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More Coral than pink I think. Anyway so far I'm liking this app...certainly more interesting than many of Apple's other pre-installed ones.
I've just installed 9.1 and I've got the News app now and it seems pretty good! Also as advertised the multitasking app switching section now really flies! It was rather sluggish before. I've also noticed the storage left on my iPhone has gone up from 1.3 to 2.5 Gigs! Overall this update has been better than I thought it would be. Maybe it deserves the 9.1 moniker after all?
This should of been called 9.0.3 rather than 9.1 - its a very minor update with no ´ú┐Music bug fixes at all. Which is what I and others were expecting. Oh well we'll have to wait for the 9.1.1 or 9.2 versions then.
Stop excusing Apple for not future proofing the latest Apple TV for 4K. Hardware prices for this tech have already plummeted. My par for the course 40Mbs internet connection can already stream 4K with bandwidth to spare. Beginning next year there's going to be a huge push by hardware manufactures and content providers alike to bring 4K to the mainstream. Also as far as I know the A8 is capable of streaming 4K too. There is no reason why Apple couldn't of implemented this...
Last gen Intel processors, only Intel integrated graphics and still no standard SSD...disappointing, it seems to me Apple has made the latest 21.5" iMac's with such low spec to make people spend more dosh on the 27" iMac's instead. A bit like the stingy 16GB standard iPhones, so you spend an extra $100 for the 64GB versions.
A new optional numeric keypad would of been nice. One that would snap on magnetically to either side of the Magic Keyboard thus catering for southpaws as well as righties. Such a feature (magnetic connection) would of been nice on the new Magic Trackpad too. As for keyboard backlighting, I was half expecting that to appear on this upgrade, but it didn't. The lack of some form of Force Touch on the mouse is disappointing too. Stylistically though all these new accessories...
Technologically the original iMac is a dinosaur, but that design still looks fresh modern and utterly unique to this day! I miss it too.
Great idea, even though it would be simpler to incorporate a small button on the trackpad itself that you touch/press when you want a numerical keypad. Or incorporate the numerical keypad on the keyboard. When you want to use it, you again press a button and the keypad numerals light up in the correct arrangement, press the button again and it's deactivated. It could even be voice activated via Siri.
Apple has apparently vastly improved AirPlay in its latest OS's according to an article on 9 to5Mac. If so the wireless audio dropout issues and hopefully sound quality too, will now both see big improvements.
Maybe things will improve for them in the retail space, with their latest pretty-strong lineup of new products?
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