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Great idea, even though it would be simpler to incorporate a small button on the trackpad itself that you touch/press when you want a numerical keypad. Or incorporate the numerical keypad on the keyboard. When you want to use it, you again press a button and the keypad numerals light up in the correct arrangement, press the button again and it's deactivated. It could even be voice activated via Siri.
Apple has apparently vastly improved AirPlay in its latest OS's according to an article on 9 to5Mac. If so the wireless audio dropout issues and hopefully sound quality too, will now both see big improvements.
Maybe things will improve for them in the retail space, with their latest pretty-strong lineup of new products?
But will these guys be willing to give up their Wacom tablets for iPad Pro's in the future if suitable software becomes available?
"When you obsess about sound the way that we do at Beats" - really? I recently tried out some Beats headphones to see if Apple's influence has made any real difference yet. And again I was disappointed - still an overtly plasticky design and the old bug-bear of way too excessive bass was still present, muffling up the rest of the frequency range...so basically they still seem to be overpriced crap! Beats hasn't a clue what good sound quality is.
I begrudgingly have to agree with you here, these are good products that give Apple a run for their money in the design stakes. And full power Windows 10, i7 CPU's and up to a 1TB hard drive in something about the same size as an iPad Pro is quite impressive. It seems to me MS are getting their act together lately and becoming real competition for Apple with their own unique design language. Competition is beneficial to everybody, and I hope with the next round Apple picks...
The clouds in the photo of the car on the freeway are burnt out in places with the 6S camera while the older 6 Plus the clouds look more natural. And with the exception of the cropped photo of the people outside Infinite Loop which seems to be a major improvement on the older cameras, the differences in all the others is marginal. Seems to me from these examples anyway, that the new cameras generally overexpose shots slightly, which if so is not a good thing. According to...
I've never got Apple's choice of a 21.5" display, why not just 22"? Anyway all of Apple's Mac lineup need of redesign and refresh. A slimmer iMac design maybe by ditching the HD for an SSD for instance...a much smaller more interesting design for the Mini by also ditching the HD for an SSD etc...
See...it wasn't so bad after all.
Huawei uses a back panel fingerprint reader on its latest Android devices (apparently a very fast acting one according to the reviews) as the 6P is made by Huawei, Google I suppose borrowed and restyled their tech - as on the Huawei phones its square, here its round, aping Apple's Touch ID reader. As for the spec of these new devices...all a bit meh really. Nothing new or innovative and rather forgettable.
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