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That's what I was wondering.
So many jokes, where to begin...
I can begrudgingly see it from Apple's point of view here. That $100 extra for 64GB instead of 16GB is quite probably a major part of the company's legendary profit margins on its iPhone business. Even though for me and a couple of others here - Rogifan and sandor in particular. Its more the principal of the thing than just the 'not enough for our day and age' capacity limitation of 16GB. It effects in a negative way the perception of the company...that its a blatant money...
I get it now...thanks.
If the iPhone 6 retained the still svelte thickness of the 5S you could be talking about a solid 2 or 3 day battery life instead of what it currently has. There are a lot of people out there I think that would prefer this to ever thinner iPhones.
I agree, the world doesn't need or want another proprietary connector. Anyway how much thinner do smartphones need to get? It ultimately just makes them uncomfortable to hold with poorer battery life. Only selfish designers obsessed with thinness want this, not most other people.
101 percent - isn't 100 percent the maximum of any quantity? Or is it that in display technology that extra 1 percent is supposed to represent something?
All the new iOS 9 features described in this article (and the new improved Notes app) are really very useful little upgrades! Currently I'm very pleased with iOS 9, for me the best iOS update so far...I'm actually going to use these features, unlike on a lot of the upgrades of former iOS versions.
The download went smooth enough (I did it via iTunes) but no News app available where I am. Not surprised by this considering that apart from iCloud and downloads of music, movies, apps and out of copyright classics via iTunes, I don't get any of Apple's other services where I am, including Apple Music! Apple replaced Newsstand with the News app, but as I said I don't get the News app where I am, so now I don't have Newsstand either!
I've just seen the future of the premium electric automobile, and it's called the Porsche Mission E electric saloon! Makes the Tesla S look like a has been and BMW's i3 runabout archaic! Apple have got a battle on their hands when it comes to this industry. I hope they're up to it. Oh and this new Porsche or something very similar to it, is expected to go into production before 2020!
New Posts  All Forums: