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Eddy Cue is the one I would like to see leave. The albatross around Apple's neck, he's the one responsible for Apple's lacklustre web services and Apple Music is not without its bugs too. But anyway this is a good iPod Touch upgrade, better than I was expecting - A8!
I've always thought that the Nano would of looked much better without that white front panel. With instead the screen and home button inlayed directly into the metal casing, like the screens used to be in older generation Nano's. Also as others have said here, its overpriced for what you get. For that bill and a half it should have at least a 32GB capacity, or a drop in price. In addition the Shuffle should have been upgraded to 4GB a long time ago...the new colours are...
Curious indeed..?
The iPod Touch update - Probably the last it'll ever receive before quietly fading into the sunset of gentle obsolescence...
The iPhone 6 uses an 8MP sensor with a 4:3 aspect ratio. 4K video is 8.29MP and uses a 16:9 aspect ratio. So its not possible on the current iPhone range. The 4:3 aspect ratio 12MP sensor on the upcoming 6S/6S Plus allows for 4K video using the 16:9 aspect.
My iPhone 5S is the 32GB version, and it filled up very quickly. I'd prefer a base of 64GB on the next iPhone's but that's not going to happen unfortunately.
They tried getting other more suitable actors to play this part - Bale, DiCaprio but they didn't want it.
Its a nice trailer. But I still find it very odd even a bit funny that this guy, who doesn't look or sound like Jobs at all, they're calling here - Steve Jobs! Its going to take all my abilities at suspending disbelief to watch this movie, but I'm going to try anyway because it just might be good!
A 4" iPhone 6C with metal body and Touch ID sounds ideal for a base model, and for those who want a more compact device. The plastic iPhone 5C was a good design, but still didn't feel premium enough for an Apple device, after all there are plenty of cheap plastic Androids to choose from. With last years iPhone 6 as the new mid-tier device and the 6S/6S Plus topping up the range, you've got a good lineup going into the holiday season.
Its nice to see that Apple hasn't forgotten about the product line that helped prevent it from going belly up nearly 15 years ago. I hope these rumours are correct and the venerable iPod line gets a decent (but probably final) upgrade.
New Posts  All Forums: