, and while I'm an Apple fan, I'm not going to shut up when they make the occasional mistake.
 Yes, but Apple wanted much more from this technology over the long run. That seems to be quashed now. 
Cracked within a couple of days! This is not good for Apple, basically they've been promoting a security technology that it turns out, isn't all that secure! Their finger-print sensor now is nothing more than a convenient way for unlocking an iPhone. I really hope they can fix it (doubtful) because the haters are going to be all over this. This is something they should of looked into before purchasing AuthenTec in the first place. I remember at the time it was a rather...
New Posts  All Forums: