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I'm not so sure Ive and team are as good today as they used to be. Those messy plastic antenna openings on the back of the iPhone 6 still bug me and the 6 Plus is ungainly and too large for the screen size compared to competing models. Also the Apple Watch while a good design overall, still looks too standard smartwatch in its proportions. I'm hoping Apple get the design right with the iPhone 7, until then I'm keeping my 5S which still strikes me as a more classy device...
An A9 would be nicer, better future proofing and its coming in the Fall anyway. Also it can run hotter because the Apple TV is a plug-in mains device that sits near your TV with no battery-life requirements...anyway quite excited by this rumour and hope its true this time.
And about time too!
It doesn't matter how good this movie is might be, Fassbender looking so different from the character he's playing will severely effect the success (meaning lack of) that many are going to find it hard to take seriously.
Maybe the rumored new case materials include high quality polycarbonate as used on the 5C for an even more affordable version than the Sport? That could be big in less affluent markets.
I concur with that - big time! Very little value for money here. But a major upgrade to Apple TV hardware I'm all for.
Out of this company's two services - Tidal is rapidly becoming an audiophile favourite with its non-lossy CD quality streaming. They've also said that they're going to be working together with Meridian to launch an HD 24bit streaming option soon, which will be a first in that industry. I hope Jay-Z doesn't scupper these plans...whether he wants to compete with Dre or not!   I think 56 million was a steal compared to what Apple payed for Beats. Considering the main reason...
I suspect that too.
Forged Carbonfiber as pioneered by Audermars Piguet I think, would be a very interesting (but expensive) case material.And would suit the Apple Watch's high-tech luxury device aura.
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