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What chutzpah! I say f...k um! But of course Apple won't, especially with Tim Cook at the reigns.
I'm not being literal here, of course there are no standard resolution iPhones. As for no leaks or rumours about such devices, that's because I wrote coming out next year, you don't have leaks of products that are a year off in the future. Anyway its just speculation, my guess is as good as anyone else's.
I find that polished Apple logo on the iPad 5 casing curious. On earlier scoops of both the new iPad and iPad mini rear casings we saw a cut-out for the logo, but not the part itself, meaning its not just polished onto the case but added as a separate component later on. So maybe that logo is a little bit of Liquidmetal, as it looks far nicer than the polycarbonate insert on the iPad 4 while also retaining RF transparency. It would be a nice classy little touch together...
 I find that curious, I was expecting the Retina iPad 2 mini to incorporate the A6X from the iPad 4 as a differentiator to the A7X expected in the iPad 5 as its supposed to be a more affordable lower-end variation of the full-size iPad. The A6X already does a fine job in the Retina iPad 4, why incorporate the newer more expensive chip? Not that I'm complaining...que sera, sera. Also it does seem that come next year, Apple will be doing to the iPad range what its now doing...
So the Galaxy Gear is finally here, not quite as fugly as I was expecting but still way too clunky and tacky looking with those exposed screw heads. Apple hasn't got much to worry about here me thinks! As for the other introductions - the Tab 10.1 does have a very good spec, while the Note 3 (in the photos at least) does look classier with that faux-leather back and cover, and has always been the strongest product in the Galaxy line of phones/phablets/tablets (if you're...
I like the concept of this. I just hope the actual implementation is as good. If so I might be seriously considering a purchase of the QX100 model.
"introduce a second-generation iPad and redesigned fifth-generation iPad mini in October" That's the other way round I believe.
That was very amusing! 
Well there goes my theory that the new iPhone 5S might come as standard with scratch resistant titanium nitride and PVD/CLD coatings.
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