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Not really, unless you're a stickler for detail...but maybe there would be an advantage when viewing large prints in an environment like an art gallery.
Hopefully this resolution race will stop at 8k - that is 33MP after all, more than high enough for commercial cinema, large high-res printouts and displays viewed from a couple of feet away. You already can't make out the pixels on current large screen 4k TV's viewed at normal sitting room distances. I watched a 4k TV demoed at an airport electronics store recently, and had to put my face right up close to that screen to make out those pixels. 
Stick with Nikon. In recent years Nikon's DSLR's beat Canon's hands down! And I was a Canon shooter for a decade! Have now moved on to Fujifilm's X-series, fed up with bulky DSLR's. I shoot for pleasure not as a living so don't really need what DSLR's are best at.
Looks promising...very clean and modern. I hope I don't have to use iCloud with this though. Apple's current pricing is too high for a decent amount of storage. Not to mention the less than stellar 2 to 3 Mbps upload speed of my Internet connection (download is a decent 45 Mbps) which is not conducive to large photo files!
Is this a joke? It better be a really compelling movie to make up for actors that have no resemblance to the characters they're playing! If it isn't then straight to DVD it is then.
Why is eBay spinning off PayPal?
I was also thinking about this the other day. Imagining Apple's iPhone lineup next year consisting of: A) An iPhone 6c - Basically a re-bodied 5s in an updated polycarbonate body, as the "free" iPhone. B) The iPhone 6 Mini - 2014's iPhone 6 in a smaller body with the 4" display, as the $99 iPhone. C) The iPhone 6s with all the latest tech. D) The iPhone 6s Plus with the larger screen. So all of Apple's iPhone lineup would now come with the 64bit architecture and Touch ID...
I tend to agree with applesway, in that the 12" retina model would likely replace both current MacBook Air models. Also next year probably, Apple's 21.5" iMac's will also be upgraded to retina level. Thus making all of Apple's Mac range (with the exception of the screen-less Mini) retina. To go with their retina iPhones and retina iPads...and I suppose retina-res Apple Watch.
Fassbender is Irish not German I think?
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