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Apple Watch 7000 series aluminium for the next iPhone...makes perfect sense. The yellow gold colour being more 'yellow gold' in hue is also a good idea...the current shade looks odd in certain kinds of light, especially under fluorescents. But I'm not so keen on the space gray becoming darker, the current hue looks great on an the iPhone and iPad range, much classier than the other available shades IMHO. Also I wonder if that slight increase in thickness on the next...
A bit of a hissy fit on the part of the British Indie labels. As if Apple Music alone is going to make them go belly up due to a 3 month free trial period - nonsense!
I thought they would go with a 3072x2304 pixel resolution. Which at 12.9" is almost 300ppi (at 12.8" exactly 300ppi) which would make the iPad Pro an ideal magazine/print replacement which usually standardize at 300ppi. That's also 3x3 pixels for every original iPad pixel as opposed to 2x2 pixels on the iPad Air, making it easier to scale apps, but requiring a lot of GPU power!
Airplay is in need of an upgrade, sound quality is not great and is beaten by the Bluetooth aptX codec. Which is itself not the best in sound quality terms either. There needs to be a standardised wireless audio format that streams at true CD quality or higher. There is more than enough bandwidth available on current WiFi networks for such an implementation...but then I'm an audiophile while most people aren't, so it probably won't happen, not enough market demand.
Apple's a bit late to this game. But better late than never, iCloud needs a lot of improving.
OS optimizations and bug fixes only, no cableTV bundle, no new Apple TV etc...apart from the rumored Apple Music announcement, it seems like WWDC is going to turn out to be quite a dull affair this year.
My mistake, you need a bandwidth of about 130Gbps to stream 8K video at 60fps so such a bandwidth is a long way off then and really not needed anytime soon...
If they tried a little harder and ran things at 80Gbps or higher instead.You could have 8K video running at 60fps over one Thunderbolt cable. I suppose that may be offered in the future with Thunderbolt 4 or a further refinement of the USB spec...in the mean time you could achieve the same thing with two TB3 channels working via two active copper cables to an 8K monitor.
Apart from colour accuracy there's also, from what I understand a longevity issue with OLEDs too, particularly the blue pixel part of the display. Still, both issues are probably on the verge of being sorted. For that reason Apple might finally switch to OLED with next years iPhone 7.
5120x2880 x 24 x 60? What does the 24 stand for - FPS?
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