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Seems promising.
Hate to admit but despite Samsung copying a lot of ideas from Apple here, these are still very impressive smartphones. The first time I've ever said that for a Samsung phone product!
From what I understand the billions the US sends over there is predominantly military aid to help finance the development of defensive systems like Iron Dome etc. I don't think the US has sent any civilian aid there in years, the country doesn't need it anymore...modern efficient economy and so forth.  I think its a shame that every time Israel comes up in forums that are not related to politics, the politics still come into it. I'm sure most of the people over there just...
All this talk of the Apple Watch's water resistance. I always thought that was a given! As even a cheapo Casio is water resistant! About the nightly charging though, that could be a problem, unless it can charge really quickly, which seems a possibility as its such a small device with a small battery, as mentioned elsewhere here.   I'd like to try one out. To replace my current cheapo Casio! I like the Space-black stainless steel version with that chainmail like strap....
Its a shame they had all that difficulty with the various health related sensors. If they hadn't the Apple Watch could've of been something very special indeed. As it is, its very nice, probably the best of the current generation of smart watches. But not the really unique or must have product it could've been. None the less I'm quite sure it'll sell in much higher numbers than its competitors products. 
Maybe so, but the comment was still uncalled for and bigoted.
Mr Rogans religion didn't even occur nor matter to me, but it does to you, an anti-semite it seems. Speaking of religion, the Irish/German Catholic Fassbender looks even less like Jobs who was half Arab Syrian half German American, than Rogan does to Wozniak...I see that predictably Jew-bashing in Europe is as strong as ever. 
That's my point, a ridiculously powerful one for little or no advantage...even 8k is overkill in many situations.
Not really, unless you're a stickler for detail...but maybe there would be an advantage when viewing large prints in an environment like an art gallery.
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