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The lower two screen shots of this app remind me of that 80s vector graphics game Tempest.
I reckon the Apple logo metal cutout and the metal top and bottom panels on the back are Liquidmetal parts. Because that's the only metal I know of that would allow RF transparency for the various wireless antennas. Those thick looking plastic separation lines on the back are also still incredibly ugly! I can't believe Apple with its best in the industry industrial design, couldn't find a more elegant solution.
You're stating the obvious.
A very good development and about time! But like someone else mentioned here, Notification Centre already looks rather fussy and lacks the elegant simplicity of other parts of iOS. The whole interface needs to be cleaned up and rethought somewhat.
Apple finally taking app discoverability to a new level. I hope it'll genuinely help with this sticky issue.
Cool! I really like this.
Definitely like the improvements in iOS 8, not so much Yosemite.
The colours and the graphics remind me of Windows XP! Don't know what to make of that at the moment....whether I like it of not? I've just looked at more screen shots of Yosemite...don't like the look of the new Dock, too much grey space between the app icons, still prefer the more tightly packed and 3D effect of the current Dock.
Very disappointing - if true. Apple would need something that's very ambitious in this field, if it's to make a mark, and get one up on its competitors.
If Apple were after a music streaming service to buy, why didn't they go after Spotify instead? Now that would of been worth closer to that 3 billion dollar purchase price.
New Posts  All Forums: