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I still find it funny that people in an audience at say a concert...still use flash when trying to take photos of a stage that is dozens of metres away. All they're doing is lighting up the back of the heads of the people in front of them! Lol
And so it begins...
Once I heard about the hidden 'diagnostics' port I had a feeling Apple would use it to take the route of add-on specialised straps for various purposes. This was a good future-proofing move on Apple's part.
The text is printed not engraved, of course its going to wear off over time. Sooner with some than others depending on activity. Also the Space-Grey anodising might be effecting the 'stickiness' of the text and logo. This really is a non-issue! 
Disappointing, what happened to the days when every new A-series SoC was twice as powerful as the generation before? And while multi-core scores aren't everything the Samsung part absolutely thrashes the A9 and is only slightly slower than the A9X. In fact the A9-series multi-core performance is weaker than most of the candidates here. The Exynos M1 seems to be the powerhouse of current SoC's in multi-core the Tegra in single-core.I wonder if Qualcomm's upcoming 820 will...
I actually like the round format of this smartwatch. I wish Apple had chosen to go with this more watch-like shape with its design, it would of made it more unique and interesting. The Gear S2 will probably use that touch-bezel control design Samsung introduced a little while back. I'm an Apple fanboy but I prefer the look of this design to that of the Apple Watch. Maybe with future generations Apple will also introduce a round design. The classic Swiss and German luxury...
This iPad/Mac upgrade cycle comparison. I don't think is appropriate. Because...from what I understand while Mac sales continue to be strong and grow, iPad sales are shrinking considerably. So I'd imagine from Apple's point of view there's less of a business case for annual iPad upgrades as there is for the Mac ones.
So the Note 5 is basically just a jumbo sized S6.
If the upgraded iPad's are introduced on Sept. 9 along with the new iPhones and Apple TV, its probably because iPad sales have shrunk so much over the last couple of years that its not worth having their own specific presentation date anymore. Maybe instead they'll use that same date to introduce new and upgraded Macs as well as a new 8K Cinema display - finally!
I hope this is a service Apple will commit too and improve and not just dump after a couple of years because it's not a great success and they lose interest. All these low overall adoption rates of recent Apple services like this and HomeKit worries me. Apple has to commit and make these experiences seamless and bug-free. Otherwise nobody will use them anymore, the competition will catch up and Apple will drop them Google style.
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