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The download went smooth enough (I did it via iTunes) but no News app available where I am. Not surprised by this considering that apart from iCloud and downloads of music, movies, apps and out of copyright classics via iTunes, I don't get any of Apple's other services where I am, including Apple Music! Apple replaced Newsstand with the News app, but as I said I don't get the News app where I am, so now I don't have Newsstand either!
I've just seen the future of the premium electric automobile, and it's called the Porsche Mission E electric saloon! Makes the Tesla S look like a has been and BMW's i3 runabout archaic! Apple have got a battle on their hands when it comes to this industry. I hope they're up to it. Oh and this new Porsche or something very similar to it, is expected to go into production before 2020!
"Broadly, deep trench isolation refers to a process by which tiny voids are created between pixels during sensor fabrication. Those voids are then filled with insulating material, preventing photons from moving between pixels after passing through the photoreceptors — and making for crisper shots at higher resolutions"   From what I understand when the photons hit the photoreceptors they are converted to electrons, the deep trench isolation is then designed to reduce the...
Yes I totally agree, low-light performance on even the latest iPhones and all other smartphones for that matter is atrocious! The amount of noise and grain visible makes an 8MP shot more reminiscent of 3MP one! I used my Fujifilm X-E2 (which uses a 16MP APS-C sensor) for direct comparison. But even if I didn't its just so obvious to the visible eye anyway! As you said, people have gotten used to lower quality. Either because they don't know any better or just don't care.
Advertisers with Apple are always bloody complaining! Here they have a new platform for making more money, but its not enough for them...greedy mongrels!
This is a great little bit of technology that only Apple could of thought of. When I first heard the rumours that they would incorporate a front facing flash on the 6S, but then leaks of the 6S front panel came out showing no additional hole for a flash unit. I suspected that they would take this route.   In hindsight of course...when you think about it...using a smartphone's display/backlight as a selfie flash is such an obvious thing to do. If not so easy to engineer,...
Next years iPhone 7 - same thickness as 6S with 2 day battery please.
I thought the Air 2 had 2GB of RAM?
Too many things missing from this iteration of ATV despite some major improvements too...I'm going to wait until next years model. Hopefully by then everything will be sorted.
Since Siri was such a major part of the keynote introduction of the new ATV this is disappointing to hear. But then I'm not a big fan of Siri anyway. Becsuse so far, Google Now has worked better for me.
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